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  1. https://www.savingcountrymusic.com/evan-felker-emerges-performing-at-benefit-with-teague-brothers/ Though the appearance was unexpected, music promoter Jennifer Redding was there with camera in hand to capture much of the set. With the Teague Brothers backing him up and while sporting a full-blown mustache, Evan Felker performed “7&7,” “Gin, Smoke, Lies,” “Good Lord, Lorrie,” and “Every Girl.”
  2. There was a guy in our area that showed an App gelding in 4H and then his younger brother used him. One of the best reining horses I've ever seen but great in pleasure and a stout horse for working cattle. But whenever he needed an adjustment, they would bring Chief to my dad for a couple of days, then Chief would be good for a while. My dad said he was the only good App he had ever seen, much less ridden. Then one day, I was home from college and stopped by the barn to find my dad riding an app mare that some lady needed help with. But instead of riding in the arena or the bronc pe
  3. Just read where Tom Stevens of The Long Ryders died in late January. In the mid-80s, I loved this band. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/9516833/tom-stevens-dead-long-ryders-bassist-dies/ At the time, Psychedelic Country Soul was one early label I saw stuck to them as well as Paisley Park Cow Punk.
  4. @AnotherUTFan What mic are you using on the Marshall.
  5. Mom and Dad find huge stash of German bondage porn in kid's bedroom along with a collection bondage/S&M goodies. Mom says, "What are you going to do to punish him?" Dad, "I don't think you should spank him."
  6. @Pancho Why didn't you show him your copy of Financial Times? 😉
  7. This was next on my list. I read a Ken Tucker review in Rolling Stone in early 1979 and drove 30 miles to the closest place I could buy it. The review said something about "it sounds like they are aware this music is completely different than everything else, and they don't care." That caught my eye. He also sort of predicted the album/band was headed to obscurity and that wasn't fair. All through the next summer, it rarely came out of the tape player in my pickup. Friends would get in and say, WTF is this? And Bohemian Rhapsody? I saw first saw that on Midnight Speci
  8. I don't imagine the manager at Steak & Ale was either. Apparently, he pissed on the salad bar, walked out the front door and caught a cab.
  9. I didn't know what I was hearing when I first heard this, but it was a completely new sound.
  10. Just bumping this to keep it on page 1. Hope everyone is taking care of themselves.
  11. Ha. Frank's was in an old building that was probably a Pioneer at one time. It was near those old grain elevators on East Kell where 285 splits, SE of downtown. That Pool/Poop Hall? Mesquite Branch? Ha. One day a buddy and I were playing pool in there. Cute bartenders who crafted a drink called, "The Wonder Draw" which we later learned was a Red Draw with a healthy shot of vodka, for good measure. My buddy's dad was a big wig with Canadian company who owned Whites Auto for a while. Well, the sell off White's so all of the Canadian execs are having one little bout of day drinking
  12. Best thing ever about Wichita Falls was a bar called Frank's 8 Ball. They sold beer, wine and setups. Frank Goff was a retired WWII fighter pilot and played trumpet with Jack Teagarden and Glenn Miller and was Buddy Holly's pilot for a short period of time. He looked a lot like Jackie Gleason and would put a finger in his ear when he took a shot of whiskey. I later learned it was because of ear damage from the war and when he tilted his head back, he would lose his balance. In the late 70s and early 80s, he and his buddies would sit around all day and tell stories and listen to jazz on
  13. Don Harvey's drum kit, Scrappy's guitar, George Reiff's bass amp, Ian on keyboards. What a fucking band. I saw Scrappy Jud and Jeff Plankenhorn a little over a year ago. Just an incredibly fun show. Also, I was watching a Ray Wylie video one day and he set down a little case. On it was stenciled, George Reiffs Mic.
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