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  1. I believe that I am the recommender for the BT.
  2. So, the GOP witness says trump walks into a meeting blathering senselessly like fucking Larry David as Steinbrenner. Good job guys.
  3. HaHa. Fucking GOP witness talks about what a great guy Biden is. Fucknuts.
  4. Gil Bang

    Truck Nuts

    GF had a corolla, and had good luck with it until it hit about 150,000, then EVERYTHING took a shit on it, at the same time. It was fine, until the day it became worthless. My honda was designed shitty, and executed shitty. Nothing like motorized seatbelts that shear off the visor when you open the door. Just a shit car all the way around. I'd take a 5 year old ford over a new honda any day of the week.
  5. Gil Bang

    Truck Nuts

    worst car I've ever owned by a mile.
  6. Yeah, that's a big deal. Big-time agents have been doing the pocket listing thing forever. Remember "The Jills" in Miami? The deals that they had that weren't pocket listings were hidden in the MLS by "accidently" transposing parcel numbers, that sort of shit. In my MLS, we have to have the seller sign an authorization if we are going to withhold the listing from the MLS for more that 24 hours, and that form has to be sent to the MLS immediately. For those outside the business, this is the National Association of Realtors. You don't have to be a member of NAR to sell real estate, and this will not be a law, just a rule that applies to NAR members.
  7. So, my kid is now a Drill Sgt. at Ft. Jackson. He needed some gear, so he goes into a "military surplus" store in Columbia. He says to the guy hey...you don't carry the shit that I expect a military store to carry. The guy says "this is a college town...we cater to the frats and sororities. They have stupid parties every few months where they dress in camo, and they come in here and clean out our entire inventory".
  8. Nunes thinks he's got a "gotcha" but he's only got his dick in his hand. He's not nearly smart as he thinks he is.
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