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  1. Nice to see a commit video that shows leadership and a kid that is humble and hungry. I know the commitment is about the kids and their time to shine but it is nice to see one that is not the “all about me” highlights.
  2. Media getting involved in the S and C hire https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ftw/2021/02/12/jaguars-urban-meyer-chris-doyle/6735073002/
  3. Subscribed, 5 stars given. Great job guys. Highly informative while also highly entertaining.
  4. Championship game appearance. Also get Ewers back in.
  5. what is this “new coach zoom” being referred to here? Did I glance over something?
  6. I agree. This does not seem to make sense timing wise.
  7. There are special exemptions for that and a head football coach is one of those.
  8. Hell, ten years ago I was still coaching Texas HS kids to “plant your screws” on an app owners chest, meaning put the two crews at the top of the face mask into the other guys chest for face to face tackling. We also drilled getting your “head across the bow” over and over for angle tackling. The don’t get their head in front of the runner anymore on angled tackles and you see far more arm tackles being run through now.
  9. Anyone else see a guy eating a dick if you turn Stoops house sideways?
  10. Doe the free transfer rule go into effect now in January or is it based on school year 2021?
  11. He has an entire year to get Ewers in line. he is a 22 kid, not 21.
  12. Because you trust that Campbell can make the right hires and having a large budget means he can go after the guys he wants regardless of what they make now.
  13. But where they NFL projections to start outor has the ISU staff made them NFL caliber? One of, If not the, most glaring issue with this staff is players that do not develop. Yes, you will have high 4 and 5 stars that are busts but nowhere at the rate it happens here. he develops kids. Can that be said here?
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