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  1. I’ve been getting targeted ads about a study for this in CenTex. I hope I don’t ever qualify for the study though.
  2. Ain't no one reading this thread and able to pay $145 for a hoodie "trim and athletic."
  3. This. We tripled the spread and you’re concerned about point shaving? I’m a little concerned about your cognitive functioning.
  4. 1) agreed 2) We are adding 45 square feet/demoing a slab and tying back in with new foundation/adding a gable roof. So City if Austin required us to show where “critical root zones” are for some reasons. 3) no clue. They actually responded yesterday and said they want a call on Monday. I’ll believe that when I actually get the call. 4) Bull Creek/2222 in Austin.
  5. OU isn’t as bad? They’ve had 4 games. This isn’t an anomaly, it’s a trend. Even Riley said Post game his offense isn’t where it should be. That said, they will look like the 85 Bears against us in 2 weeks in Dallas.
  6. You think that Phil have a pretty hot and tempting? You do you.
  7. This was pretty accurate.
  8. The previous owner did a weird remodel where they took out a wall. Basically made a weird jack and Jill layout with an adjacent bedroom that now connects to the master bath. Need to put that wall back, and we need to add an exterior window for safety/fire code and because we want a window there.
  9. ABC also needs a better field mic. Sounds like the band is in the soccer stadium.
  10. ABC needs to figure out how to show a replay without it bleeding over the next play.
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