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  1. Just replaced my 4 year old Matag washing machine. It was a lemon from day one. Still using the dryer but it will not always get everything completely dry with 1 cycle I don't think any brand W/D out there can compete with a 1980s model. Just my thought
  2. I have the Samsung Duo. We love the features. Convection, grill, microwave, toaster, all in one. 110 volts. I believe convection on high is 1800 watts.
  3. Tri-Eagle has the best rates with no add on's. 4 years straight..
  4. Because they breed like rabbits and have around 3 litters of piglets a year. Their gestation period is 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days. Most litters are a dozen or more. They have few predators and are amune to disease. You can kill the sows, and the piglets will group together and survive by raiding crops and deer feeders where available.
  5. It is, but it will remove hair also. So I've been told...from a friend.
  6. Yes. You should watch and enjoy
  7. Bad Blood is another worth watching. Montreal Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto is released from prison after serving 31 years for murder and seeks revenge on those who killed his family and friends.
  8. I watched the ZZTops documentary twice. Last night drunk and again today with the wife sober. It's a damn good show. Tommorow I am digging through the storage building to see if I can find those old 8 tracks.
  9. Dixie Warriors. Blue Belly Killers. Shades of Grey.
  10. Try Hair spray and a Bic Lighter.
  11. What did she charge for doing it?
  12. I went in and seen the the Donkey show. In Ciudad Acuña they had a goose that stuck it's head and neck in some strange places. I think I remember monkeys also. Those were the days.
  13. The Florida Cafe was the place in Jaurez.
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