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  1. I've seen dog turds that looked better than that.
  2. True fuel is your best bet for chainsaws. I wouldn't bother mixing fuel unless I was using my saw everyday.
  3. A 1969 Custom Bench 222.7 Shilen Bull barrel with a Super Targetspot scope will take them out at 800yds.
  4. Great Job guys. I'm a little jellous I wasn't there.
  5. Your dog does not look impressed. Maybe he thinks the rye is a bit burnt.
  6. Samsung's have the best. Like I said .
  7. Exercise at least every other day and eat healthy foods in moderation. Cut the sodium and sugars down as much as possible. This is what I have been told after I had a Widow Maker heart attack at 63 years of age. Chlorestrol numbers have always been near perfect, but stress is a bastard. As stated by someone earlier in this thread simvastatin is a effective drug as well as Lipitor.
  8. I would get a couple of compression fittings and cut out the damaged or split piece and replace. Then you can see if there are any more leaks. It may be the only one. Then you can test the water well and all the plumbing and sewer for a few days or so to see where you stand with your new investment. Then decide if you want to replace the plumbing.
  9. Be careful buying your kids a Jeep or Bronco for their first car. There is always a chance they might drive like l did as a teenager. I rolled a Jeep and a Volkswagen Bug and was lucky as hell to survive without a scratch.
  10. Lady Americana has some of the most comfortable mattresses I have sleep on.
  11. Any SAMSUNG. Sony and Vizio both have good TVs but not in the same category as SAMSUNG.
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