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  1. Nothing like a good waffle-stomper to get things going for Thanksgiving. Hope you recover soon!
  2. I don't like your attitude, Mr. Turkey McTurkeyPants.
  3. Just looked this up - George is 6'1", Yuki is 5'3".
  4. Russell making the rest of his row look like dwarves.
  5. Horns up to Mike B. Slept that cancer!
  6. Mikey feels emboldened now that Amblyopia Annie will be Governor
  7. Well maybe they will announce one soon. Although like most others here, I hope he stays at aggy for a long while.
  8. Maybe I'm missing something, but this was about a meeting in August, 2021. When he got that badass raise, because he's a known badass.
  9. Should be bottomless Jeroboams for that package.
  10. I'll echo what others have said - thanks so much to those who set up and make it run smoothly (WHERE'S THE REMOTE!!!???). Shitty game, great people!
  11. Not familiar with the specific set-up around that area, but in my experience there are usually a ton of Sooner Space Shuttles around the tailgate areas.
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