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  1. hullabelew


    Got some Chattahoochee time in this weekend.
  2. WOOOHOOOOO. We're getting a new guitar!
  3. My brother has the puppy version. Meet Gus.
  4. @noharleyyet How is she doing after her stroke? Did she mention it?
  5. My grandmother had one of these. I thought my cousin was going to get sucked completely through that thing one day. But remember these? They are AWESOME when you ran that through the wringer, once you got the adjustments down.
  6. I've never really thought about my favorite Heart record. I'd probably go with Dog and Butterfly. Need to pull out all the old vinyl and listen back through. I just know that whoever recorded those drums needs a hearty pat on the back.
  7. I've read that about Boston. He has all of that time to put that record out...then with the success, he was pushed to put out a second record before he was ready.
  8. Dammit. I left off "Look Sharp". I have long thought that greatest opening song an any debut album is "One More Time" from "Look Sharp". I need to go back and relisten to Dreamboat Annie. I always forget how great that record is. For me, so many of my debut favorites are my favorite from that artist. Not the same with Heart...but that record is so well done.
  9. I was looking for a specific review he wrote and found this compilation of his Fresh Air work. I like the one about the band, Eggs Over Easy. https://www.npr.org/people/2101617/ed-ward
  10. I read that article when it originally came out. I still dig this part. STEVE FERRONE (drummer for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, who played at the 2004 ceremony) I had no idea that Prince was going to be there. Steve Winwood said, “Hey, Prince is over there.” And I said, “I guess he’s playing with us?” So I said to Winwood, “I’m going to go over and say hello to him.” I wandered across the stage and I went up to him and I said, “Hi, Prince, it’s nice to meet you — Steve Ferrone.” And he said, “Oh, I know who you are!” Maybe because I’d played on Chaka Khan’s “I
  11. Al, never pictured you as a Pearl Jam/Oasis guy.
  12. Most from the early 80s...my college years with all my disposable income spent on beer, weed and music. Costello: My Aim Is True REM: Murmur Dire Straits: Self Titled The Cars: Self Titled Boston: Self Titled Van Halen: Self Titled Counting Crowes: Self Titled Los Lobos: How Will The Wolf Survive (debatable if it was their debut, but I'm counting it) Wilco and Son Volt Marshall Crenshaw self titled Bruce Robison: I honestly put this in the same category as John Prine's first album that had "Hello In There", "Sam Stone" and "Angel from Montgomery". Bruce's
  13. For one thing.....I don't think a lot of people realized how good of a guitar player Prince actually was. Mayer falls into the category of FIG JAM. Prince does not.
  14. Ooooh...that's an idea. I know a guy who has worked with him as well. I may give that a try. It's also hard to me to comprehend that both Petty and Prince died from overdoses. Just breaks my heart.
  15. I assumed when he fell back into the roadie, that dude clipped a cable onto the strap and when he threw the guitar up in the air, they just pulled it straight up, but I've watched this new cut and can't see any cabling. He looks like he does something with the strap just before he pushes him up, and he says something to him, but I'll be damned if I can see any kind of rigging/cabling.
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