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  1. He's gotta learn to drive to the basket at the college level imo. He almost always put up 3s instead of driving. Maybe that's what he was coached to do, but he's too quick to try to take it to the hoop. I liked his defense this year.
  2. I'm a huge fan of him as a person. Didn't love his "leave the older guys in for most of the second half" strategy for the tournament, especially yesterday. He's earned a chance to prove himself. So I hope he does and we enjoy success under him for years to come.
  3. We should have played more guys in the second half RT was subbing a lot in the first half and that worked great. He kept with basically one lineup the last 10 minutes. Which was not the right call.
  4. There definitely like 5 calls that in every other game were called charges in Texas's favor but in this game were called blocks against Texas
  5. I watch a lot of basketball, including just about every Texas game for the last 20 years, and I have have NEVER seen that call before.
  6. What the hell is Brock supposed to do if that's a foul? He's supposed to look 180 degrees behind himself while boxing out and then stop boxing out if the guy jumps??!?!?!
  7. Morris and bishop should have both gotten more minutes in the second half imo
  8. Block out call was just terrible I love RT but I think we won if CB got more minutes in the 2nd half
  9. Yeah I still have no idea what Brock did to get that foul Looked like a great board to me
  10. FTR I just went to my local BBQ spot* and got some brisket (no cocaine, meth or cigs though don’t worry!) *Monks in Purcellville VA. Highly recommended if you’re ever in the area
  11. CDC: RT is your girlfriend a redhead, by any chance? RT: No sir! CDC: Ok congratulations. The job is yours.
  12. Agreed. I was watching something where they said that the bracket is the greatest piece of adverstising/promotion ever invented. It's hard to argue with that. Everyone loves the bracket.
  13. I was there in St Pete! I was 18 and my dad won tickets in the NCAA lottery. I think we were in the second to last row in the stadium
  14. For basically the entire game today my heart will feel like I’m skydiving high on cocaine while smoking meth out of one side of my mouth and a cigarette out of the other Right after having a large plate of brisket
  15. I actually have a two t-shirt rotation for the tournament, thank you very much Lets do this guys! Hook ‘em horns!
  16. I like it. I’m riding with you. Just put in that ML parlay at +869
  17. oh did the police arrest you? no? It's almost like the police don't go arresting people based on someone's word alone!
  18. I'd like to see the pictures taken that night before concluding "if anything she abused him." That seems like a real stretch. I don't think cops arrested a rich, famous white guy for a 3rd degree felony because his drunk girlfriend made some shit up. That doesn't make any sense to me. And neither her 12/23 statement nor his recent statement at his opening press conference deny that he put his hands on her. So it's pretty obvious that he put his hands on her. Whatever. Fuck Chris Beard. It's well past time to move on.
  19. Exactly. Pretty rare that the first altercation ever in a relationship results in choking, biting, broken glasses, and a 3rd degree felony charge. Also.... Fuck Chris Beard
  20. I am happy What an amazing year this year has been. My favorite team in basketball or football since the 2005-2006 national champion football team And honestly I feel the same way with this team I felt with that team. Confident As a fan I’m terrified they’re going to lose every game but objectively I think they’re a great team who should win most games
  21. I put in a $1 8 leg parlay picking spread or ML in every game of the sweet 16 to win $140 Assuming Texas wins I just need Princeton to cover the 10 point spread and that hits 🤞🏼
  22. I drank very little until tip but I’m going with 10% double IPAs from here on out
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