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  1. They should rename it the “Greene Knew Deal”
  2. Technically a pork chop but this thread has been dormant too long
  3. Andersen lost its CPA license due to a (subsequently overturned) criminal conviction. Certainly market forces were impacting client retention but they likely could have survived absent the loss of license that effectively rendered it unable to perform its core service - auditing public companies. Fun fact, Andrew Weissmann, more recently of Mueller SC fame, was the lead prosecutor of Andersen and I was quite hopeful he’d be equally aggressive in that role. Full disclosure. I worked at Andersen in Houston during the Enron scandal but not on that account. My general sense was that a lot of people (~30,000 worldwide IIRC) had their lives upended due the mistakes of a relatively small group - in part due to the fact that business models move faster than regulators and development of new accounting standards. That and the fact that then prevailing professional accounting standards allowed for lucrative consulting arrangements that undermined their ability to be independent when opining on financial statements.
  4. Translation. I want to spend my life framing something, just not houses.
  5. Screw that. We all know the only true way to improve is to buy a new putter. To that end I ordered a TM Spider yesterday when I found out they offer personalized options. Went with the Gulf Oil racing livery look.
  6. Then around 2024 the lead prosecutor in US v Donald J Trump… “I’d like to cite the precedent of Trump Organization V NYC which clearly established public officials are not protected when their actions are based on a pre-existing, politically-based predisposition that results in harm to the claimant. I submit the following quote into evidence.” Pointing also to comments de Blasio had made earlier in his term in which he threated to end the city's Trump-related contracts, the company said in the lawsuit that "Mayor de Blasio had a pre-existing, politically-based predisposition to terminate Trump-related contracts, and the City used the events of January 6, 2021 as a pretext to do so."
  7. We are pretty close. The standard deduction is ~$25k. Mortgage interest is limited to borrowing of $750k (which very few people can afford). Today’s mortgage rates are ~3%. So let’s take the case if someone that borrows $300k to buy a $400k house. They pay interest of $9k (declining each year). Maybe a similar amount in property taxes. That leaves ~$7k in other deductions (charitable donations) before there is a tax advantage to opting to itemize. And then the only tax advantage is on deductions over that $7k. Everything to get there is just a push.
  8. I’d buy them today and dry brine (kosher salt) for 2 days. Ribeyes in particular. https://www.masterclass.com/articles/how-to-brine-and-season-a-steak#what-is-dry-brining-a-steak
  9. Fixed it for Dan. Pls tell me Abbott is doing something similar and has Rolling Stones cover band.
  10. Used to go through there a lot because I’ve got a second office in Greenville, SC and flight schedules direct to GSP are limited. Nothing great in the food department but one of the best shoe shines in the country. Allow a solid 15 to 20 minutes. I’d often pack a second pair of dress shoes and get to my return flight a bit early to double up. Haven’t been through post COVID though.
  11. I need to line our 3 up like a spread offense when it’s time for a snack. Chloe and Gus on the left and toss treats on a go and post route to get them to the other side of the room. They catch nearly every time. Tucker is a safe outlet on the right to dump a screen. He drops quite often but at least the field is clear and he can recover the live ball.
  12. Tucker runs a little slower than the others… FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
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