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Baseball/softball complex help

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I run my city’s little league baseball organization.  Our fields are decades old  and falling apart and so we started a fundraising campaign to completely renovate them.  We’re landlocked where we are at and so while renovating them would be awesome it wouldn’t solve all of our issues.  

After a couple of meetings in the last week the city has decided to gift me the land needed to build a completely new complex for both us and softball.  They have requested that I raise part of the funds needed privately and then they will get the rest through grants/city money/bonds.

I am starting from scratch on this with zero experience.  I’m looking at 10 fields, 4 for each plus 2 shared t-ball/coach pitch fields.  Anyone have any good layouts or designs on a complex like this?  Know any companies in DFW that specialize in building these type complexes?  Have any good massive fundraising ideas?  (Unfortunately the hot moms of the legend refuse to do OF to help out, I’ve asked)

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22 minutes ago, Native Horn said:

Man, that is an awesome thing your community is doing for y'all.  Since you're in the DFW area, have you thought about reaching out to the Texas Rangers?  https://www.mlb.com/rangers/community/foundation/landing 

Yes we have and I plan to apply for a grant through the Rangers, MLB and MLB Player’s Association.

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