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  1. Bye Dexter. Always a fun show and a staple of college music in the southeast in the late 80s/early 90s. https://www.savingcountrymusic.com/rip-dex-romweber-a-wild-influential-american-music-original/
  2. This version of this song.....this entire album is just fantastic. I brought it home my Sr. year in high school and I thought my dad was going to cry. Couldn't believe I liked it.
  3. My previous dog, Captain Velcro at his own shit. The circle of life in back yard, during his time on earth., was very small. I miss the little fucker.
  4. She was dumping the dog shit into the fire pit. FML
  5. Actually, I told her this idea didn't make sense, but I thought I would have some fun with it. Old scooper, now assigned to dog shit patrol is pink.....but the hens are red in color. The pink one should be for the hens. The new shit tool is green...like army fatigue green.....and the dog is a German Shepherd. It makes much more sense to have the green shit tool assigned to the dog and the pink one to be used for chicken shit. By this point, she was fairly confused or mad...I really couldn't tell and truly didn't care...but I got a few minutes of interrupted peace and joy.
  6. Shit....I'm still trying to process why she uses filtered water to pour into tea pot that is going to boil anyway.
  7. I feel your pain. I was raised on a farm/ranch where the old man trained cutting horses. 20 brood mares so we generally have 50-60 horses. We also raised 4H/FFA steers and sheep and had a commercial rabbit operation with 30 does and about 30 laying hens for selling eggs. ALL of those animals drank water pumped from the stock tank. But she thinks our 6 hens need filtered water to drink. And constantly telling me what I need to do different in the upkeep of our 6 hens. I won't even THINK about bringing up some of the more entertaining of those ideas. But now to the best part. The other day, she brought home a new chicken shit scooper. Her: This one is only for the chickens. Use the other one for cleaning up dog poop. Me: Huh? Her: I don't want the chicken poop bacteria to get mixed in the the dog poop bacteria, and visa versa. Me: It is shit. And you do realize that I compost all of that chicken shit and it gets added to the compost that goes into our gardens for the veggies we eat. Her: But I don't want the dog poop and chicken poop to get mixed up buy using the same scooper.
  8. @Celery Man That J45 is stunning. I borrowed one to play at @Litig8r open mic several years ago at his kickass house in FL. Loved it. I started wanting one after hearing Peter Case's song, "Still Playing". "I'm up in the with a J45, waiting on a wire and wondering how I'll survive, With a stack of yellow paper and a broken pen".
  9. @Celery Man Where have they been?
  10. Those guys got together for a songwriting session. None of them had any ideas for a song, but one of them had a solo cup. As a joke, he said, "Red Solo cup, I fill you up". As a joke, they wrote the song. They all thought it was stupid and didn't want anyone to hear it. One of them, as a joke, played it for some managers. One of them said, "That sounds like Toby Keith wrote it". Took it to his manager... Rest is history.
  11. I picked cornet. Quit after 3 weeks. Principal called me to the office asking why I quit. "I also play guitar. It's a TON more fun." He said, "As long as you're doing something musical." All of these years later, out of the 30 of us, only me and one of the chicks playing drums are still playing.
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