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  1. Frustrating L but RT says Disu will be fine and that's the most important thing.
  2. Starting to think Shedrick is a dude and maybe RT had that evaluation right and the injury obscured that until this point in the season
  3. They’re named this old dumbass red multiple times tonight Refs should not be known by name
  4. Love seeing these guys play at their full potential! Hope they can keep it up for 40 minutes 🤘🏼
  5. 50% boost on Draftkings for the game (at least in VA) if anyone has strong opinions on how this one will play out. I put a small bit on the Texas ML for laughs. Hook em!
  6. Pretty sure the game took place before WVUs semester started, right? The students certainly consider Texas a rival. Which is funny.
  7. Thats Saint Chris Beard, Tourney Dynamo to you, my friend
  8. They truly think that WV and Texas are rivals. Upside down Longhorns flags flying all over that shitty Motown. The students do Horns Down 24/7/365. I think it's hilarious that they've spent a decade+ convincing themselves that we're rivals and now we will never play them ever again.
  9. Who was the Associate Head Coach on that team and Saint Chris Beard's right hand man? I forget.
  10. I have full faith in Rick's ability to F this one up. Again.
  11. W at baylor would be sweet but I’d be satisfied with beating OU at home next Saturday to go .500
  12. Cunningham, shederick, and Horton should never be on the floor together imo
  13. I have it on my app 🤷🏼‍♂️ Had to go to the scoreboard and click “watch” there
  14. I hate this lineup. They played decently against tech for the first time this seasOn But I hate this lineup
  15. I don’t think the issue with Barnes was his overall record. It was that the program seemed to become stagnant. When he was let go we hadn’t been past the round of 32 in almost a decade and had a losing conference record in 2 of his last 3 seasons
  16. Please put me on ignore. I've been doing my best to not respond to any of this BS. No one wants to see it. I'm doing my part to stop it. Please do yours.
  17. The posts are public, right? Want to find some where I say Shaka's a really great coach?
  18. I thought he was the best salesman and program builder in the history of college basketball?!?
  19. If he makes the sweet 16 this year he’s set for a bit imo. Gotta go back 15-20 years to find Texas doing that well in consecutive seasons. I’m not saying we’re gonna make the sweet 16 though. I think round of 32 is most likely. Getting further than that will depend on the draw imo
  20. I can assure you that we don’t have to worry about that
  21. Nah. It’s just amusing to watch you all twist yourself into knots “proving” that RT is a bad coach
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