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  1. Stay at Lackland, you corona virus carrier.
  2. I assumed it just meant they got drunk while cooking.
  3. hornian

    Poona Ford

    I think I could make ends meet with $660k when I was in my early 20s.
  4. hornian

    2020 Rain Thread

    Truth. I would like a little Highland Lake Recharge Event, sans flooding.
  5. Granted my oldest is only 4, but I will say this. It gets worse before it gets better. And better is relative.
  6. Seems like this book may need a sequel: https://www.amazon.com/Forged-Hotter-Fire-Lessons-Little/dp/0595290779
  7. Meant Stanley. Stella was the upscale companion restaurant that closed several years back.
  8. Depends on what you want. Is it just food; or culture, or jus to be a tourist? The Quarter is the Quarter, it’s an entity unto itself. Once you see it, you get it. At your age, you don’t need to stay there. But visiting it is a must if you’ve never been. Carousel Bar, Jean Lafittes, even the back bar (the wood paneled one with all the photos) at Pat O’Brians are worth a visit. Food wise, down there I always try to hit Stella and grab a po boy either from the back of Erin Rose or Verti Marte. Hard to go wrong with either. Do yourself a favor and go the Sazerac Bar as well - it’s in the Roosevelt Hotel. Ironically; I prefer the sazerac at the Carosuel Bar, and I always order a Ramos Gin Fiz here. If you are near Downtown, go to the WWII museum at some point. In my last few trips there I’ve been trying to see more of the city. The garden district is a great streetcar ride, and there are plenty of places you can hop off and grab a bite or a drink, then hop back on. I also really enjoy the area around Tulane, and City Park - but I have young kids so YMMV. Midtown is more “lived in” than other parts of the city, but some of the best food I’ve had has been here. You can tell it’s not geared towards tourists; which is nice. Standouts on my last trip up here were Piece Of Meat and, of course, poboys at Parkside. You already mentioned Commanders, another place I try to go to as often as I’m there is Dooky Chase. I haven’t been since Leah Chase died, but everything I’ve ever had there was great - especially the fried chicken. I’ve had a lot of great meals at places like Luke, La Petite Grocery, the Rib Room, Brennan’s, Kingfisher, Cochon, etc, and they are all worth a visit, but don’t spread yourself too thin trying to hit everywhere at once. You’ll probably find yourself going back once you’ve been there once, so pick out one or two and save the rest for return trip or three.
  9. It checks none of your boxes, but I’m in Durango Colorado right now and I’d relocate here in a heartbeat if I was in a position to do it.
  10. Just so everyone else doesn’t have to wonder, that’s a video from a year ago.
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