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    According to VMWare's official press release found here:
    Seems like he was a naughty boy and was talking to Nutanix without the blessing of the VMWare team. Looks like this is the nuclear option if we are to believe what VMWare has said publicly about reaching out to both Nutanix and Ramaswami directly.
    What do you think about this? Is this another way to kill competitive practices by the big brother? Is this something that is shady? 
    I'm not even sure what the punitive measures would be in the favor of VMWare, there is no way that Nutanix is going to fire him, so maybe a fine? Maybe forced information sharing during those 2 months?
    All I've got to say is WOW

    Texas Jeff
    I thought it might be helpful to have a separate topic related to the vaccine.  If this is too much duplication, mods please delete this thread.  I thought it would be good to talk about who can get the vaccine, where they can get it, what side effects people are seeing, and in general what is going on with distribution.
    The CDC has published vaccine distribution guidelines, and if you care, they are worth reading.  They are dividing the timeline into:
    Phase 1 - Potentially limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine doses available Phase 2 - Large number of vaccine doses available Phase 3 - Sufficient supply of vaccine doses for entire population Who you are will determine if you are eligible for a vaccine in the various phases.
    Phase 1 is divided into a Phase 1a and a Phase 1b:
    Phase 1a - Mostly healthcare workers Phase 1b - Other essential workers, people with higher risks, people over 65 If you are eligible to get the vaccine and they have in in stock and you want to get it, it is important to go get it.  Both of the first two vaccines can spoil, so if a dose is sitting there and you aren't there to get it, they might have to throw it away.
    Both vaccines require two shots.  It is important to go get that second shot.
    Who fits in phase 1b and who has to wait until phase 2 might be a sticking point.  The "people in higher risks" category includes a lot of folks, maybe more than you would think might be in that category.  Hopefully we can quickly get to phase 2 so that we don't spend too long arguing about who is or is not in Phase 1b.
    Anyway, I'm interested in everyone's experience with the vaccine and especially getting the word out for those that can go get it, so that every dose ends up in an arm rather than in the trash.

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