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  1. I thought when the brother was first introduced that he would end up fucking the lawyer’s daughter and get killed for it. I still love this show but damn one episode where everything doesn’t turn to shit would be nice.
  2. Been listening to them ever since I watched the documentary. The drumming is now suddenly a little cooler.
  3. His casket will be an 8 ft bed that never has to be made.
  4. Clintonaldo

    Tiger King

    The only people that suffered were the ones that loved animals Plus the chick who lost some of her arm. Is it me or did her arm look more gross than normal?? #nublivesmatter. #supportthenub
  5. Clintonaldo

    Tiger King

    The first thing I said.
  6. Clintonaldo

    Tiger King

    They are all pieces of shit and all deserve jail. I enjoyed the series.
  7. I just want to live. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Did H1N1 permanently scar lungs like this does? I am legitimately asking.
  9. That’s a big deal. Sorry you missed it.
  10. Not picking sides but why do you think he is taking cheap shots. Serious question.
  11. Did my half in Muscle Shoals Alabama this morning and it was fucking brutal and ran the slowest time ever. It was 36 degrees with 20 mph winds and I don’t know how they did it but they managed to make you run into the wind no matter which direction you were going. It was on a golf course and we ran the cart path and it was never straight and flat. I really don’t know what I was thinkng when I signed up for it. I saw the times online and just assumed everyone there was a slow fatass. I knew at mile 2 I was in trouble and the wind was already taking it out of me. I passed 2 people and could see someone about 200 yards ahead of me the whole time but could never catch them. I kept getting pissed that I was 35 seconds a mile off pace and by mile 6 I realized everyone else is probably thinking the same thing. I ended up walking for about 18 seconds the last mile and finished at 1:40 and 6th overall and 1st in age. I kept wanting to quit and can honestly say I didn’t enjoy a single step of the race but I am glad I finished. It’s been a long week. I was activated to Nashville Tuesday and stayed until Friday helping with storm damage and drove straight there Friday night and finally got to my home today at 2 only to leave tomorrow again for another week. Starting to think mass quantaties of beer every night this week wasn’t optimal for my run.
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