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  1. She’s in love with it. And she was really soured on the whole delivery process. But she says it was worth it now.
  2. KXAN trying to jinx us:
  3. It’s so that the winners bracket team gets to be home team if needed for the final game.
  4. Should have checked car max just to see. I thought Tesla was giving us a good deal on my wife’s trade; but car max offered us $3600 mor (which was about 25% more than the trade through Tesla). I tried to get her to take that to Henna to get an extra $500 but she said that was too much of a hassle. And I guess Wednesday was delivery day in Austin; that’s when my wife got hers as well. Glad your experience was smoother than ours.
  5. Probably. I moved here to be closer to family. I’ll pm you.
  6. Hi neighbor! I'm in the house that cleared the back yard/put in retaining walls and STILL has my crushed granite being washed away be these storms down towards driftwood drive. It'd probably roll down the hill to me.
  7. Whoa. You sure you aren’t psychic?
  8. We bought a house in Hudson Bend with lake access in 2018. Remodeled it, with the intent to move in. When it was just about finished my wife (who was newly pregnant) broke down and said she couldn’t do the commute to the kids preschool/the Y in NW Austin (where she was a fitness teacher). We pivoted and turned it into an AirBNB for 2 years, then sold the in 2020 and used the proceeds for the down payment on our current home near 2222/360. Best thing we did I think was not move in.
  9. Cool pic, but, uh, wut?
  10. According to my rain gauge (78731, near 2222/360), we got over an inch in about half an hour of storm. That was some heavy ass rain.
  11. Update: They were able to verify everything (after I emailed my lender and had them do an ACH trace), and actually dropped the car off at 6:00 p.m. this evening, so we have it. It's pretty cool, but the wife is still pretty frustrated with the delivery process.
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