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  1. That turkey got a D1 scholarship because he has great hands, runs precise routes, and has deceptive speed.
  2. But then the libs would use that registry to create a watchlist and target their political enemies.... because that's what I'd do. - Republicans
  3. Agreed. Very surprised by what they left out. Took my son (his first "real" concert), and he asked if I was ready to go, I told him "they still haven't played ____ or _____". As they started talking down the drum set he just said "I got bad news for you dad."
  4. No we need to stop treating rich people (especially those born into wealth) as though they deserve any kind of respect simply for being rich. That goes double for any rich person that seeks any kind of notoriety.
  5. Good Rivals. If you're a casual soccer fan, you may readily like it.
  6. He won't remember well enough to learn the lesson. He won't remember well enough to learn the lesson.
  7. Any pictures of her coming out of the swimming leg?
  8. How about: "If you're gonna bring bullshit to the dinner table, I'd prefer a plate of actual bullshit to the crap you're spewing."?
  9. If Greg Abbott could kick the ground, he'd be doing it right now.
  10. Yet they'll claim they don't *hate* anyone. They just don't want them voting... or getting married... or controlling their bodies... or getting insulin.
  11. I don't think he would like what "regulated" entails. Or he doesn't know what regulated actually means. I'm guessing ther latter.
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