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  1. the speed limit on turning the VHF knob on the tv. not specifically defined, but we got yelled at by my dad if you went too fast for his comfort at the moment. prettymuch just had to keep the clicks from channel to channel distinct from each other to prevent "wearing out the contacts". since we were the de facto remote control for my parents, this was a sacred duty.
  2. ok, but how about them warlocks?
  3. the seats in my 2000 taco are shot (driver-side springs, anyway). 60/40 bench. need to figure out if the rails are the same.
  4. And it really doesn't matter if I'm wrong I'm right Where I belong I'm right Where I belonnnnnnnng
  5. who's gonna tell him about PEX Herpes?
  6. is it that hard? is it really that fucking hard? jfc on a popsicle stick. /trivial shit
  7. I make the same mental translation when I hear Manu Ginobli to Heywood Jablowme as I do Gus Malzahn to Harry Ballsagna. they're not even close. it annoys me. carry on.
  8. I'm just gonna assume it was about Ameros.
  9. my bad. should have said, "tell the last part first." apparently, I sweat 1/2" copper for beer (if you're in 78759).
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