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  1. http://twitter.com/tompetty/status/1280560023219757057/photo/1
  2. Trump makes a 30 second statement on the redskins and he isnt focusing on problems at hand, but its cool for Obama to do a sit down with the media on ncaa brackets for half an hour. I guess there were no issues in 2012, so I understand now. fuck off dude. Trump has spent 365 fucking days at one of his resorts. An ENTIRE FUCKING YEAR. But hey, spending 30 minutes on ESPN is the exact equal.
  3. Army did 10 years ago at Benning. I went down for “family weekend” in the middle of basic and my kid had 48 hours off. We sat in a hotel suite watching football all day Saturday and Sunday. He’s 11B
  4. Also, "Siamese" is not the correct nomenclature. "Conjoined", please.
  5. there once was a man from Nantucket who's dick was so big he could suck it he said with a grin as he wiped off his chin "if my ear was a pussy, I'd fuck it"
  6. this is 50% trump racist assholery, and 50% trump trying to bully colleges to stay open
  7. And their flagship "brand" is Howard Stern, who calls Trump a dipshit several times a day.
  8. Janine got fucking roasted by her followers for wearing a mask. Jesus Christ trumpkins are dumbfucks.
  9. So, "Judge" Janine posts a photo of herself wearing a mask. Janine's cell phone is visible (on the table). On the screen is a topless selfie that Chrissy Teigen posted. Teigen tweets to the judge something like "why are you looking at my boobs?"
  10. Dude's always been a fat fuck. I'm surprised that he made it 83 years.
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