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  1. So here's my problem with this. 3 episodes (6 hours) and if spends about 40 minutes talking about the 8 years he was President. I enjoyed it but this should have been several more episodes. Personally, I think both the war years and time in office needed more flesh. Did I miss it or did they cover the (apocryphal) Lincoln quote about whether Grant's drinking... "I wish some of you would tell me the brand of whiskey Grant drinks. I would like to send a barrel of it to my other generals." Sherman gets the credit for saying "War is hell" but Grant realized that waging total war on the South, no matter the costs to either side, was the way to win the war. He's the one who sent Sherman marching to the sea and waged the Overland Campaign of attrition to the fight around Petersburg and Richmond that finally brought Lee out of Richmond looking for food in those last few weeks. Grant gets short shrift in the pantheon of American giants.
  2. So does Trump's war on the 1st Amendment help or hurt him? From what I see, most of his knuckle dragging mouth breathers dont understand that the 1st is about protecting individuals from government proscribed speech limits. Not individuals or companies limiting other people.
  3. I could handle living in/near Anchorage. Fairbanks? Hell no. Been there, done that. For WAY less than $320,000,000.
  4. I recognize 12 of those names. And I would live in Alaska for $320,000,000.
  5. I can't spare this man. He fights. That it is one of my favorite quotes.
  6. I dont know that I would say it was better but different. Grant is really underrated by most Americans as to how important he was to the Union during the Civil War. He made mistakes but he fought unlike McClellan and avoided the mistakes that Hooker and Pope made. Always find it interesting that he had Meade stay on as head of the Army of the Potomac. They didn't get along fabulously or anything but that's pretty remarkable. It was pretty graphic for a History Channel show, that's for sure. I'll keep watching because I have always like things that show the Civil War in a realistic way. This show does.
  7. I'm thinking more like Ride of the Valkyries with Kilgore's gun ships taking out some Charlie.
  8. I thought the exact same thing when I read his post. I mean, let's just go back to only letting the white Male, landed gentry vote and be done with this nonsense. But in all seriousness the resistance to this is from small minded (mostly Republican party) idiots who want to suppress voting. I'm 100% behind mail in voting to make it easier for EVERYONE to vote. And this comes from a white Male who would qualify under my farcical suggestion.
  9. Not one of industrial restaurant ones that cost $5,000. But something you can do some frozens in on a Saturday. I've seen the Margaritaville branded ones that run anywhere from about $150-500. So?
  10. Um, suburban voters are little racist. A lot of them support Trump and his idiotic border wall, rescinding DACA, etc.
  11. Looks to me like she's up to about tree fiddy.
  12. As much as I dislike anyone named Trump, I think the point Eric was making is that the states with Democrats as governors will hold off on opening up until after the election to tru and hurt his Daddy. Not that the virus will disappear literally.
  13. So I have two different apps on my phone that help me figure activity. While at home, I do a combination of walking and bike riding. I used to go the Y and use the elliptical as well but with my local gym closed, that hasn't happened. Today's activity and app counts. I walked a little over 1 mile in the morning and then went on a 10.5 mile bike ride App 1 - Pacer for Android. Shows 12,160 steps for 5.69 steps. That's about the minimum I do per day if I only walk. Looks accurate... If all did was walk. App 2 - Google Fit. Shows 3,933 steps for 11.63 miles. That's about right for the distance I covered but way under counts the amount of effort IMO. I've noticed this when using the elliptical as well. Even when I manually count steps, the counters arent picking up distance or effort right. Before anyone says "Get a Fitbit or comparable Android device." Yeah, no. I haven't been a watch wearer for 20+ years. And I'm not even sure that's an answer either. Is there an Android app for phones that picks up activity by type well? I keep my phone in my pocket or hand when walking and in my pocket when riding/on the elliptical. I find myself overdoing it when I walk/use the elliptical or bike to get to my daily 10k step goal. I know 10k is a contrived, ancient ad campaign made up number. I usually do more than that and strive for 15-20k daily. That's actual activity for 25-30 minutes at a clip. Not the free steps of daily activity/walking around the house/work, etc. So how do I accurately capture my activity?
  14. This one kind of hurts. Willard was a comedic giant. His style and timing were amazing.
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