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  1. Well, to be fair (and that ain't easy), Virginia is about three miles away. So, for a guy who lies all the time this is nothing.
  2. The Feds are seizing them so they can resell them. Duh. I'm sure he's throwing Putin 5% of the proceeds for giving him the idea.
  3. That a pretty big double bird from the nation-state of California to Trump and the Red States. "Suck it, Johnny Sack, we'll live. Don't know about you."
  4. Can you imagine how a relative of someone who died from this would feel reading this? It's one step above Sandy Hook deniers.
  5. Now what idiot would say that this was impossible to predict?
  6. Doctor, can you remind me of the first line of the Hippocratic oath? BTW, if this drug is 1) A-OK to take, no problem and 2) possibly effective, then shouldn't only people who are bad enough off to be in the hospital taking it? Under a physicians care. Your president said, "what do you have to lose?" Isn't that really a lesser of two evils thing, like either burning to death or jumping off the burning building? You're pretty far gone at that point. Things you wouldn't consider doing are now options. But to go on TV and say, "What do you have to lose?"
  7. Can you give me an example of whatever it is you're talking about? Did you really go to college? I felt a little bad about asking workswithseed this but part of the problem these days is that people who don't have any higher education are the basis of the Dunning Krueger effect.
  8. You know, one way to diffuse all this speculation is to release your tax returns.
  9. OK, Dr. GRH, what exactly should they do? If the CDC said that the Javalina virus strain can't jump from feral hogs to humans would the WHO set up a lab in Kingsvile and check it out? What's the protocol? And didn't we have OUR OWN GUYS in China up until about then? Maybe they would have been a better source. If you're so sure we don't trust the Chinese why not follow through and keep Americans on the payroll there to check it out?
  10. If you want to know how many shares he owns -- through which shell companies -- ask Loeffler the Inside Trader. She knows, I'm sure. You know about 20 years ago there was a football movie where a guy who is on the field takes out a gun and shoots another player for some reason or another. I thought, "that's so stupid. Who would do that?" Now, it seems as reasonable as anything else I see.
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