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Seasick Sailor

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Has anyone placed any bets on PrizePicks? Seems like a pretty simple format. You select two lines for how a player will perform in today's game and then choose whether they will have more or less than the line, e.g. Aaron Judge 1.5 total bases, Yordan Alvarez 1.5 total bases. You can select up to 6 players. Two have to be from different teams.

I went with the following for today:

Gerrit Cole: fewer than 8 Ks; David Hensley (who will not be in the starting lineup) fewer than .5 total bases. at +300

Aaron Judge more than .5 total bases; Kyle Tucker more than 1.5 hits+runs+RBIs; David Hensley fewer than .5 total bases at +500

I also made a season play for Ohtani more than 30.5 HRs and Kyle Tucker more than 99.5 RBIs at +300

I got $100 in bonus funds for making my first deposit, so these are all freerolls. 

Not sure if this is allowed, but if anyone wants to sign up, you can use this link to get a $100 bonus, and I'll get $25 in bonus funds: https://app.prizepicks.com/sign-up?invite_code=PR-13KSOUW&source=iosShare

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Yea you have to be careful with PrizePicks. Their odds payouts are pretty bad. Paying 3 to 1 on a 2 stat parlay is pretty brutal. I see you are playing the Taco picks. That’s a good idea if you are going to play. 

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