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  1. We call it Fall in Texas. Autumn is for the Brits.
  2. You’re like the lady at the bus stop in Forest Gump, “You told it so well!”
  3. Maeve wasn’t when she visited Elena earlier. Or when she was getting out of the shower in the most recent episode. Lamplighter wasn’t in the most recent episode. I’m sure there’s more examples.
  4. Sum Ting Wong? You better believe there's something wrong, she had coming out of all holes!
  5. Just the tip? ”what did Wulaw Horn say to his wife in a Walmart parking lot”
  6. Fuck ragweed. Fuck elm. Fuck smoke. This shit is ruining the nicer temps.
  7. What’d he use to fix it? His nose?
  8. I'm about halfway though. I get the feeling that is
  9. Who was previously ranked #2? I don't see any PV#2 on that list.
  10. hornian

    Sam Ehlinger

    I played a lot of NCAA football on PS3 back in the day. I know how to get a QB a Heisman and bring along a backup.
  11. Why would they show those Andre Ware stats?
  12. hornian

    Sam Ehlinger

    Give him a series to start the 3rd then shut him down.
  13. hornian

    Its happening

    Didn't realize it was going to have turrets like that to tie into the design on the other parts of the stadium. That's a good touch.
  14. hornian

    2020 Rain Thread

    All I know is that I had new sod installed in my backyard yesterday/this morning, and I don't think I've ever timed anything as perfectly in my life.
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