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  1. KSA-Mexico … Not sure the ref was wise to use the “throat slash” gesture in that venue to warn a mouthy player to zip it …
  2. Mexico gonna have to shorten their national anthem if they expect us to learn the words and sing along. Good beat, easy to dance to ..
  3. That favor was repaid in full .. at least twice.
  4. Repped. However, reality is Musclehead don’t see nuthin’ …
  5. I was beginning to wonder if I was seeing things …
  6. I gather the Chicken is the national symbol since a white flag might offend chickens everywhere?
  7. For you soccer nerds .. what is the emblem on Tunisian jersey shoulders and right chest, and shorts that looks two naked women sitting back to back? WWMD?
  8. 3) I wonder about any kicker this side of the NFL possessing that kind of KO touch. I think Stone was maxed out and Sark used him to protect our only PK weapon from KO danger. Who knows?
  9. I just don’t get giving the opponent an unnecessary opportunity to score .. especially by explosive play which has a way of flipping momentum, etc. I’m happy with a simple TB and the long field that goes with it.
  10. My point is Stone gave the opponent 53 opportunities to score on KR.
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