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  1. https://twitter.com/janewester/status/1485619995841376258
  2. She's hoping that she doesn't get cancer, because Newt will have her served in the ICU.
  3. My late uncle was a small-town police chief out here, until his retirement. Same department his entire career, from rookie to chief. Once I was in his office shooting the shit, and he had some police chief magazine of some sort, and he showed me a full-page ad from some company that sold police motorcycles and trained cops to ride them. It straight up showed how "profitable" the investment would be. The price of the Kawasaki 1000 and their training was peanuts compared to how much revenue the motorcycle cop would generate in the form of tickets. And, a csb: I'm 18 or so. My Uncle's right hand at the PD was a cop named "John" that I knew well from BBQ's, going to the races out at RIverside and Ontario, etc. My uncle calls me and says hey, I need your help. We've got a big problem with stores selling beer and booze to minors. I'm like, OK, well, what does this have to do with me? He says, I want you to come out this Friday night. I will reimburse you for your gas. John will give you some money, and a list of stores, and he will follow you. You go into the store, and try to buy beer. If you come out with beer, just get in your car and wait while John goes in and cites the store. Then go to the next store. I'm like, uhh, what do I get out of this? Uncle says, oh, at the end of the night, you, me, and John go back to my house and drink whatever beer you were able to buy. And that's what we did.
  4. It's weird that there are no cellphone videos coming out, right?
  5. Yeah, don't go to Chicago. You'll be MURDERED!
  6. I think my dad's is a 336 C model, I'd guess that it was acquired around '75. no idea what the "C" means.
  7. it's really hard right now, especially at the entry-level price point.
  8. Do you suppose her facial expression changes when she smells something rank?
  9. Yeah, already underwritten is the key. A lot of listing agents out here ask for DU approval, not just a letter.
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