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  1. That three game losing streak was a killer. One or two goals during all that and we'd be singing a different song. Surly is right, we ain't ready.
  2. Norwich, the first team relegated this year, would have to score a goal and hold Spurs. We have to beat Everton, meaning we have the tie-breaker on goal differential. Looks like they do. Never mind. It ain't happening.
  3. What's the percentage of crypto created in the past three years? Care to tell us that? Also, the world is going to experience a wheat shortage pretty soon because of ya boy Putin. You don't think that has anything to do with anything? You should be arguing in favor of solar panels for everyone. Take some load off the grid, instead of wasting your time on this crypto shit.
  4. OK, so? What do you think this proves? We need to buy bitcoin?
  5. Exactly. You can plan and invest in stable times.
  6. Wasn't one of Trump's beefs that Obama's growth levels were anemic and he could supercharge the economy?
  7. Pretty much my story, too. The fact that the roots of these catastrophes were by and large Republican desire to deregulate and create volatility they could profit from was one reason I became a Democrat.
  8. Barrerre, a 28 year old journeyman up a break at 5-3 in the fifth. On a side court. Crowd going fucking nuts. The French crowd loves French players.
  9. Still can't believe everyone doesn't have this troll on ignore.
  10. Looking at the draw now. Wonder if this will be Auger-Alia's breakout tournament?
  11. But then there's this. US and Britain could learn something from them : Australians vote out Scott Morrison's conservative coalition
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