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  1. "Ballroom Blitz" covered by Panic! at the Disco
  2. A Muslim named Christmas? Should make for interesting times at the masjid.
  3. I bet Laver would love to have Maria on him.
  4. I'll raise you one fish and menorah:
  5. I like how California doesn't give a shit about other states and how they bow to industry pressure groups. You know how long it took to have labels on cigarettes stating the obvious? Thanks Jesse Helms.
  6. Big fight erupts at the end of the KSU-Kansas game.
  7. Good to know we have our priorities in the right place!
  8. Over Thanksgiving I was at the airport in St. Martin and a couple of big dudes (one old, one young) walked by wearing blazers (WTF, in the Caribbean?) and Green Bay hats. I would imagine they are pretty sad about now.
  9. Maybe for football. I saw a baseball game there once and I'm pretty sure I wasn't in the same zip code as home plate.
  10. Is it a rule that coaches have to wear the crappiest looking sweatshirts?
  11. Fact: we order one small fries for the four of us.
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