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Support Surly Horns Pain and Sleep Problem Crushing Sponsor Rogue Shop - 🤘🏽20% Off Inside on all Edibles


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IMG_7388.thumb.jpeg.13f1e97ead605849ca7604429981f7ce.jpegAccording to the National Institute of Health, 50-70 million Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder. Whether you have difficulty falling asleep or difficulty staying asleep, or both, Rogue Shop has something for you. Jump onto their FREE live chat on their website, www.rogueshop.com and work with the owners, Richard and Shar, to learn about which products work best for which issues because they are not all created equal. Use code: to find out how Rogue can help you stop counting sheep and get more sleep!

**We are not medical professionals and we are not giving medical advice

Delta 9 25 MG Rosin Gummies     Use Code: Surly20 For 20 percent off all of our edibles through July 6th. 

Juicy, spring-fresh Pear flavor meets live Rosin (Fresh Frozen Heat Pressed Cannabis) for a truly enlivening experience. This is the perfect gummy for those who have graduated from Rogue’s 12 mg Delta 9 candy covered gummies and are looking for a little more relief but can’t handle our delta 9 Jumbos just yet. Not only have we infused this 10 gram gummy with 25mg of live Rosin, but we have NOT added any artificial colors, flavors, or sugars. We believe that these products are medicine and as such, they should be a clean and healthy as possible. As always, Rogue has made sure to third party lab test these gummies and so you can be sure they are free of artificial dyes, sugars, and flavors, as well as being vegan and gluten free. Why Live Rosin? Live Rosin captures the entire spectrum of healing from the hemp flower and concentrates it into a healthier, solventless package that is about as close to nature as you can possibly come close to without processing the plant yourself! You can expect a richer, more in-depth experience with Rogue’s Live Rosin Green Crack Bites.

This 4th of July, use code July4 to check out our latest release- Not only will you save 20% off these amazing gummies, but you will sleep so great that those fourth of July fireworks won’t even wake you up!

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