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  1. I’m also in Durango. Heading back tomorrow. Still planning to drive through NM.
  2. I’m in Colorado. Lots of TP here. Coming back this weekend. Should I do some Smokey and the Bandit type run in our rented minivan?
  3. I escaped to Colorado. I legit wonder if I’m going to be a vector. I’m religious about mask wearing, social distancing, haven’t gone to restaurants, etc. but the numbers are so high that it’s freaking me out. I half expected Colorado to not let us in the way we weren’t letting people from Louisiana in back in March/April.
  4. Yeah that is bad. I had the dates mixed up.
  5. I believe there was an issue with Friday’s numbers and they were included with Saturday’s. So divide by 2. Still not great, Bob.
  6. Refis too, or only purchase? My little bro just bought last year (I think y'all did the mortgage) with a VA loan. Don't know if that would make sense to refi that quick, but those rates are loooooow.
  7. Well, I am an estate planning attorney and I’ve drafted many forms to donate a body to science. However, none of the clients I’ve done that for have kicked the bucket yet, so no experience on that end.
  8. Pretty sure that is just the cops being lazy.
  9. Watched on HBO because it’s leaving soon. Very timely. And have the opposite reaction of Evil Case McCoy. Also going through this thread for the first time and futureman seems like he sucks. Not that his posts were defensible in 2028, but they have really not aged well.
  10. We all know the true King of Staten Island is Lazlo.
  11. hornian

    2020 Rain Thread

    Just got 1.59” from about 6:00 am to 6:45 a.m. Didn’t even know rain was in the forecast.
  12. You can set up a simple revocable trust to own the home, and that will still allow the homestead exemption to be claimed.
  13. If I understand the question correctly, you are asking whether the trust must be set up if the conditions in the will aren’t met. Short answer: no. Long answer: most testamentary trusts are conditional (under certain age at times of testator’s death or incapacitated at time of testator’s death). If the condition is not met, the trust is disregarded and the property is distributed outright to the beneficiary during the administration of the estate.
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