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  1. That’s exactly how my ex and I communicated, hence the ex part. Well that and him sleeping around.
  2. I’m now following Jerry Morgan and Lexi on Instagram.
  3. This fool takes his ball everywhere and takes naps with it, jaw open on the ball.
  4. My niece and nephew. My brother just added Ellie, the weimaraner, to the family. They’re beautiful dogs. Although Oakley is a little on the dopey side.
  5. So the letter was given to the media by mistake or the letter was sent to Iraq officials also?
  6. I'm realizing I will be really really disappointed if Biden or Bernie get the nomination. I'll vote for them of course, but it would be very uninspiring.
  7. I have CNN on and McConnell is speaking to the senate. I have no idea what he just said because he is so boring I tuned him out. Not a good speaker at all.
  8. Is this all from the new KD shoes? We’re keeping them for next season right?
  9. I currently just use the Find My app that comes with iPhones. We’re setup on family sharing so I have to approve all apps that are downloaded. I may switch over to Life360 now that my daughter is starting to drive. For the most part my kids are good kids and haven’t given me reason to be more intrusive in their stuff.
  10. Thanks to whomever recommended Fluff & Tuff dog toys. Toby loves his new ball. If he’s not humping it, he’s laying around with it.
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