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  1. He sounds a hell of a lot better and coherent than the orange guy. Trump is going to have to come up with some other Biden insults.
  2. And we all know the kids that will be in the classrooms are the kids of all essential workers who have no choice but to send their kids to school so they can work. The people with money are already lining up tutors and nannies to homeschool their kids. I know several people already creating mini-pods of homeschools. A small group of families that hire people to teach their small group of kids at home. Not saying it's wrong for them to do so, it's a great idea since the school districts aren't giving us much choice but this is why latinos and other minorities are getting the virus. They can't stay home, they have to work whatever essential job they can find.
  3. In the John Grisham version of this story a law student has written a brief and there’s copies of of shit being made.
  4. "When students return, school districts will not be required to mandate students wear masks or test them for COVID-19 symptoms, said Frank Ward, a spokesperson for the Texas Education Agency." Similar loophole? School districts aren't required to mandate students wear masks but they can require it if they choose?
  5. Maybe his suit jacket is tailored too tight to make him look smaller? Maybe he can’t raise his arms at all.
  6. I was thinking a stroke too. My step-dad had a minor stroke and he’s like this. A little slower and unsteady.
  7. Is this the same sign up sheet for our payment from George Soros or is there a separate sign up sheet for that?
  8. Biden was not my pick. But he's not morally corrupt or an raging narcissist. I think he's smart enough to pick right people to be around him and he will be good at smoothing over all the bridges Trump burned with foreign countries. Now on to his VP pick.
  9. You can always tell when he learned something new. He didn’t know about Tele-health before.
  10. “No one expected a Pandemic” Yes they did! There was a whole department setup to get us prepared for this and you fired them!! He’s such an asshole.
  11. I wouldn’t doubt it but they would never tell us he is sick.
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