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  1. Still trying to blame China for his ineptitude.
  2. Did he really just say that they are taking a science based approach to dealing with the virus?
  3. Is that the same Rex Chapman who played basketball?
  4. That Teen Vogue article made the rounds on the Kingwood.com board. Those mouth breathing knuckle daggers lapped it up. Collectively, they are ione with Tex Ags when it comes to brain power. I finally gave up even trying to just lurk. It hurt my brain. But unfortunately, my neck of the woods is smack dab full of them.
  5. Joker, I want you to get straight up to Phu Bai. Captain January will need all his people.
  6. "We're from the HOA and we're here to fuck you. And not in Bang Bus or Cap'n Stabbin kind of way.'
  7. I'm starting to agree with Brisket that we are a failed state. In my neck of the woods, the local bulletin board is thrilled as a pig in shit with the EOs today. I posited whether this was dictator like and many have chimed in that it is and they are FUCKING OK with it. We're done. It was a nice 230 year ride. Park's closed. Moose out front shoulda told ya.
  8. Please dont be Israel.... Please dont be Israel....
  9. The fight (or lack thereof) over reopening in Humble ISD is appalling. Parents on the Kingwood side of the river are overwhelmingly in favor of opening up as much as possible. Parents were given the option on in school or online. The school in my hood will be around 85% in class. The next closest school ny distance will be over 90%. In general it looks like Kingwood will be around 70-80% in class. 22 kids per room. Almost no social Distancing and masks ARE NOT mandatory. On the south side of the river (Humble proper and Atascocita) Parents haven't lost their minds to such a large degree. They are around 30-40% in favor of in person school. It's got clusterfuck written all over it and the superintendent has been pushing for as many kids in class as possible. We start school on the 11th. Thankfully my kids are high school age and are starting remote. I'm not fucking around with this. Meanwhile, Colorado is not going face to face until October. Virginia is waiting until November. But fucktards here in Texas are hellbent on starting as close to 100% as possible. Going to be a rough ride.
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