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  1. I felt good after 9 and could have kept going. My bones were starting to get a little sore but I had 4 more miles in me if needed. My biggest issue with training for a marathon is I have a bone spur on my hip and it gets aggravated once I hit about 14 miles but I feel like I need to do at least one full. I’m shooting for a 1:32 finish coming up. Some people eat a bunch of pasta the night before a race but I prefer cold beer.
  2. I really have no training. I do Orangetheory 4 times a week and that helps with increasing my pace and then do a longer run every Saturday than the previous one until I get to 9 miles. I am done running long runs now that the race is almost 2 weeks away.
  3. Did 9 yesterday holding a 6:54 pace so I am doing a half in 3 weeks and then another on April 26th and might possibly consider doing a full after that but I really don’t like training. For those that have done fulls is it as shitty as it sounds training? When training what was the longest run you did?
  4. I normally don’t get riled up about police but that guy came in all puffed out. No need in beating the shit out of a defenseless person.
  5. LOL at giving a fuck about what 50 something year old Snoop thinks.
  6. Anyone stupid enough to have Facebook deserves what happens to them.
  7. Rocks. He meant to post www.besthugerocks.com. It tells about the topography of the area. Classic mixup.
  8. Least likeable character in the show. Hell naw
  9. Man, as sad as it is he is dead the kids just make it that much worse. His poor wife.
  10. This is why I love this place. I really hope no one mails them something reminding them of what worthless fucks they are to 1000 Lucinda Terrace, Georgetown Tx 78628.
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