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  1. On the Ryen Russilo podcast this week, he had guys on to tell recruiting stories from back in the day. Matt Leinart says that his dinner with USC was at a 5 star restaurant. But on his trip to OU, they go to Applebee's. He called his mom to make fun of it. He decided Norman wasn't for him. Also he got so drunk on his Michigan trip that he passed out in the bar.
  2. fellside

    2020 NFL DRAFT

    Deshon Elliott said OSU and LSU develop talent well. A fan replied that UT does too. Elliott responded with a cap which means lie.
  3. fellside

    2020 NFL DRAFT

    Deshon Elliott is being a bitch again.
  4. Did a free trial of Sundance on Amazon Prime to watch The Little Drummer Girl. It was great. One of my favorite Le Carré adaptations. I then cancelled the free trial.
  5. fellside


    I think I liked the finale. I don't really think the philosophy is coherent, and the science definitely doesn't work, but it's good storytelling.
  6. fellside

    Whatcha reading?

    Read War and Peace for the first time. The quarantine will get me cultured.
  7. Norman Dike didn't die either. And he actually did some heroic stuff. And apparently he wasn't able to advance the attack on Foye because he got shot in the shoulder.
  8. Disappointed me when I learned that Ambrose was a bit of a dishonest writer.
  9. fellside


    I don't know about the show but the actress is female. This show makes me feel like shit, but it's really good.
  10. Hey the Mormons finally get a Pixar movie.
  11. Bryan Curtis on how Romo got 17 mil. Pretty good read.
  12. I really thought I had it figured out when I switched from Uverse to YouTubeTV. Saved myself like $80 a month. Now I realize I'll probably be changing what I use every year or so as companies fight over rights.
  13. It wouldn't have been hard to make Kylo a once conflicted, growingly evil main bad guy. He is one of two good characters left in the series and would make a much better villain than Snoke or undead Palpatine. As to the guy who liked it because it wasn't "PC crap" I'm gonna go ahead and guess you're one of those people who complains about commercials with mixed race couples or how the media's trying to shove (insert female perfomer) down your throat.
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