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  1. If the unlv athletic department were dysfunctional, that would be a huge step up. It is a complete shit show with absolutely zero leadership.
  2. Probably wrong thread.... but the old 97s fucking kill it in the guardians of galaxy holiday special.
  3. pops

    97.1 The Freak

    Probably. But gen X has made the hardline so much better its ridiculous. That being said... I'm going to check out the freak after wttds tomorrow
  4. pops

    97.1 The Freak

    Is he with sirois and rhynes?
  5. Fuck that.... that is not only safe for my work but also encouraged
  6. I haven't seen someone that can read the field like him in a long time. He has the shiftyness of sanders and the smoothness of Marcus allen. He's truly incredible. Sucks that sark didn't utilize him fully thus year.
  7. Ewers looks like he just doesn't give a fuck.
  8. Crudites and crackers and cheese and shrimp cocktail while pregaming. NY strip roast reverse seared for the main (and a Cornish game green for the heathen that doesn't eat red meat) . Au poirve for the roast Crispy Brussels with an orange honey vinegar glaze. Creamed corn with jalapeño. Cauliflower puree. Roasted glazed whole carrots. Daughter is making my bread pudding for desert. She's nervous but I'm excited to see how it comes out. Happy Thanksgiving, fuckers!
  9. Russian main supplier of Kevlar at this point? Alibaba.com
  10. Just checked into our place in sun valley for the holiday. I'll be sleeping under the shag for the next 4 nights. It's serendipity.
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