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  1. I'm just here to laugh at any poor bastard from another school jumping in here thinking this is some rivals.com or 24/7 message board. Prepare your anus and bless your heart.
  2. Yeah fsu got screwed. They did all they could do but Holy christ, they are not good. And I'm not saying just without their qb. They held Louisville to 6. Yay. NC state held louisville to 13. The ACC is hot garbage. It isn't their fault that Clemson and Florida and lsu sucked this year, but they did. Their SOS absolutely sucked. And anyone that watched them the past 2 weeks knows they get their doors blown off by any team that made it. They were certainly deserving. But they weren't one of the 4 best teams. Just how it is.
  3. In Medellin? Oh, I can think of a way to top that.....
  4. I once got a great deal on a used Taurus at Kelley Ford.
  5. Louisville wouldn't cross the 50 against Texas. Might not cross the 30.
  6. You just can't put fsu in. They will get beat by a million by anyone. They are a 4 loss team in the big 12, pac or sec. At best.
  7. And Charlie strong looked competent there. It's a vortex, man.
  8. And they are only down 4 to the 4th best team in the country. Allegedly. Geezus fucking christ this is horrible.
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