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  1. I really like "All My Friends Are Dying". I'm really not a huge fan of the overall songwriting but the musicianship is fantastic and I like the production. I really was never a huge fan of Five Eight, but I always loved Mantione's vocals.
  2. And not to derail, but Emmylou is the finest harmony singer and here she walks another legendary asshole thru this great song. Even he had too much respect for Emmylou, and this powerhouse band, to not show up drunk. I got to see this band back up Emmylou and Ronstadt around this time. Holy shit.
  3. My favorite recording of his is on the Gram Parson's tribute album. His harmony work with Lucinda is just fantastic. Completely stays out of the way of Lucinda. His ear for harmony was incredible.
  4. Tillie had her eye on a bastard, tomato-stealing, squirrel in a poplar tree.
  5. Got my copy in the mail yesterday. Haven't had a chance to sit down with it in a proper environment.
  6. He made a huge change in that band in a very short time. Such a shame we never got to hear where they would have gone.
  7. Same for me. I sweating like a whore in church every night. And like @Celery Man, that was before the wheels really came off.
  8. One thing I've started doing is to contact people who helped me when I was younger, were strong, positive influences in my life or who I admire for their actions. I started writing former teachers to thank them. Old school letters, no email or FB/Insta posts. I did the same for people who supported me in 4H and FFA by purchasing my animals at the stock show. I spent most of 2022 in the Young Co. where I grew up. I was able to meet with many people, mostly parents of my friends, to thank them for what they meant for me. It has helped a lot with my spirituality. Something very cleansing and humbling about the process. Then last weekend, I ran in to a former neighbor. She always seemed stand-offish. Some thought she was stuck-up. They had 3 kids around the same age as mine. The husband/father was a real asshole to the kids and she always stayed away from social gatherings at the pool. All 3 kids were great athletes but the dad just emotional beat them down. They couldn't even play at the pool with him constantly yelling and correcting them. He ended up having an away from the cheerleading coach of the youth football league and the wife booted him. This was probably 5 years ago. I ran in to the dad 2 years ago and asked about his kids. He said, "I have no idea. They won't talk to me." Well, I got to see how the kids turned out. One was a first round draft pick in MLB out of high school. The other is a nurse and is marrying an AF pilot and the youngest played college lacrosse and is graduating in May and joining the AF. Three well adjusted kids. I told her how happy I was and how much I respected what she was able to do. She could not have been more surprised and thanked me over and over for taking the time to talk with her. And what some people viewed as stuck-up? It was probably more fear of him than anything. She was keeping the house running while he was running rough-shod over the family. Just reiterated to me that we never know what someone else is going through, so when in doubt, be nice. I'm not saying this to brag....I just found a tool that helps me and also doesn't hurt others. I have a watercolor painting by Jon Dee Graham. The caption reads, "Here's a thought....treat everyone you meet like it's the last time you'll ever see them. Let's try that."
  9. @Bogeywon Many versions of the same article/story. Google "Steve Berlin Paul Simon". My favorite part: I remember he played me the one he did by John Hart, and I know John Hart, the last song on the record. He goes, “Yeah, I did this in Louisiana with this zy decko guy.” And he kept saying it over and over. And I remember having to tell him, “Paul, it's pronounced zydeco. It's not zy decko, it's zydeco.” I mean that's how incredibly dilettante he was about this stuff. The guy was clueless. https://www.laweekly.com/los-lobos-on-paul-simon-do-you-mean-zydeco-when-you-say-zy-decko/
  10. That's likely because all the others have other jobs/shit they work on. Hands in several buckets. She has NOTHING else to do.
  11. Ginger Beer and spicy ginger ale also worked well for me, early on, and still do. I mix them in my normal pint glass, just like my old drinks, expect instead of a glass full of whiskey and a splash of coke, it is a glass full of ginger beer and a splash of grenadine. Somehow, the act of mixing the drink was relaxing.
  12. One of the bonuses of not being drunk all of time: Saving Money. I had a great reminder on Saturday night. Went to a large wedding for the son of a friend. Kid married a really rich girl. Reception dinner: Fantastic live band. Open bar from 4:30 until the end. Top shelf liquor. Best meal I've ever had at a wedding dinner. For the reception: one bar upstairs/one downstairs. four bars in the dining area. In my drunk days, I would have tipped every bartender in that place at least $20 to start the night off, you know...to get in their good graces. Don't want them forgetting me when the line is long. Also, if the wife was trying to keep me on a pitch count, I could dip out and run to the bar upstairs to grab a quick one. So right off the bat, I'm down $160-200 at this free bar. The guitarist/bassist/sax guy set up a little jazz trio during the happy our. I did give them a tip because they were fucking great. But the plus was I could talk to them and not be a drunken mess. By 8pm though, I was ready to GTFO of that place though. It's really the first place I've been where I started feeling 'itchy' about being around that large of a drinking environment. There was some other factors (divorce likely beginning soon for one. A topic for later, but I'm convinced my wife doesn't like me sober, and I'm fucking FINE with that.) Soon after I got out of treatment, I went to a concert in a small listening room with another couple who wasn't drinking. They were both bartenders. She told the server, "Just to let you know, we aren't drinking booze, but we are going to tip on a booze-filled tab". My ginger beer never ran dry. I CONSERVATIVELY estimated I was spending $30 a day on booze. VERY CONSERVATIVELY. After 3 1/2 years, the number is over $40,000.
  13. They were only together for a little over a year. I saw them the first time in summer of 99, and Ben died in the fall/winter of 2000. He played with them right up until he died.
  14. @tbone_ Check out the solo on this version. Always reminded me of the melodic style that Gary Richrath had before Cronin ruined him. I really think it would have been cool to hear Ben Orr sing but as far as I know, he only song on the Cars' songs. Bass: Ben Orr Double Cut: Pat Travers Strat: Derek St. Holmes Explorer: Jeff Carlisi Drums: Liberty DeVito Ben Orr has moved to Atlanta where Carlisi had a music school for kids. Derek St. Holmes also lives here. They originally had the drummer from some version of Skynyrd but he left and they picked up Billy Joel's drummer. I saw them in a couple of small clubs and outdoor festivals. I used to run in to Derek a lot and you could not meet a more humble dude. As over-the-top as he can be on stage, just sitting at the bar, having a cocktail, he is friendly and humble and extremely nice. I met him when a buddy introduced me. I asked my buddy, "I know you know his name, but do you know who he actually is?" He didn't, and Derek just grinned real big and told my buddy, "Don't listen to this guy". Carlisi set up a school that is like School of Rock, but it was done before that movie/school actually started up. He books a night at a local venue and lets all of the kids play. They were active right up until Ben Orr died.
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