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  1. It’s all my 13 year old boy talked about for months. He’s really involved in the schools theater program, so that may be part of why he knows about it. We are going in December when it’s in town. Sounds like there is some mature content, so we are not taking our 10 year old. My 13 yr old probably could have handled it at 10, but no way my 10 year old could now.
  2. Just went through the song and dance. Best I could do was $40 for 6 months and streaming for 2 cars so $80 total. This was at the "cancel" representative. 5 months for $25 seems to be gone now.
  3. Yep, this is not new. It is not like they are all released at once.
  4. If I recall he lives in the Bee Cave area.
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/txdot-will-clear-camps-under-overpasses-starting-next-week/ar-AAJy4Ou?ocid=spartanntp TxDOT cleaning it up
  6. Fuck Urban...we hire him I’m out
  7. 1978horn


    First cold snap of the year means gumbo. Normally I just use oil from the pantry for the roux, but I decided to step up the game and use bacon fat. It did not disappoint! Ingredients Start of the roux Roux is done Adding the trinity and sweating it out Simmer time Time to eat!
  8. Careful what you say something is worth on a public forum ....treefiddy fucked is all
  9. I read somewhere that the deal in this thread will not apply to the ESPN/Hulu/Disney package that will be available later. This one is strictly for Disney only.
  10. I have never had a problem. They have replaced 2 of my fit bits with no questions asked. One of them was even 1 day past the year warranty and they send me a new one.
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