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  1. I will hold the door open. Bye and good luck.
  2. Friday the 13th, November 2020. Don't expect too much today.
  3. Jake Smith is a hell of an athlete. Probably has punted and kicked off a tee. Just saying Could run a great fake also
  4. I never thought I would see so many pussies representing "The University Of Texas" as Coaches, Players, and Administration. It's a God Damn shit show!
  5. I got the 3 years for $99 also on an older Pickup truck.
  6. Always buy a good brand fuel and at least once a year add some injector cleaner like Seafoam through the fuel system.
  7. I think the answer is because Dallas really isn't very good and they don't draft worth a shit. Plus Jerry Jones is and always will be a hard headed ass hole.
  8. I had Texas winning in overtime
  9. Can we please get our defense together and shut them down to 10 or less and put up about 55 points on these toads and send them home spitting blood.
  10. West Texas Ace stores have more ammo than Academy. They can get pretty much anything you want.
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