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  1. SDG

    DMX dead.

    My personal favorite DMX song.
  2. SDG

    DMX dead.

    Hopefully it’s twitter bs. He was one of my Scottsdale neighbors for a while.
  3. SDG

    DMX dead.

    For us 90’s/oo’s kids. Damn..
  4. He did. One of my undergrad college roommates played football and he got money for "living expenses." He wasn't broke and eating top ramen for dinner.
  5. I don't know what it is, but I know I like it.
  6. Found the problem... If you think he quit then I got some ocean front property in Arizona for you.
  7. What's the list look like? I'm trying to keep up but everything seems like non-sourced bs.
  8. Didn't he only have next year left on his contract?
  9. Don't ask dumb questions.
  10. I guess we didn't have to fire him then.
  11. Probably time to change the thread title from a question to an absolute. This is a shit show...
  12. Sark said Troy isn’t cleared for contact yet.
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