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  1. Honestly kind of looks ai generated. Welcome to the future.
  2. Moose on overwatch while I grilled last night. 7 months old and already 60 pounds.
  3. No worries, I picked that up too and drank a fair amount of it while I was there. I'm an equal opportunity drinker.
  4. "God" need to come down here and clean up it's mess
  5. Treat him like a 10 yr old and take away his device access.
  6. Also, aluminum hat conspiracy thought: what if the goal is to draw a bunch of Isreali forces into Gaza then set off a nuke in a tunnel under the city? Ultimate jihad which the rest of the Arabic world could leverage as Israel's military would be decimated.
  7. Making the rounds on Twitter this morning
  8. Not yet. Not until the US is formerly engaged and entrenched in this new conflict. It'll make it harder for us to reposition at that point.
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