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  1. Do you cats use a winder? I don't play enough anymore to restring often, but when I did, I found a crank winder dealie helped me do it quicker and cleaner.
  2. shocks me too, because he's a cheap fuck. I'm guessing that Sirius send Richard, for the content. Howard didn't spend a penny. I'm not even sure he funds the christmas party. Hell, I'm not even sure he sprung for the jet to Bubba's wedding.
  3. Ellison has a mutiny on his hands. His employees are pissed that he’s hosting a fundraiser for Trump
  4. those look fairly firm. Were they tender?
  5. 1 thing that we know for sure; the guys in the Roush shop are some welding motherfuckers. Amazing that the chassis took those hits and the driver survived.
  6. There's certainly no shortage of breweries here.
  7. Isn't that nice of Rev. Gibbs.
  8. severe, yes, but that was after the safety crew cut the car apart to extract the driver.
  9. Fucking horrible crash. I hope he’s alive
  10. I would rent a car. If you are a Costco member, you’ll save a ton of dough by making a reservation through them
  11. The girlfriend isn’t really a fan but I made her watch the wedding episode and she laughed her ass off from start to finish
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