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  1. Do you even downforce, bro?
  2. Long story short, my son (Monster)... his friend's Dad is building a computer for Monster apparently from leftover parts. I need to get a key for Win10. Is the process easy & similar & are prices comparable from NewEgg, Cet, Amazon, eBay, etc? N00b on those details, so... & For those who are curious: Intel Core-i7 (8 cores... whatever that means) @ 2.66 GHz 24 GB Ram Kingston HyperX 256GB SSD DVD recorder GeForce GTX 285 video card (upgrade possible) 850w power supply Also providing a 22" monitor Says the vid card is fine f
  3. This is Trump, not Craig James (& there is only 1, not 5). Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  4. I am confused because today is Thursday & this post was not made by @futureman.
  5. It is possible you had an unnoticed chip (from a tossed up rock while on the road, etc) & the freeze exacerbated it.
  6. @Armybrat always used the cylinder from his phonograph to scrape the ice out his mule's eyes.
  7. The answer is ALWAYS "piss", isn't it?
  8. I know you Tech people have problems, however around here it's Burnt Orange. @CooterBrown, whereabouts does all y'all habitate?
  9. Mrs. Rox calls, on the way home from work: "What's for dinner?" Me: "Shrimp scampi / pasta thing... I'm adding xtra shrimp & pasta so it will feed 4." Mrs., goes to pan for serving herself: "Is there garlic in this?"
  10. Those shingle don't look like "Painted Desert" to me. Are you seeing other Roofing Contractors on the downlow?
  11. I was looking for a different kind of punchline..
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