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  1. Yeah. I think about that from time to time. Need to forget it.
  2. I assume Cliff would tell batters that if they swung at one of the first five pitches there would be consequences. Teams in the 80s had amazing discipline at the plate. They made pitchers work, wore them down, and then struck.
  3. I'm watching with the sound off but get the feeling there's a backstory. What's up?
  4. Bullneck

    New Music 2021

    I just listened to it, based on your five star recommendation. Holy shit, I didn't realize people were making music these days that didn't sound like Dua Lipa/DaBaby/Justin Beaver/Ariana Grande. Pleasantly surprised.
  5. Or when I thank someone who is essentially just doing their job.
  6. It's Dave Campbell Texas Football, not Dave Campbell Texas Geography. Bloody Hell, that Permian Basin bullshit. I like how Laredo is just . . . Laredo. Same with The West Texas Town of El Paso. We need Marty Robbins Texas Football.
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