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  1. Is it set in stone that Sanders will play DE? Or does he want a shot on offense? Is Juan going to play TE or WR?
  2. Thoughts on Reese Moore, I know he was on the long road of development but curios how he looks after a few years in the program. He's still adding weight so that next season he can carry Tommy Brockmeyers shoulder pads.
  3. Golfclap mentioned Cali cb Domani Jackson as a kid that might be a USC losing season away from being a Texas commit . Is there any truth to this?
  4. I also see people automatically sliding Tyler Johnson inside. Kid was highly recruited and I don't think he came to play guard. Competition is good.
  5. I thought the name Todd Orlando was banned around here
  6. I forgot about hookfin. It seems like there is solid competition for right tackle when practice starts. Fuck covid I need football now.
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