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  1. I mean, unless you like having drinking water in the future: https://www.texasmonthly.com/articles/central-texas-drinking-water-crisis/
  2. She did, I didn't. Said "that's a not from me dawg" to it. Big reason is we are expecting #3 later this year, she didn't think 3 carseats across would really fit in the back of the Mach-E. Also, why call it a mustang?
  3. She pulled the trigger on the Model Y today. Extended range, upgraded wheels, 7 seater, in the grey color. Of course, that just means it is on order. We will have the car in "1-10 weeks." It's weird to say that you pulled a trigger, but only actually pay $100 for now. So I guess I will officially go ahead and join this thread.
  4. And more honest than Surly at large.
  5. They are small, but will be used by 5-7 year olds in booster seats for the next few years. So big enough for them.
  6. I may be jumping onto this thread as an owner soon. Wife is set on a bigger EV (has the BMW i3 currently). It's between the Model Y and Audi e-Tron. Personally, I like the luxury-car features of the e-Tron, but it's gonna be her daily driver and baby hauler. So having 7 seats is a plus when hauling around kids + their friends. We have test driven both. I have negotiated the Audi down to under 70K, plus we would get the tax credit (I pay estimated taxes, so I would just owe less next year); but the Y with the long range + 7 seats is under 60K even with taxes and destination charge. W
  7. Glad we missed that (Bull Creek/2222). Had some pea sized hail that woke me up but not bad.
  8. It started to be this visible when the public camping ordinance was reworded to not make it a crime. It went through the roof last year when Austin basically said "we aren't going to even enforce what is on the books due to COVID"
  9. Part of me thinks the pause was to try to put Five Stone/Pro Tax/Et. Al. out of business. "Try to make it a year on little to no revenue, you pains in our asses."
  10. That has saved me from so many hang overs.
  11. So THAT's how you caught COVID. Good to know!
  12. Just got an email, they now have their "low and slow" briqs available. However, it says 6-8 hours, so, ok for ribs, probably OK for pork butt, not ok for brisket. https://www.sparkgrills.com/products/low-slow
  13. Would kill for a Ramos Gin Fizz right now.
  14. Welp, nothing we liked in Texas had any availability for our dates (admittedly, we are booking last minute). So flying to Memphis and staying at the Peabody Hotel for 2 nights. Let's test these vaccines out!
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