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  1. Well done on the guitar. Having her get what she wants is a GREAT start. My two tips, after getting a good setup. Have a guitar tech or teacher show her how to properly restring it and buy her a Snark turner that clips on the headstock.
  2. Finally put some on the wall. This is the 4 ft version of the Diamond Life hangers. Going to add another 4 ft section for two others and cables.
  3. And Rosemary Butler. And David Lindley....but Rosemary.
  4. The chord progression in the chorus of "Still The Same" just kills me. It takes a meandering trip to finally get to the 5th, then it walks back down to C. C/E/A/Dm/G
  5. I was about to compare the drum sound from Capt. Fantastic to the early Heart recordings. And when Roger Fisher left, so left Heart. I listened to all of the early Heart stuff this weekend while doing some work in the basement. Even my deaf wife was bitching about how loud the stereo was.
  6. Using a VERY conservative number, I'm at a little of 6 months and about $6,000 so my number is really close to yours.
  7. Elton John: For me, it has to be "Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy". Never seen this live version. That original recording has such a fantastic sonic vibe it. The drum sounds are incredible.
  8. Neko Case? I'd go with "Bad Luck". "Woke a dog from a running dream and that's bad luck". LOVE that line.
  9. Harborcoat is probably my second favorite song of all-time, next to Petty's "American Girl". "There's a splinter in your eye and it reads react. R-E-A-C-T." Peter Yorn does that R-E-A-C-T part sometimes during live shows. Love that.
  10. That and "Still The Same" are my favorite Seger songs, with "Fire Lake" coming in for the show.
  11. Saw them and April Wine together in 1981 in Lubbock. What a great guitar rock show that was.
  12. No kidding, that is my number 1a. That album, top to bottom, is my favorite of theirs.
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