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  1. Bitcoins are made of gold. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  2. And here's Zork again, posting shit he doesn't understand and can't explain in the climate thread, for some reason.
  3. Climate = what you expect Weather = what you get
  4. i'm watching LHN right now and we're laying an ass whipping on them right now. 42-3. Stephen McGee was acting all cocky after Gideon got laid out by a blind side block. Of course, we're ahead 21-3 at the time.
  5. The anger is real. The Iceman leaveth. Slorch is back.
  6. Last time I looked Tech has 2 team national championships. Track and Field a couple of years ago and Marsha Sharp Freeway womens basketball.
  7. Maybe we can schedule Randolph Field and Sewanee. Don't we owe them some payback?
  8. Bullneck


    I'm retarded. Say it to me because I'm not hooked on foniks Sexy lips
  9. Bullneck


    Back in 1989ish I saw a woman in a convertible Rabbit on I-5 with "SEXZLPS"
  10. I would, too, but it would have to be an envelope with cash transaction for 1 non-rushed hour. No way I could pick her up at 6pm and go for drinks and some get-to-know you and your ideas, then dinner for an hour or so with in depth discussion about whatever where I'd have to act like she's more than a moron with no soul. Then back to her place for some more booze and lowering of the lights and non-verbal communication leading up to "it."
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