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  1. Ah...didn't know they were doing a cheaper model.
  2. That is cheaper than a new one.
  3. I got on their bandwagon early, just after that first EP. Seen them multiple time. Never seen her play anything but a standup bass. Really like the way this changes the bands sound. She plays a killer solo when when they cover Bohemian Rhapsody. They put on an INCREDIBLE live show, especially if you can catch them in a club, versus an auditorium. Saw them at the 9:30 Club in DC about 10 years ago while they still had the original lineup. One of the best shows I've seen. The girl I took with me had never heard of them. During the show, she told me, "I'm not gay, but I would do that lead singer".
  4. When my BBQ team was going strong, one guy always put the radio on an Atlanta classic rock station. We would play Classic Rock Roulette. $1 in the pot each round. Goal is to guess the next artist. No one gets it, the pot rolls over. You could never win much money because between the 6 of us, someone almost always guessed it. I think 3 rounds was the largest pot we ever had. About like Amanda Shires talking about country radio. I can hold my breath longer than I can listen to classic rock radio.
  5. I really want a Hummingbird, J200 or a J45. I keep going back and forth on which one I want.....first. I also have really liked Reverend guitars when I tried them out. Also been kind of digging this Charlie Starr model.
  6. I like the way those albums are framed. Really good look. Most of my concert posters were hanging in my office but I recently brought them all home. Need to do something with them in my basement.
  7. How in the fuck does one lose a credit card between the gas pump and the car? Asking for a friend.
  8. NAD. Monoprice arrived yesterday. Just spent an hour testing it out. Shipping was very fast. Double boxed. No candy. About the same size/footprint as a Blues Jr. Tad lighter. Seems to be well constructed. Not the prettiest thing on earth. Guitar straight in. Decent sound. Has bass, mid, treble, but also a tone knob which works wonders. Gain and volume are both responsive. No switch for the reverb so I'll have to dig one out of the closet. Doesn't get as loud as my Jr. but the tone is nice. I have electrical noise issues in my basement but it doesn't seem to be any noisier than my other amps. The so-called attenuator is a joke. 15 to 1 watt switch just turns it to a muddled mess at a lower volume, especially if using pedals. With guitar straight in, it still isn't that nice of a tone but if it is just you trying to play quietly, it is almost ok. I had better luck just turning down the volume on the guitar. Attenuator on Vox AC4 is MUCH better. For a sub $300, it sounds better than the Orange 35RT. I'm pleasantly surprised as I just wanted a cheap amp with an effects loop. Interesting to see how long the tubes last. I haven't messed with the effects loop yet.
  9. I'm convinced that women are just not constructed to be happy, nor content.
  10. I LOVE the 'you don't know that' response. My standard response is, "Actually, I do". I have the same issue with the dehumidifiers in our basement. During the summer, she will turn on the whole house humidifier on the HVAC and turn off the dehumidifiers. Every fucking year...same discussion.
  11. Monoprice on the way. Orange was just OK. Probably good enough, but let us spread some amp knowledge. I'm doing this for us.
  12. Not a true Falcon. I went down to buy a light green version of that guitar. This one was hanging up. It was, at the time, last years model. I told the guy I would be embarrassed to own that guitar because of the White Falcon look. I said, "You can't make it cheap enough for me to buy it." He did. I play in one band with a lead singer who sounds like Elvis. We don't do any Elvis hits....mostly obscure stuff, and then pick other songs that Elvis should have sung...."I'm A Believer", Buddy Holly stuff, Travelin' Wilburys, bunch of Johnny Cash and Springsteen stuff, Bill Withers, etc. That guitar it perfect for that stuff. Mother Fucker has NO sustain. Tremolo, Delay, Reverb.....it's magical.
  13. Thanks. It's a 99 Mexican Nashville Tele. Bought it used in 2001 for $200. Didn't have a mark on it at the time. Probably my favorite to play. Funny that I have all of these hollow bodies.....never really thought about it. I have one more solid body Gretsch with a P90 in the neck and a filtertron (very weak) in the bridge. That, the Hohner 12 string and the Taylor are the only new guitars I own right now. Red Epi is a 62 Century with a single, nasty P90 in it. Finicky as hell with that wood, movable bridge, but through a Vox amp, it speaks in tongues.
  14. Next on my list. I haven't used the prosonus in a long time....recording at a buddies house instead. Just haven't gotten around to replacing this one. Thanks for the tip and reminder. I'm also replacing the pups in the Epi 339 and the bridge in the Gretsch (sitting on the floor)
  15. My floor stand is in the closet. This leaves more room for amps on the floor. About to order a new section of this hanger.
  16. Stumbled upon the Michigan Rattlers recently. Remind me of Sons of Bill and may where I thought Son Volt was headed after their first album.
  17. Damn...hadn't thought about that hack. Going to go test drive a used 35rt and it is sounds like crap, I'll order the Monoprice.
  18. I have 4 amps right now. Blues Jr., Vox AC4, Spark, and a Katana 50 (primarily use it for my pedal steel). I picked up a Pigtronix Looper but none of my amps have an effects loop. Any ideas about a small amp (sub $400) that has a decent clean tone, with an effects loop. From scouring Reddit, the Orange Crush 35RT may be a decent choice, but I've never played an Orange amp. I just want something to practice more complex looping where I can use the effects loop so the tone remains unchanged. Ultimately, I'm going to buy a Peavey Classic 20, but can't pull that trigger right now. What say you?
  19. Colin Hay's character on The Resident had some kind of disease that turned sugar into alcohol. No idea if it was a real problem, but most of the things in that show seemed in line. Used to date a girl whose body processed grains differently and bread made her appear drunk. No idea if her BAC actually went up though.
  20. Just ordered the Infinity. Thanks for the info.
  21. Suggestions on loopers. I have a ditto. Need more but don't want to spend a ton of time learning.
  22. And just stumbled upon this well written song by Jeff Daniels.
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