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  1. I need to take a short break from posting to clean the jizz off my keyboard.
  2. I’m back and I’m no help. She responded to my text and said that she only uses Chinese-language websites, and cannot find an English version of the ones that she trusts (her English is pretty decent 6/10 or so). Solly.
  3. He's a miserable cunt, but I hope he recovers fully from this deal.
  4. You should consider the San Diego coast. I know an agent that can help you.
  5. And I feel obligated to point out that I've heard that those jerseys weren't good for scoring meth and sucking cock unless you had them tailored first.
  6. OP, I've got a Chinese National that married into the family. She gets shit like that for all the women in the bunch, and a lot of their friends as well. I'll ask for a link.
  7. Travelling to Europe made me a fan of rail. Japan too, but more because of the Tokyo subway system (although it's confusing as fuck for a foreigner). Flying to Italy, the tickets into Milan were a ton cheaper than other cities, but I had no interest in being in Milan. No problem. Jump on the train, and be anywhere else in a few hours.
  8. WTF: I misread your post. There's already a recall campaign for Gloria?
  9. Missed the first part. We have an initiative system. With enough signatures anything goes on the ballot.
  10. https://www.voiceofsandiego.org/topics/government/real-estate-debacles-loomed-large-on-faulconers-watch/
  11. It’s because of masks and shutdowns. The dinner party thing was stupid though.
  12. And he’s made a couple of really shitty real estate deals
  13. Or, you tell them to place 100% of the cash in escrow day 1. That tends to weed out the wankers
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