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  1. Hey, the nose of the ball looks like it's breaking the plane. 🤠
  2. INT. Wheels are really coming off here.
  3. Keep moving the ball. Would be great to be tied going into the half.
  4. Looks like the set from "Bathe In My Milk."
  5. Suck it up. 10 more days and it'll all be over.
  6. I'm surprised that wasn't overturned, based on the angle they kept showing.
  7. Indiana upsets Pennst 36-35. I love it.
  8. Well, 68 got his money's worth. Pushed the DB into one of the coaches.
  9. Weren't we up 27-6 a moment ago? Six minutes left and if they score another TD it will be Turtle Tom Time again.
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