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  1. Biden didn't tell anyone about it just so they could have a black pilot shoot it down in black history month. Woke military!!! /s
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2023/02/02/politics/us-tracking-china-spy-balloon/index.html They're getting ballsy
  3. Can this simulation create the scenario where someone throws Putin from a tall building and the pantsir shoots him down? Please and thank you
  4. What does the rune of Tyr mean? The dam is starting to break with some switches to McCarthy
  5. Oh I'm aware we still have 30-35% of the country that is lost, but up to now theyve been largely unified. What we are seeing is a complete breakdown of commonality within that party. Their direct attack on the left is now going inward, and even against Trump. We need those who have been on the fence regarding moving back to the GOP post-Trump to see that the party has no order, and no actual legislating ethos. If they can't figure this shit out and it ends up with military not getting paid, VA not getting served, reaction to world events being hampered; that's when real real change happens in people's minds regarding the political dynamics at play and how it relates to their day to day. Not the typical virtual reality of fear they've been pumped by the Far Right infosphere. Real pain.
  6. Unfortunately this needs to be painful so that the country continues to see the ineptitude and indifference this party has towards legislating.
  7. SIAP, but at what point do we look at this being an extension of the insurrection? Meaning they want to burn the system down and this is the next way to do so and not really about McCarthy at all.
  8. Reporting that Jim Jordan is whipping votes on the floor for himself. Yuck
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