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  1. Definitely on the short list for favorite longhorn this year.
  2. Relax; it’s year 1 in a complete rebuild. The media/game day programs are the real idiots here.
  3. I guess Deion already took the Ass to Mouth job?
  4. They did that in court this week. Now Oregon state needs to put the football world on notice tomorrow.
  5. Well then sit back, relax, and enjoy the 2nd half.
  6. Are saying people shouldn’t start actual game threads for games on the football forum? that’s a new rule to me….
  7. Colorado got game day 2x in a row and it took Wazzu 12 years..
  8. I took the bet. Outside of Black Friday wazzu is pretty good on Friday night in Pullman.
  9. Couldn’t think of where to post this but, even though some of the facts are incorrect, it’s an interesting way to kill time while on the pot.
  10. Three hours from starting this thread in Austin to first beer finished at the state fair. Not bad, not bad at all.
  11. @Sbbruin should I take the Cougs tomorrow in Pasadena or jump off the train? They have literally covered all my bad gambles so far this year but that damn will break sometime. wish I was going.
  12. I supported before kickoff last week; I tell myself I helped.
  13. SDG

    10, 24, 10, 6, 14

    Wait; aren’t we supposed to fire PK? I can’t keep up anymore but I’ll take the win.
  14. Poor one out for the homies not located in Austin.
  15. Seems kinda fast to me.
  16. It’s a 1997; can’t you just buy a $30 scan tool like fixd to run the codes for you?
  17. Surprised they haven’t posted a new one.
  18. I took the ML because why the fuck not.
  19. Hopefully you represent us as well as a drunk man at 9am can.
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