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  1. I believe it's been known in Congress and the WH for a few weeks that RBG was waning. So, my guess is most of what you'll see in terms of media response from R Judiciary Committee members and the WH will have been considered and baked since the end of August.
  2. PA has a D governor and Secy of State. The Philly burbs are going Biden, but the question will be turnout on Nov. 3 and the mail-in vote. PA has no true early voting, only absentee. If turnout is depressed for any reason (weather, COVID, whatever) in the Philly burbs, yikes. If the mail-in vote tabulation is a shitshow, yikes. Bottom line is Biden could carry PA fairly easily with a heavy suburban turnout in Philly. If not, it's much closer to a coin flip. Biden won't take PA for granted. He's from there, has deep roots, and Delaware is also often a PA election surrogate.
  3. If it does, I would be dead because I've been taking that amount for several years.
  4. Biden is incorporating populist rhetoric at long last. It's not going to help him much with Florida, Arizona, and Nevada hispanic voters, but it will solidify the other demographics.
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