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  1. If there is no limit, who gives a shit how many items you have? Definitely not the asshole.
  2. I had a 2012 F150 up until a month or so ago when I handed it over to my son that just went to college up in Iowa. He had a little fender bender in his vehicle just before heading off to college in late December and the body shops here were taking appointments for March. So, I've been driving a piece of shit 2003 Highlander with 230K miles on it and a ding in the front passenger side fender for the last month. It was time for me to look into getting a "newer" vehicle, so I wasn't too upset by the turn of events. Hey, I was going to get a new truck! Then I started looking. Holy shit! The price of new trucks, similar to my previous one, has put me in the market for something else. I'm cheap and just can't justify spending 50K and up on a truck. I work from home and the only driving I do is in and around town dropping kids off at school and other functions. I could actually use a truck, but I won't pay that much money for a new one and I'm also not going to pay 30K for used one with 100K+ miles on it. I'm getting an SUV and on the occasion that I need to haul something, I'll pull a trailer.
  3. This really does suck. When famous people pass, I normally don't give it much thought. Someone that I don't know passing away just doesn't do much for my emotions. I may get a bit nostalgic, but that's pretty much it. But this one is actually going to have an impact on me. For some reason, he just feels like someone you know. I know it doesn't look good at all, but I hope that he somehow pulls through this. If he dies, it's going to hurt. He's so great for college football.
  4. Park in a handicap spot? You get what you get. ETA: I guess he earned that parking spot once he went in the store.
  5. My first vehicle was a 1980 Datsun pickup. I bought it from my dad in 1985 or 86 for $1200. I made a $100 payment each month for a year. It was a 5 speed manual and ran fine for what it was. The problem with it was the color. I have no idea what color they called it or why Datsun made vehicles in that color, but my friends and I called it baby shit. It was not a good look. My dad also put a camper shell on it that was brown and really didn't look good. That being said, it got me around and gave me some freedom. ETA: I just remembered that my mom had a 1980 Datsun B210 hatchback. Color? Yep, baby shit. Not only that, but they bought them on the same fucking day. We had 2 baby shit color Datsuns sitting in the driveway for years.
  6. Should be far fewer double plays that end in otherwise promising inning.
  7. Yeah, I'm not sure how I feel about Contreras. I'll let you all know next fall.
  8. Danny and Brad in the booth together are great. Surely they can't keep Danny after this, right?
  9. His third. No excuse for that. I think he has called his last game for the Cardinals
  10. Well, maybe he should contact KKL. I hear she has her own IT staff.
  11. It is for the Virginia players that were killed. 1, 15 and the 41.
  12. The worst part is the shedding. They both shed their undercoats twice a year. Once late winter/early spring and again late summer/early fall. It just plain sucks. We have one of those rake comb things that really dig into the under coat. They just sit there and let us do our thing until we fill up a hefty bag full of hair. It lasts for about 6 weeks or so even with us getting at the undercoat like that. That being said, I wouldn't trade those dogs for anything. They are both rescues, but one came from a farm on the border with Iowa (we live in Missouri). The people there just kind of let them breed and do their thing because there were somewhere north of 30 of them there. The only social interaction that she had with people was when the rescue went to round them up. We already had the other one and decided that she needed a buddy, so we adopted this one. It was a little sketchy at first because she just didn't know what to think about people and having an indoors space to go in. To top it off she was pregnant when we got her. We agreed to take her and have the puppies at our house and then when they were old enough the rescue got them adopted out. I think her seeing us with her puppies really made her trust us. That girl is completely changed. She weighs over 100 pounds but thinks that she's a lap dog. She will also kill a racoon if they get too close to the chicken coop. She doesn't draw blood or anything like that. I think that she breaks their neck or smothers them. She's kind of a bad ass. Anyway, back to the 2022-23 winter. We finally got some cold weather late last week. About an hour south and east of us got upwards of 5" of snow, but we didn't get anything other than a few flurries. We are supposed to get a little snow tonight. We'll see how that works out.
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