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  1. this. and take a few with you. but a gig better than lawyering? if posting on surly all day every day while printing money is a bad gig, sign me up.
  2. exactly. scrumptet runs around, drinking beer, wearing a blouse (if that's what we're calling it) designed to look like a bunch of renegade sperm cells on acid. 'a lady'? whatever you say, man.
  3. hear hear. lotsa words. 2019pics, but my dad is now officially hooked on the fly. Pulaski, again. couple kings, my dad with a nice coho. and a big brown, which made up for not getting any steelhead, this time. Galvan T8 is a sweet reel.
  4. took the kids last year, President's Weekend. girls about the same age at the time as yours. vrbo just a few blocks from Sunset Cliffs. really liked the neighborhood. Sundara (indian) a few blocks away was really good as a 'date night' while the kids had pasta we made for them, back at the house. didn't do the zoo, but Balboa Park has some other cool stuff. In particular, the girls really liked the model train museum. parking is a beating, so I recommend getting an early start. we made two trips to La Jolla so the kids could watch the seals and pelicans grabass around on Seal Rock and The Cove. the town is total clusterfuck on the weekend, but there is a public parking garage. if you can get a table on the roof, George's is pretty good. the ocean view is great there. saw some whales breaching, now and then. +1 on the tide pools at Cabrillo, and that whole park. breakfast at Mitch's Seafood is awesome. we hit it right after we landed (I knew about it from some tuna trips, years before). I assume the actual seafood is of the same quality. bring a jacket.
  5. well, this is turning out as I should have expected
  6. his answer is to just build more houses? that's it? how creative. so tell us, Chip, what does Bill Milburn's dick taste like?
  7. well, I'll never be a welding nerd, but I am seriously jealous of those welds, Marfa. I've got a cut-off tank end I've been thinking about making into a firebowl, also. I'm self/youtube-taught, plus some good advice from friends. first project was a welding table (been posted, before). that was lead up to my narrow-ass smoker build. very much a go-with-the-flow project, but not too much wasted metal (forgot to account for the halfmoon above the firebox and didn't want janky seam). was kinda brutal, welding the firebox from the inside, inches from my face. turned out pretty decent, I thought. a broken off rake handle only gets you so far "you may experience a little discomfort" "tension. tension. tension it's all that I know" first effort with my second-hand (Smith) torch second effort, for the top of the stack. I was smart enough to allow for grinding to pretty it up, at least. I can see why circle cutters are so expensive some guy ordered a shitload of various elbows at Westbrook, then cancelled. worked out great for me, not having to calculate, cut and weld the smoke stack turn. besides some briskets, a bigass turkey with a duck and a chicken on Thanksgiving, I've smoked a bunch of fish on it. so far, so good. not pretty, but it does the job.
  8. wd40


    **deer guts greener'n owl shit
  9. just got back from Whistler. crowded, but had a great time. still need some snow, last I checked. my wife made all the res's (that's her thing, I just get veto power). she got some deal online through skirentals.com or somesuch that sent us to the Salomon shop for our rentals. very good service there, although if I had to do it again, I'd ask for a stiffer snowboard boot which I'm used to, over the flexy thing they gave me by default. eats: The Keg was pretty good. Earl's was waaaay overrated. unless you like trendy shit served by Eurotrash-wannabes at all costs. Gnarly Root was very good. the indian place upstairs right by the Whistler Gondola was very good. Masala something or other. we got takeout. Blacks Pub was meh. did not eat on the mountain. just energy bars. big food just makes me too lethargic for snowboarding. the food looked pretty good, though. much much better than the burgers and dogs up top at Ski Apache or Red River. we spent one night at the Westin downtown Vancouver on the back end (wife had points). it's a block off the Whistler Connect shuttle route, so we had them drop us at the nearest stop on the way back. very good location. lots of shopping and ethnic food options nearby that looked good, but we ended up at Dunn's deli. had smoked meat poutine. it was ok. they don't smoke meat like we do, I guess. I think they used pine or someshit. Lennox Pub was a good place to chill while the kids dove into their ipads back at the room. canNOT recommend the Vancouver Art museum. but my daughter's into art so we had to find out. biggest one in western Canada, fwiw. Bentonville fucking Arkansas's art museum blows it away, easily. have fun, you hoser.
  10. corrections to previous post: "generally are not", and "becomes". blind and fat-thumbed is no way to go through life, son.
  11. you mean at Brushy? for the most part, there isn't one. depends on where you start (I usually start under 183A for the shade and proximity to Snail), but that doesn't matter if you ride the same trails on your return trip. only the flattish area in the woods just the other side of Parmer is truly one way, and it is marked as such. personally, I suck at reading these maps, but see if this helps.
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