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  1. There is a policy preference to place a child with a family member (non offending family member obviously). There’s a lot of reasons for this, but the main ones are that family placements usually are more stable, kids usually have bette outcomes, and often times family members don’t require adoption subsidies (on going monthly stipends) from the state.
  2. hornian

    Its happening

    You have a basement? Ok, yankee.
  3. I’m sure many people would bring their parents back if they could.
  4. Also, one of the 7K guys in Looking Glass’s bunker was missing his mask. Looking Glass has it. He’s going to save Laurie Blake.
  5. I mean he walked as a senior before the Tech game - so not really a shocker.
  6. I took it as a gag/play on words. Either it’s “elephants never forget” because of the memories, or it’s “the elephant in the room.”
  7. Agreed. And Trieu mentioned she pioneered some fusion drive for space flight - probably to save him and bring him back to earth. She did say her father would be there soon or something to that effect. Also explains why she is so smart/obsessed with him/his company.
  8. So. Looking Glass is still alive. Dr. Manhattan has jungle fever. Bob from Mad Men wants to blue himself. The Smartest Man in the World can fart on command. And Lubeman is still at large. Did I miss anything?
  9. The Quick and the Dead. Would love to see a shootout with the bad guys shadow with a hole for the sunlight to shine through before he falls over dead.
  10. Or: They don’t have towels in a galaxy far away?
  11. Behind paywall; and I ain’t paying for that shit.
  12. I’m ordained (Universal Life Church Holler!), and I’ve married about 5 or 6 couples. So far they are all still married! Getting married by a divorce attorney is like reverse jinx.
  13. It’s going to be mounted on wall without the ability to put a PC in a cabinet or anything. I was hoping I could find some sort of stick computer/WiFi dongle type of thing I could plug into the USB port or an HDMI port if possible.
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