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  1. Cal plays in Texas at TCU on sep 11…
  2. Ips îs a theme. I'm on copy of surly main which according to post 130 may be what does the trick.
  3. I went dark then ips then back to main and now I can see rep. I’m on iOS.
  4. Expectations growing.
  5. Switch your theme then switch back and rep will reappear. At least it did for me just now when I went dark then back.
  6. I took the Suns ML at +160. edit +160 damn iPad…
  7. I can only speak to Rome & Naples, but you can sit and eat. I ate at everyone I went to. You just need to wear a mask when up walking around inside.
  8. I did mine yesterday but the cdc gives you 3 full days (not 72 hrs so no worries if your flight gets delayed). In Rome at least there are tents all over with COVID signs they a usually aligned with a pharmacy that’ll give you the stamped paperwork you need for the airline.
  9. I think all airports have it. I know Naples does (I checked). I just got back. I did my test a pharmacy near my hotel in Rome, it took about 5 minutes and cost $22 with no appointment necessary. COVID testing tents are everywhere and super easy so I wouldn’t go through the trouble of scheduling an airport appointment.
  10. We play only 20 sports so winning for us is a big deal.
  11. Give this man a raise. I started a thread in other sports.
  12. Getting ready for my flight next friday I was searching around for a local COVID test appointment and found this map on AA. we’re starting so see a lot more green (if you vacs there are no travel restrictions).
  13. He’s up retiring?
  14. Fuck I left the bar I was at. Any good links?
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