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  1. Darrell Scott has a new album called "Sings The Blues of Hank Williams". He reimagines Williams' songs as blues tunes. Even though Williams didn't write this, it was primarily thought of as a Hank song. Well, Darrell kills it by adding in some minor chords. The entire album is incredible.
  2. Good Lord, I LOVE that album. Incredibly underrated.
  3. Yep. King snake in Atlanta suburb.
  4. Copperhead loses.
  5. My old man used to say that to me all of the time.
  6. @Buzzrock What part of town was that guy in?
  7. He does one from Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers' side project. It is incredible.
  8. Holy Shit. Mike Geier, aka Puddles! Jenna Fischer, Janine Garofalo ?, Rick Nielson.
  9. Love this show on youtube.... and absolutely LOVE Ben Marsden in this clip.
  10. Ha. I think that is where I posted about my old man selling off his broodmare string a few years ago.
  11. Story I don't think I've told. In the early 90s, my dad's dad died and left his farm/ranch land to my grandmother within an estate. Then my grandmother died a few years later. My dad's brother wanted to sell it off but my dad didn't, so the old man bought out his brother and bought the land from the estate. A lot more complicated than that, but essentially what happened. About 200 acres on two different parcels in Wilbarger Co, within 1.5 miles from the Red River. At the time, it was irrigated alfalfa and pasture land on one piece and cotton on the other. My dad had an arrangement with the son of a family friend where he would farm the land for free and they would split the cost/income. Well, they dude flaked out and after 3 years, the land had gone to shit. Equipment just left on the place, a harvest of baled alfalfa left on the ground, the irrigation system broken down and virtually useless. The guy had asked another young, local farmer to pick the cotton one year, so he did. And then the next year, he planted the cotton again, on his own. Then called my dad. Old man says, "Treat it and the hay piece as it was your own. Send me the bills." Over the next 3 years, that guy completely transformed the property. Rebuilt it...all on a handshake deal. My dad had never even officially met him. So, about year 4 the new farmer calls and says, "We need to talk. I haven't paid you a dime for the lease and you are paying all of the bills" They meet and the guy shows my old man a market rate for a lease. My dad said it wasn't good enough....take the number...divides it in half and gives it back. He said, "Treat it as your own...send me the bills". They have had that arrangement for years. Since then, he has converted the pasture to additional farm production and converted that entire parcel to irrigated corn. The other piece had an old house, a large milk barn and two other structures that he burned down to get rid of the tax piece on the buildings. (He meant to burn one at a time, but it got away from him and they all burned down at the same time. Said it was a complete and utter shit-show. The local school turned out to see the fire...as did a couple of volunteer fire departments) He said he called my dad to let him know if he got a phone call about a devastating fire at his place, to just ignore it....all under control.. I went to meet the guy 2 years ago to introduce myself as my old man was having health issues and I wanted to reassure him that whatever arrangement they had would continue and that if and when we sold it, he would have first option. He then told me, "When I bought my first acreage a few years ago, I was sitting in the parking lot of the bank. The first person I called was your dad to thank him. Not my parents or my grandparents. It was because of his generosity with this arrangement that I was able to buy my first land."
  12. From what the old man says, fire ants and wild hogs are primarily the reason for the decline in horny toads. Same with the quail population. Really sad.
  13. @NorthLoop Who is your family in Jack Co? My mother's family was from there originally though not on the farming/ranching side of things. But I grew up in Young Co. I think I've asked you this before (maybe on the other site/different ID?
  14. hullabelew

    Best Books On Music

    Cheese Chronicles: The True Story of A Rock N Roll Band You've Never Heard Of: By Tommy Womack Girl To City: A Memoir by Amy Rigby Petty: by Warren Zanes
  15. Peaceful thoughts Diablo.
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