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  1. I think this might be the day he finally gets fired.
  2. Joel Edgerton, the big burly warrior friend dude, wrote this. That surprised me quite a bit.
  3. In my friend group, everyone over 30 listens to the Ticket, and everyone under 30 listens to The Fan. Hell when I was in college, I listens to ESPN cuz what did I know? I feel like the people with the taste to listen to the Ticket are also more likely to listen to podcasts than the kind of simpletons who listen to The Fan. The numbers don't surprise me.
  4. This is definitely the deepest Mavs team since 2011. If we could just reallocate Hardaway's $18 million for someone actually worth $18 million, this team could be elite.
  5. It's just weird going from 20 years of your best player being automatic at the free throw line to getting extreme anxiety every time you see your star at the stripe in clutch situations. Bench looks really good and deep. Carlisle won't know for a while who the starters should be, but I'm glad we have so many decent options.
  6. fellside

    AP Top 25

    I feel like Georgia losing kind of kills that. The SEC East winner is going to have 2 losses if they lose in the championship game.
  7. BJ Foster has been hurt since the first quarter and has refused to get in on any tackle yet we still play him. I get he's in pain but that's embarrassing. He pulls up every time.
  8. Fucking off-season.
  9. That's the dude who couldn't see the field because of Kobe Boyce?
  10. It already is. This just brings to light what is already happening. Players are getting paid by boosters.
  11. I don't understand this. College sports are already a place where the elite athletes only go to a handful of schools. If anything, this new system would give other schools a chance to compete, albeit temporarily. I thought Russilo did a good job on his podcast laying out how schools would probably go nuts for a few years and then realize it's a waste of money with little return on investment. Especially with the transfer portal.
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