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  1. Looks like they play in the WNBA, not the NBA. Hence my confusion.
  2. wait. what? there's a transgender man playing in the NBA?!?!?!? Who in the what now?!?!?!?
  3. You don’t think John Cena participated in an Illuminati humiliation ritual at the Oscar’s?!?!?
  4. Don't start this shit again, dude. Click that ignore button. Britney didn't post the video to social media, for one. Someone else did. The replies to the Twitter link you posted are FULL of faux conservative outrage, for two.
  5. The faux conservative outrage and conspiracy theories because a female athlete has....checks notes...small breasts....is pretty funny. Have they never seen a female athlete before?!?!?!?!?!
  6. What a classy dude to roll with it and joke about it
  7. This development seems less than ideal
  8. Dude fucked us last year. I won't shed any tears for him.
  9. In his house. With his girlfriend JFC the pearl clutching
  10. It’s like they’re intentionally missing my point As always I will see how the season plays out. One more decent big and it’s a team with a shitton of potential
  11. It seems similar to that DE that just transferred to OU instead of us. He wanted as much money as possible. Sark and the NIL guys said "here's what we'll offer" and didn't get into a bidding war with OU. You're assuming 1) Toppin was a big part of RT's vision, and 2) the NIL guys would be willing to vastly overpay to serve that vision.
  12. I think he can tell the NIL guys who he wants, but if that player's price is way higher than they want to pay (as is allegedly the case with Toppin) he can't force them to pay it
  13. You think he controls the NIL funds?
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