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  1. I went to HS with this guy, Greg. His ex divorced him because after an auto accident caused a TBI, he went crazy onboard with Trump & is now one of the biggest Qcumbers on my FB list. Refuses to get vaccinated even though he has an adult child with severe CO & the son is frequently an extended stay patient in hospital with lung issues. Remarried an RN & recently said "There is no way I can be racist - I'm married to a Korean & my 1st wife is a jew!" Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  2. Meh... our Troop unofficial motto is "embrace the suck". We'll go one way or the other & of course "Be Prepared" means to bring the right gear. The difference for this one is it's out "Crossover Campout" where we take the new Cub Scouts that came into the Troop out on their 1st Troop camping activity. We don't want to run them off with a wet event on their 1st time out with the full troop.
  3. So there was that one time a Shagger was coming up on a roof after I had already gone up... ...After I heard the ladder sliding against the gutter, all I saw was sneakers going down. I won't say who, but maybe he will self identify on this one. & NO, it wasn't ArmyBrat.
  4. You COULD have used the word "golf" somewhere in there & saved me the hassle of a click through.
  5. Our Troop is supposed to be camping out in Kerrville this weekend. What's the outlook?
  6. If over 18: 1, 2, 4, 3, 5. & 5 Looks like she can easily dunk on me.
  7. I would consider something like that but the Corgi (Scout) is still trying to shred the ottoman & pulls foam out of it all the time. I'm thinking a robot vac would get clogged up pretty easily with these undigestable chunks.
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