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  1. Fidget Spinner says "hi" in around 4 years, if not now.
  2. My Dad always said he wanted his ashes (illegally) put into the Maury River not too far from his home in Lexington, Virginia. Then when he got cancer, he found out his ashes could be interred @ Arlington National Cemetery, so that's where he went April of '19. While West Virginny is a beautiful place (except where the coal co's are literally tearing mountains apart & dumping them in any available water system), I doubt many of us have a connection to it. I'll also bet there's a thriving industry built around advance funeral plot purchases, not unlike time share resales.
  3. Camping this weekend, kinda ½ way between San Saba & Brownwood... San Saba County. 1st one since Feb... 7 months. Had 4 Tapped for O.A., Scouter / Scout duo, 2 Scouts. I was grub master, did dinmer fajitas w/ HEB pre-cooked beef & chicken meats + veggies, hand cut pico, etc. Knocked the cover off the ball... tasted awesome. & Would you check out this fucking awesome Chuck Box??!!!????!?!?!? We had some fishing activities, caught off dwindling stock pond & relocated them to a larger pond. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  4. http://ClassB.com Dude... we have a separate thread for Scouting discussions. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  5. My son started on Violin this year. I am 100% cool with that; he is only doing orchestra @ the moment due to scheduling / me as taxi issues. I hope he actually gets good @ it & sticks with the program. 8th grade. Unfortunately, he is not actually practicing @ home, not even 15 minutes a day. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  6. Go ahead & do a web search using the exact words noted in the meme.
  7. If there's no fancy dinner plate belt buckles in there, what's the worry? She can always go back out on the road & bunny up another one.
  8. She asks around 05 Dec., I respond closer to 10 Dec. & they go out approx. 20 Dec.
  9. One of the biggest problems in a flat panel is the wrinkles that can appear. More common with a snap lock that has flanges & then 2nd is a SS or snap that has clips & the clips are secured too tightly; doesn't allow for expansion & contraction as needed due to temperature changes. & While I dig the look of copper, that's only when it is fresh & new. So I'll go with a colored panel in full on white as my 1st choice (energy efficiency).
  10. Took a friend from Scouts (was Cubs @ the time, now we're up into the Troop level) & we were on my place w/ what was @ the time unoccupied; land adjacent was owned by aggy & they weren't doing anything with it. Anyhow, he took his shot around 15, maybe 20 minutes prior to sunset (this was prob. 5 years ago). We thought it was a SwingAnnaMiss & walked towards the spotted location (I didn't glass it when he shot, was probably a 75 to 100 yarder & I think on a 30-06). Get closer & there we see a different buck, just kinda standing around with his head hung low like a horse nodding off & lower than topline - Scouter takes a standing shot while balanced on my shoulder (had a R ear plug AND muffs on), drops it. We get on scene & it's got 2 hits on it. Dropped shot in the dead switch like @BabaYaga posted & a 2nd hit in the face. Turns out that was Scouter's 1st shot & Bucky was standing around with a "shit, that fucking hurts!" thing going on. Had it mounted, solid 8 point with decent Dripping Springs shoulder mass, size. Taxi did his work w/ the head turned to the L so it's not an easy view to see the busted face.
  11. Every year, I send a spreadsheet of addresses to my wife so she can send out Xmas cards from our JC Penny's photo shoot with the family doing the cheesy shit families do. & Every year, she asks for the addresses again, so I pull up the same email with an attachment as the year prior & forward that to her again. I think it's now "Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:"
  12. Daaaamn. & I say GotDammmm... I should post some pics of the fubar'd shit I come across either in my inspections or through groups on FB where the shit-tacular is routinely discussed. One of the craziest is near where @baboso used to live in Plano; this house probably had 10 skylights in a crazy tightly packed area, hip roof setup.
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