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  1. I don't think you get it. That pic is Exhibit A in the case of Fairweather Fandom. Unless you have a very different definition of the term.
  2. The scene where Kramer describes how he comandeers a bus to take his girlfriend's toe to the hospital and wards off a mugging in the process, is probably the perfect distillation of the character. The physical comedy as he plays out the fight scene, and how completely unassuming he is about how totally unusual his behavior is, kind of tie up all of the genius of Kramer. "You're.... you're Batman." "Yeah. Yeah. I AM Batman!"
  3. When you think about how that run overlapped with the Stones' Beggars Banquet>Let It Bleed>Sticky Fingers>Exile run, it's hard to argue against '68-'73 being the pinnacle of rock music.
  4. Ketchup on cold meat is the worst.
  5. I dunno, I think I have a pretty decent comprehension of Missouri. They're as fair weather as it gets. Delusional as Aggy is, they always turn out. Mizzou is one of those fanbases that's get into when they're good, and as soon as they suck they say shit like "well, the Chiefs are just way more important than college sports".
  6. The fanbase size doesn't take general interest level into account at all. Mizzou is showing a big fanbase, but people in Missouri do not give a fuck about Mizzou unless they're really good. Look at UConn and Rutgers in that top 50. Sure, a bunch of people in New Jersey and Connecticut would ID those schools as their favorite college teams, but the level of engagement is abysmal. I also have a hard time believing that KSU has a larger fanbase than KU, especially when you account for basketball.
  7. Yeah. I'm not driving to the trail systems more than 20 miles out of my usual course of travel this summer. We're doing a staycation at the end of the month where I'll take my bike with and ride some of the stuff in western WI that I've posted in here before, and I have a tripped planned to northern Minnesota in August, but I've been very much keeping it close to the vest this summer.
  8. I believe all canned homemade salsa is cooked. I've never done it any other way, and I can't imagine it keeping if you didn't.
  9. A lot of things that are iconic in rock and roll (both good and bad) really came out through The Who. Smashing instruments, rock operas, and the general mayhem that surrounded Keith Moon. They were comprised of 4 completely different people with completely different strengths and weaknesses who's synergy created absolute chaos. They were not as tight as Zeppelin. They weren't as cool as the Stones. They weren't as heavy as Sabbath. But they had an undeniable power, chaos, and vulnerability that cut to the core of what rock and roll should be more than anyone else, IMO. They aren't my favorite band by any stretch these days, but there was a time when they were, and I still appreciate them immensely. Live At Leeds is just raw fucking power.
  10. I celebrate mustard's entire catalog. As a kid, we would get butter sandwiches (government margarine spread on white bread) as a free for all with school lunches. Having a ravenous fat kid appetite, I would dip them in regular yellow mustard. As someone upthread pointed out, Dusseldorf's are freaking great, and probably my general favorite style, but I kind of love it all. From honey mustard, to spicy, to stone ground, and everything in between. The condiment GOAT.
  11. If the Big 12 gets to keep some kind of guaranteed access in an expanded playoff and UT/OU get the prestigious home games they crave, I think everyone will be happier going forward. UTOU get the prestige home slate and the Big 12 isn’t sitting around waiting for someone to pull the rug out from under it. I think that gets to the core of what all parties really want.
  12. I don’t view OU as any less culpable. I just don’t like any OU message boards.
  13. My anger and sour grapes are about the constant shifting of the game, and further erosion of what little history we had left. I found the 10 team Big 12 to be a really entertaining league with a unique mix of schools, fanbases, and personality. It pisses me off that OU and UT wanted to blow that up and risk being the next Nebraska because we weren’t good enough. It’s a divorce where one party really enjoyed the arrangement and is convinced that the partner leaving is going to be just as miserable in 10 years as they are today. There’s the potential for everyone to be happier in the future, and I would rather that be the result, but it will always seem unfortunate and avoidable to me.
  14. KSU is a pretty intense rivalry for us. OSU is in a tougher spot RE Bedlam and all that. I always thought it would be cool if ISU/KSU/OSU tracked a 3 way annual series like how the service academics do the Commander In Chief trophy.
  15. I personally hate Nebraska more than any entity in athletics. I root for Iowa when they play.
  16. I don’t really hate Texas. My interactions with Texas fans have been vastly positive. I’m mad that Texas and OU pulled out of the Big 12, but I don’t really hate either. I hate Nebraska.
  17. Well, at least you can admit it. I don’t see us winning 3 straight against any of the new comers. Really, we just wanted a stable home. That was it. We thought the Big 8 was that. The Big 12 should have been that. But for some reason the 4 schools with the biggest fanbases and most clout had an inherent disdain for everyone else. What sucks for us is looking at the Iowa’s and Purdue’s of the world sitting fat and happy because Ohio State and Michigan are happy to subsidize their existence.
  18. Most of this board seems completely clueless as to why people hate Texas.
  19. I want to play all the Big 8 schools every year. KSU being an annual game should be a non negotiable demand. Ideally we’d have an annual road game in Texas, and then go to UCF and Cincy in alternating years.
  20. Surly/Shaggy has always drawn a unique crowd and has morphed into something far beyond Texas athletics, and I’ve always found that entertaining a hell. That’s why I’m here. ISU has a very active board, and I’m on it, but I enjoy the totally different perspective here. Even when I’m calling you guys arrogant fucks and you’re pointing out our poverty. Interesting disagreement > boring harmony.
  21. They seem to be fine with it. This attitude is fairly unique to the schools that came out of the Big 12 footprint. Ohio State never seems bummed about playing Purdue. Clemson never seems bummed about playing Wake.
  22. OU simply chose to look down on their home slate. No different than UT. There was deep seeded arrogance that you were just better than these schools. OU chose unhappiness.
  23. No, it’s your fault that you’re so unsatisfied with the Big 12. Texas becoming an average program just made it easier for ESPN to do what they did. You guys are old money rich kids that are unable to accept that you really aren’t that good. You get to sit at the cool kids table because you’re loaded and they want your money. The majority of Big 12 schools are scrappy try hards from the wrong side of the tracks. We know it. You read a whole lot of things you wanted me to say into that last post. Texas and OU could have stayed in the Big 12, made a shit load of money, and raked in top 10 recruiting classes. You left because you’re insecure about your lack of success, have blamed the Big 12 instead of your obvious institutional dysfunction, and want to glob onto the SEC glory just like Aggy. And you’ll get more money to keep wasting. Yeah, yeah, we’re an irrelevant #2 school in a small population state in the vast emptiness of middle America. We’ll make less money without you. We know, we’ve always known. Blow me.
  24. Yeah, you think you’re too good to be associated with us. You don’t have to pretend that’s not the case. It’s been real obvious for a long time. Why dance around it?
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