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  1. Either "Stripper" by Lords of Acid or "Never Say Never" by Romeo Void.
  2. Nope but they both have openings that have a lot to do with what I do now. But these responses along with what I have heard from others, I'm too old and enjoy my time off too much for either environment.
  3. You're also close enough to Great Sand Dunes NP for a good all day trip and within striking distance (an ALL day trip) to Gunnison.
  4. Curious about the environment, culture, etc.
  5. To paraphrase Robin Williams: If you look to your left and don't see an asshole and to your right and don't an asshole.... You're the asshole.
  6. The National Parks would like to have a say in this.
  7. I was waiting for to say that SRV and Double Trouble was there.
  8. Well, then let's just look and see what you sent over to the IRS.....
  9. Colt going down against Bama. I honestly think Mack might have walked away after winning his 2nd MNC and although we might have struggled for a year or two we wouldn't have gone 10 years without being relevant.
  10. His family is from near the Arabian Gulf. 😎
  11. The Benny Hill Theme Song with mariachi flair. Or All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down by the Mavericks.
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