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  1. $400 sneakers... brought to you by the same dipshits that squeal like pinched pigs and slap stickers on gas pumps every time the price jumps 3 cents.
  2. It's what changed my voting perspective. I never paid that much attention to politics (never watched talking-head news) so I always voted with the "less government" crowd. But watching the Obama years play out on social media, and seeing the bullshit spewing from the people that did watch Fox News made me realize how much I had played into that bullshit.
  3. Now imagine being upset when Obama fumbled a salute because he had a coffee cup in his hand.
  4. Why take money for a cause you don't support when you can take money for a cause you do support?
  5. And they'll be dismayed at how classless all the liberals are acting.
  6. You know there's nothing stopping you from learning tuba or big-assed guitar right now. No reincarnation necessary. Just saying. I guess tubas can be a bit pricey.
  7. I've decided that every action Greg Abbott does makes sense if you add "because his dick doesn't work." to the end. Like adding "in bed" to fortune cookie fortunes. "Greg Abbott ordered TNG to place razor wire along the border... because his dick doesn't work."
  8. You know, if I had done something as cool as competed in a NCAA sport... not only competed, but competed at a school and program as prestigious as Texas... I'd likely make it my handle on message boards too. I don't know that I'd act like such a dipshit that I'd have to give up my cool handle. I also know that I'd feel such a need to continue my dipshittery that I'd return with a sock account. Sad.
  9. Make no mistake, she is as much a power hungry monster as Nancy Reagan. She sees herself as Jackie O, and is probably livid that these dorks are interrupting her chance at greatness. Nevermind that is really DeSantis and his bullshit that are keeping her out. Don't be shocked to see her throw her hat into the political ring at some point. ETA: And watch all the Hilary haters that trashed her for riding Bill's coattails (or whatever they bitched about) fully support Casey without on ounce of irony.
  10. Can't be a good look having her shield him from the "loony" lib.
  11. I thought it was a Rush Limbaugh joke. Never heard it told as a George Floyd joke. Guess we run in different circles.
  12. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/rays-star-wander-franco-not-found-home-raids-investigation-alleged-relationship-minor-repor.amp I'm sure he's.... wandering... around somewhere.
  13. Idiocracy was prophecy, not comedy....
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