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  1. Looking for some good old country music? Bruce and the gang continue to knock it out of the park. Dig up a great old song and a fantastic singer and turn them loose.
  2. Daughter's Rottweiler is about to have her litter. Vet counts at least 8. She is just over 2 so this is her first batch.
  3. They are now with Jon Folk for a management team. This seems like a good thing. https://red11music.com/
  4. https://www.whiskeyriff.com/2021/11/24/nobody-panic-but-turnpike-troubadours-website-says-coming-soon/ Turnpike Troubadour News. Coming soon news
  5. Over the years, I have become more and more disgusted by college athletics and the NCAA. Occasionally, a good story comes along and gives me a sliver of hope. I know everyone has seen the videos of Jordan Davis directing the band. But before last year's Sugar Bowl, he went into the stands and thanked the band.
  6. I was going to buy one of those P90 versions then I stumbled upon the HB version in a local shop. I need P90s in my life. Look at what those are selling for on Reverb.... https://reverb.com/p/epiphone-es-339-p90-pro-2014-2019
  7. I vote that PRS above that 2005 Epi. I'm like Deej. The improvement in Epi between 2005 and now if massive. As an added aside, I swore I would never have an Epi (over a Gibson) but I have an Epi 339 that I absolutely love. The Gibson version of that guitar would cost about $2,000. I found this 339 for $200 used and it still had the pickguard sticker on it and even had a nice soft shell case that costs $100 new. I have some Seymour Duncan Antiquity humbuckers I'm going to put it in and going to put in a bone nut and for $600 I will have a fantastic guitar. Funny thing I realized recently. I always liked buying new....didn't want to buy someone else's problems. I'm the same way with cars...but right now: 1999 Fender Tele: Used for $200 2019 Epi 339: Used for $200 2001 Taylor: Bought new 1982 Hohner 12 String: Bought new 1962 Epi Century: Swapped a 2014 Gibson Les Paul that I bought new. The Epi was essentially a 1 owner guitar. Ovation Mandolin: Used for $150 Looking at a used Gretsch 5655 and a Gibson J-15 right now as well.
  8. Les Paul tone? We shall have a listen to Sadler Vaden.
  9. I LOVE this about Brandi as she talks about Kim Richey: And I'm STILL knocked out by her many "Madmen on the Water" covers. Everyone one is different and fantastic. And how she breaks into the lyrics of "Bitter Fingers" when someone says Denmark Street.
  10. I was pondering the same thing.
  11. @Celery Man The other dude in the picture is my buddy who has Arena Rock Recording Co (record label) and a great podcast called "The Bottom Forty". The has interviewed Bob Stinson, and Paul Westerberg in formal interviews. This with Tommy was more just talking Several years ago, Paul only did one interview that year and it was by my friend. Anyway, he told me "Tommy played mostly solo stuff and Bash & Pop material. Lots of new stuff. He is sober now, and lucid. Very nice, not snarky like in the past. He told me a story of them doing blow off the amps at Sloss Furnice (Birmingham, AL venue) and then pool sharking afterwards and nearly getting killed in some pool hall later that night."
  12. Heard something today that really rang true for me. A lot of the times, when I think I'm having a craving, it is actually more about nostalgia than truly craving a chemical substance. Was talking with a friend from my IOP at a monthly dinner recently. He said that early on, he was just working on keeping the darkness out of his life. He said that once he quit that started trying to let the light in, it all became much easier.
  13. I really like this one. I found one called Playing With Fire........musically I like....lyrically.....not so much........
  14. Damn...I had no idea. Thanks for posting this.
  15. Her. Light in spare bedroom isn't working.... Quickly degrades....bla bla bla Me. That last thing you said doesn't even make sense. Her. I CAN ASK STUPID QUESTIONS IF I WANT! Sent from my Lenovo TB-X606F using Tapatalk
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