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  1. And this big, tough looking guy comes up to me and he's crying...he tells me he's never cried before. And he says Mr. President, Sir, what you did Sir, you saved America Sir.
  2. loan bros, what have rates been doing lately. I don't have any buyers, so I haven't been paying attention.
  3. I am, and it's true, because there's nothing better to do. If I was busy working, it would be once a day almost certainly, with the occasional BJ mixed in there somewhere. These days, I knock one out when we wake up, and then an afternooner. Now, do I "NEED" the afternooner? Probably not, but I can certainly perform. I'm not walking around with a rager at 3 PM, but I get there soon enough.
  4. Ain't that the truth. We are both divorced, and we've lived together for about 8 years now. We are a couple in every sense, co-mingled finances, advanced directives, on each other's life insurance policies, etc. We've discussed marriage a few times, and we both agree that we are very happy with they way things are now, so no need to change anything. Like a lot of men, I was married to a woman that fucked like a mink before marriage, and then shut it down after marriage. I'm not living through that misery again, and the GF is well aware of that. I can count on one hand the times I've wanted it and she's said no.
  5. Thank God I've got a good GF. Pussy is the only thing keeping me sane. It's been raining and will continue to rain, so projects around the house are a no-go. So, fucking the GF a couple of times a day is what I do when I get tired of reading.
  6. she was a mouthpiece for the GOP party. She sold her soul a long time ago. I've mentioned before that I'm know her uncle fairly well, and I've met her father one time. Her uncle is a good guy, her dad seemed to be a good guy. He's a fucking roofing contractor in Tampa who provided well, and sent his daughter to the best schools. Only to end up with this.
  7. I picked two up at LAX on the evening of February 5, 2020. They came in from Chengdu. No, I'm not an uber driver. They were the GF's son and DIL: She's a chinese national, and they went over to celebrate the Lunar New Year.
  8. No idea why that didn't embed. Jacob Wohl, who brought you all the greatest hits below, is circulating a fake, doctored coronavirus lab test with Joe Biden’s name on it. It’s disgusting under any circumstance -and unconscionable during a public health crisis- to spread misinformation.
  9. Ol' Woodrow has smoked a little too much of Willie's stash over there in Maui.
  10. https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/driver-leads-chp-through-westminster-area/2341308/
  11. Noach. Smoked pork shoulder from the WSM, japs, Tostitos, cheese, guac from the bodega. Ice cold Bud light
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