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    This thread explains a lot.
  2. I scrolled back a couple pages and didn't see this posted; The issue that led to the impasse was the NFL’s insistence that Kaepernick sign an “unusual” waiver. Kaepernick has reportedly been mulling a collusion lawsuit against the NFL. Contrary to popular belief, Kaepernick has never challenged the NFL in a court of law. While news outlets have called Kaepernick’s previous settlement a “lawsuit,” it was technically an NFL Players Association grievance that was settled through arbitration, as required by the NFLPA union contract. ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio, who is also a lawyer, reports:
  3. Just a note Part II: Koy Detmer, Jr? "The matchup against Tarleton on October 26 featured a record-breaking performance from senior Koy Detmer Jr. (Somerset, Texas) as the transfer from BYU went 37-for-65 through the air for 450 yards and three touchdowns in the 45-33 loss to the Texans. "
  4. If more than 50% of the players want Herman v. playing at Texas I'd be shocked. Frankly, I'd hope that most of them would want to be Longhorns no matter who the coach, but that's a little crazy.
  5. Seems like free money, unless Baylor is hung over.
  6. To some of you guys he's like that Iranian wrestler dude everyone was supposed to hate. That was his role: to be hated. Maybe the NFL owners should collude and agree that one team HAS to take him. Great for ratings, eh?
  7. Thanks for addressing the question. So if every owner said, "no, he sucks" Kap wanted to be able to prove that wasn't the case? And the method of doing this was by using a live stream? Sounds smart. Unless you don't like him, and then your response is "commercial." Wouldn't the better commercial be that he came back to the NFL and showed them wrong? Why would he stop at just a workout commercial?
  8. "Every institution is the lengthened shadow of one man."
  9. Makes sense. OK, he kicked ass at Utah, 2 MNCs at Florida, and one at tOSU. I'm on board.
  10. This. Our roadgrading, smashmouth Oline was set to "off."
  11. Was thinking the same thing myself. From what I saw after their first loss, Fleck is a bigger man than Herman. The thing I don't get about Herman is that if you're coaching football you have to know you're going to lose. Some big games, so weird games, whatever. You've going to lose games that anger your alums and break hearts. Why not get ready for that? Mack was an expert at it. In fact, I think he had his post loss speeches written a day or two ahead of time in the early 2000s.
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