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  1. Yesterday, Trump talked about how James Hoffa has been calling him, asking him for favors for the Teamsters.
  2. https://twitter.com/alexafo37483238?lang=en Read this thread
  3. My kid will be an Alabama resident starting in two weeks. Hopefully he'll have time to register in time to vote for Jones. Unfortunately, he won't be able to vote for Harrison anymore.
  4. Drive the hour down to Newport and see Dr. Norman Bain. I'm not kidding. He's the best.
  5. Yeah, I'm down with The Bangles. I knew them when they were The Bangs.
  6. No fucking way I bring a Mexican home to Mom and Dad I kid. She's the greatest.
  7. off to the googles to see who this person is.
  8. the best beer I've had was the ice cold Bud Light that I drank at 3 AM after a long, miserable drive to Big Sur. I parked the rented van, reached into the cooler, and retrieved that wonderful 12 oz. can. It tasted better than the precious vagina of the beautiful woman in the passenger seat for that trip.
  9. A grown ass woman with braces is a fucking turn on for me. I've never met one that wasn't sexy as fuck,
  10. OP is getting a lot of free advice here that would cost a lot of money elsewhere. I hope he appreciates it.
  11. as opposed to curled up in the fetal position in his bathroom floor covered in jizz, which he enjoys?
  12. of course. He's losing either way. May as well keep getting invited to the GOP orgies.
  13. random twitter user but I did laugh
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