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  1. I just bought an E93 (see up thread) for the very reason (though my 2015 posted OTOS was nice in estoril blue). I don't drive much, <100 miles a month, so I gave that away (my parents have it in CA) and bought the E93 M3 as my 2nd car. I don't or have never used any of the "infotainment" stuff because I only care about the feel when driving. It's 2020; who needs navigation?
  2. Just update the rep rules. if you have 50% of you post in CR, or if you have under 100 post, you can't rep other posters. those people follow people around the site.
  3. get to that 50 post count so you can go home. This is a football, boobs and occasional good advice forum and I hope it stays that way...
  4. Joined yesterday with 8 post. shut the fuck up and go to a political forum troll.
  5. Why not discuss your politics on a political website? Nobody gives a fuck about what you think.
  6. They are trying that BS (like Microsoft) because it’ll actually save them money if they build all of their cars with the same products letting you rent the use. i call BS on this idea and maintain the if I purchase it its mine mentally. i would never rent the use of heated seats in my car.
  7. Set term limits for all federal elected officials and get rid of lobbyists and I guarantee this would turn back into a sports/ipihb forum.
  8. This was mine. The funniest thing about that is I has friends in the park who thought my family was “rich” because we didn’t live on welfare or receive food stamps. We did finally move into a house when I was in 7th grade that had two beds, one bath, and no closets. I stepped up my game and only thought people were rich then if their house didn’t have paneling on every wall. We were AAA members and I’ve been to Disney Land so don’t feel sorry for me.
  9. Yeah; its DCT. The tech, to my knowledge, didn't specially look at clutch wear outside of driving the car. My concerns were rod bearings (oil testing) and throttle actuators which were already done. The bearings are my biggest concern because I don't have a record of them being done though I've heard that BMW did update them for the 2011+ engines so I may be overthinking it.
  10. Bump. After nearly 2 months between purchase, shipping, and upgrades I was finally able to drive my M3 for more than the 1/4 mile to the body shop. So far I've had the front bumper redone updating the carbon fiber splitters from cheap eBay versions to oem. I also had the wheels shipped out for powder coating, new reflectors, & all non m3 badging removed. Lastly both subs were blown so I had them replaced with Bavsound subs. I spent more than I wanted to, but I'm happy with the results. BTW: mechanic said the engine is in perfect shape and it has a full service history.
  11. SDG

    The CHAZ

    Any Surly attorneys want to pro bono work?
  12. Not when I checked but followed the steps in comment 3 and am now signed out.
  13. I have the same thing happening (though it’s just an annoyance for me); I followed your steps and is already off so that may not work.
  14. New statement. (Probably should have went this direction before CNN)
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