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  1. A co worker walked into the office the morning and said he needed help and will be leaving this afternoon for a 30 day rehab. I am super proud of him. I knew the guy had an issue when he drank 6 beers in 25 minutes at the river one day. I got him into working out for a few weeks and I would pick him up every morning and he would smell like beer. He had been real distant to everyone this year at work and I could tell something has been bothering him. His boss is a good friend to me and called me to tell me and was pissed about missing work but thanks to this thread I was able to let his boss know how brave this is and it should be celebrated. Surly is good for something after all!
  2. I’ve been reading reviews on the season and it sounds like the coach is a little frustrated at how he came across with RJ and he wishes he was a little different with him. He also said cameras didn’t get everything. I really respected the coach this year.
  3. I really love and admire the honesty and humanity in this thread. That’s all I got.
  4. At least he got to see Auburn win the last Iron Bowl. Rot in hell you piece of shit.
  5. This coaching staff and these players are so much more likeable.
  6. Halfway through the season. I really like this coach and I really like a lot of the kids more yet I miss the arrogance and the sleaziness from the other seasons. God Bless these teachers and coaches and I feel for most of these kids. They never stood a chance in life.
  7. Fuck the bullshit. This is a safe thread.
  8. This has potential to make shit way worse.
  9. Don’t care. Had sex
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