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  1. some men just want to watch the world burn
  2. huh. was wondering what happened to Zach de la Rocha.
  3. Brisket's apt description aside, this poutine concept intrigues me. anyhoo. going low-carb, tonight
  4. I wonder if the Bruins fan board has a shart thread so mustardman can mark one down.
  5. hello in there, you microscopically-peckered old fart. hello.
  6. 2x, all of the above, on technique. it's a judgement call based on current speed, energy level and the obstacle. the set up on my bike keps the front end pretty light, so wheelie-ing up is little different than just unweighting, in terms of effort. just gotta pick a spot where I can get the front up on the ledge where it has room to roll before the next significant bump, and where I have clean traction in the back. watching the video again, I have little memory of what I was doing after that move at 1:25. had to get the front tire over a boulder, and roll it along the top of a knife- edge rock to bridge up to the next boulder up before the two old ladies came down. I generally try to go Earl up the Middle, because it's so easy to get snagged on stupid shit going around stuff at the edges. but traffic and my energy level often dictated going wide. there's also a lot of scree in the middle that forced me outside. no 50T. I'm just that slow. 30 up front, 42 in the back for my granny. pretty sure I was in it almost the whole time. definitely don't like to do a lot of shifting on that stuff. tend to squirt rocks and spin out.
  7. Thanks, man. well, here's some more inspiration (or 11 minutes you'll never get back). the rest of today's footage. I really didn't know what I wanted to do with it, and I already burned the song I heard today that stuck in my head, so I ended up going with your comment about bcgb being the quintessential Austin trail. it's in sequence from where I started, to where I ended up before I got sorta lost trying to find Pump Station. I let it run after the music to help remind me where to turn (during dry conditions). btw, my HOL record isn't much better. been years for me, as well. usually take Taint, because I can never seem to find Hobo Hut on my own. HOL proper has really gotten eroded and widened, since I last saw it. I'd planned to take Dumptruck anyway, but if I'd made that crux, I'd have tried to go for the top. I was about done anyway, spinout or no, so no complaints. hero dirt today helped.
  8. bcgb today. quick non-edit. five minutes of heavy breathing
  9. my FIL and his two brothers rotate hosting thanksgiving. bro1is in Lafayette, bro2 in OKC. FIL is in Washington state, so he 'hosted' at my house (in Austin). none of bro1 or 2's kids and their families could make it, which kept the crowd manageable, although it would have helped with the left overs, since I misread the tag on the turkey and grabbed a 21lb instead of a 12lb. first turkey ever on my smoker. it was a learning experieince. duck and chicken turned out great, though, despite my old Weber rotisserie motor not being able to turn that much weight. we had to improvise them on the smoker with the turkey, followed by a few manual spins on the Weber to crisp the skin. only awkward part was my FIL bought each of his brothers and me monogrammed chef jackets for the occasion. we were sitting around drinking on Wednesday night when he announced this. there was a moment of silence. then I said, "so we're in a sorority". there was another moment of silence, then bro1 raised his glass, and we moved on. fortunately, we only had to wear them for a photo op. meanwhile, Thanksgiving at my folks house was a little different. apparently, my brother and my dad wrapped up the evening by getting in a shouting match over Colin fucking Kaepernick. wife took SILILF to the airport this afternoon, then went to hang out with her aggy friends in town from Dallas. so I've just been watching football and hockey while enjoying various vodka drinks from the handle of Titos FIL left behind; plus breaking my longest stretch of full days in underwear in several years. only thing that could make today better is if I could take a giant shit.
  10. cracklins plated on the lid of the jar they travelled from Lafayette in.
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