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  1. Most things I find humor....this one, not so fucking much. She decides, with the help of one of her friends, that shoes track in the RONA. So we need to leave them in the garage or on the back porch. Never mind that I always do this with the exception of some Red Wing slip ons that I put on when I take the dog out/get mail/take out trash. They stay next to the back door. Meanwhile, she usually has at least 4 pairs of shoes in the kitchen. All over the fucking place..... So, I open the garage door. Two steps down. WHAM. Sprained/maybe broken ankle. Fell over her shoes she put right in the middle of the first fucking step. Her: What happened? Me: I fell over your shoes? Why did you put them right in the middle of the steps? Her: I want to leave shoes in the garage. Remember? WHAT? You didn't see them? Fuck me. Why the fuckity fuck would you put ANYTHING, right in the middle of the steps. She bitched at me one time when she twisted her ankle in the yard. "You need to fill in the backyard. Make it level." I'm sitting on the couch now,..ice on my ankle, watching Forensic Files reruns...and taking copious notes.
  2. Baboso got one of mine, so I'll add another one that is fairly self-explanatory. "Fuck the men they can eat their belts"
  3. Not my calendar, not my job. The Farmer's almanac was on the correct page. That is all that matters to me.
  4. Anyone else have a spouse who just can't seem to grasp that if you open a cabinet or drawer, just go ahead and close that mother fucker when your done. In the bathroom this morning.... I don't know how that was hanging in there without falling on the floor.
  5. I've always shied away from things like that due to the learning curve. I would rather spend time playing than learning how to work a pedal board. But I may give this one a shot when it comes out. I use two small, very different boards for the two groups I play with and being able to have one piece of equipment handle both jobs seems pretty cool.
  6. Either Petty or REM (until Bill Berry left. I got now use for any of their stuff without ).
  7. Cracker with Johnny Hickman on guitar and Davey Faragher on bass was a GREAT rock show. Also, second the Smithereens on a solid live show. Saw them outdoors and they blew me away.
  8. No particular order, but Making Movies is always near the top. Dire Strait: Making Movies Elton John: Capt. Fantastic Jayhawks: Rainy Day Music REM: Murmur Toad The Wet Sprocket: Pale Bruce Robison: Country Sunshine (can't find it anymore but it is stunning. His best songwriting is on this album) James McMurtry: It Had To Happen (close race between Where'd You Hide/Complicated Game) Willie: Stardust (in a close race with Stranger) Los Lobos: Will The Wolf Survive Beatles: Abbey Road
  9. Old 97s are GREAT about this. Their album names are always just one phrase from the album. LOVE that.
  10. We are going to need pics and a little more details on the endeavor.
  11. Here is@baboso dog, Mollie the Wonder Dog and the Capt and a bunch of my wife's shit right on the fucking way
  12. Yep. 10 days ago, he went on a 2 mile walk. Then he went drastically downhill. With the vet closed, I was having to pump 100cc of ringers in to him every day. His kidneys had shut down but the little fucker wouldn't die. Took him in today. Wife and the other dog are a fucking wreck.
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