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  1. yup. I was in the NEZ, for that game. all that red on Hadnot's helmet...comin right at us.
  2. did Crystal (aka BFE) Falls, today. fast and flowy, with surprising elevation for the area. a bit of a hike to get there, even for me in '59, so clipped off some exploration to get back to work.
  3. Pearl's. I miss that place. mostly because it was one of the few live music joints at that end of town (that I remember). video's from a Steamboat show, but the I think he last time I went to Pearl's was to see this guy. or Lou Ann.
  4. some 'featured' tamales at HEB, under some queso and Valentina black, just to be sure.
  5. high ground is dry-ish. rocks and roots were snotty, but no mud. I like days like this. the yoga pants were out in force. holy shmokes.
  6. plague. rain. this is what it's come to. maybe I'll make it back to CO, one of these days.
  7. very cool ride, K. you're gonna love it. although your stem no longer says "Welcome to the wonderful island of Thomson! Have a nice day", the ride will be so much better. pretty sure I met Wes many years ago. cool dude. he was a pretty competitive rider back then, but more-or-less had to shut it down due to some degenerative back issues, as I recall. counting my blessings. turns out the reason I couldn't get above 720p on my ipad was my iOS was about 4 versions old. I get 1080HD now. of course, I'm sure there's a dozen useless 'features' I don't need that I have to now navigate around, but whatever. one of the few iOS updates that did something meaningful. videos look good now. now all I have to do is make good videos. last one is lame, on repeat viewings. just doesn't convey how fun that trail is. lazy editing, tbh.
  8. ruh-roh. at least now we know where all this rain came from. on the video, I'm not seeing what Braf is seeing, and even if I was, I think it has more to do with youtube's general decline in performance video over the years (at least for freeloaders on ipads, like me). in particular, very leafy trail footage takes a long time for youtube to resolve to the listed resolution. so twisting through the cedars is just a big green blur. it certainly has nothing to do with editing technique. perhaps it has more to do with airplane glue. I will say that the Linear setting on the camera seems to undo some of the image distortion. your arms (as are mine in older videos) are freakishly long and curved. you might play with that. btw, stem length is inversely proportional.
  9. that looks like a fun place to get lost, KuRdt! good job! VP's pretty straight forward. you probably figured this out pretty quick, but it's a good idea to lock the music track so you don't accidentally chop it up if you reshuffle video segments. btw, looks like you went through a wet spot. wtf?!?!?1
  10. yeah. 'crotch' makes it sound....infected. -------- so my hearing sucks, ok. one of the ways I cope with it is to ask yes or no questions. easy to tell the audible difference, gets right to the point of what I need to know. in 15 years of marital bliss, I have yet to receive a 'yes' or 'no' as a first response. ex, just now. me: did you get the mail? her: [50-word inaudible reply from the other room] me: was that a yes or no? her: no rinse, repeat.
  11. yeah, but the Finch gag is a distant 3rd in the Hands Down classification.
  12. wait. NowThis was a Cheeseweasel sock?
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