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  1. Fish stinks from the head on down …
  2. I think style points do count .. plus and minus. We shouldn’t be soft shoeing our fate on a W.
  3. Yes … let’s give the committee some ammo to prop up another one loss team. 🤯
  4. Is Sark showcasing Sanders to lure a TE recruit?
  5. Targeting on top of illegal block … what a dumbass
  6. The very best of shit “music” for the National Anthem and halftime. Fortunately , the Lowell Galindo Memorial Mute button works for that, too …
  7. Pass defense is even horrible in a short field … 🤯
  8. National Anthem rendition ranks right down there with rap crap …
  9. Ovechkin may draw Social Security before he can break Gretzky’s record. The Caps have played more than an hour of PP time since their last PP goal … Ovie’s bread and butter has become stale and rancid.
  10. I’d be shocked if the O’s showed interest. The bulk of their prospects are IF, most of whom are already in Baltimore or ready to be there. Elias’ MO has been to sign ML vets to a reasonably priced one year contract to provide clubhouse leadership and split time with a youngster … Chirinos, Odor, Lyles, Gibson, Frazier. I think the O’s have young veterans … Mullins, Hays, Mountcastle, Rutschman, Santander … to assume that role. The O’s are looking for a TOR starter and BP help to offset the loss of Bautista for all of 2024.
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