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  1. Pretty sure that, besides Kevin, mooseoutfront has more street cred on this topic than the rest of us.
  2. Things sure have changed since you started driving and the top speed of a Model T was 42 mph. Agreed though - too many idiots hauling ass. South First between Slaughter and 1626 is a race track. Often see jackasses hitting close to 90 mph, invariably in a Mustang or Challenger.
  3. I've never thought about it this way, and it is spot on.
  4. And here I was, thinking your front wheel would be about 8x the diameter of your rear one.
  5. The lady deckie is hot af. Chef is not going to last. Nor the short stew who doesn't know how to use an iron.
  6. Still Austin has a frozen old fashioned that is truly outstanding. Get it with a floater.
  7. Well how else was he going to document his boo-boo for his long-term disability claim?
  8. I'm hittin up Arby's for lunch today if anybody wants to join.
  9. I would have found it quite possible, nay, probable.
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