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  1. https://twitter.com/TarHeelFootball/status/1257339648613003271?s=20
  2. yeah, most anything embeded I have to refresh to get the content. If I am at that particular post when the page loads the first time I see the outline of the linked content and then it goes away and is a blank post.
  3. I believe he said with counties that have 5 or less cases.
  4. Yeah, mine happened 8 or 9 years ago, so who knows now.
  5. I successfully got the "fees"(collection agency add ons) removed when I called them(not the collection company but TxTag directly). They sent the notices to my old address and I never received them. At the time the collection agency said not to contact TxTag directly, but I did anyway and they removed the fees. From my understanding that is one of the few ways that you can get out of it. I "owed" about $400 on about $8 in tolls. After that I just got the TxTag that goes on my windshield to be done with it in the future. There is a post on TOS that i detailed the experience.
  6. I find I am eating smaller meals at home and have lost weight. Before, when I went out for lunch every day I ate a big ass meal that is probably twice what I needed, but I still ate it. The huge portions that restaurants provide is probably part of the reason.
  7. Provost and the President leaving within a week of each other....something else is going on.
  8. At least on Surly your a reasonable asshole. Usually we get all the internet tough guys, not the guys that are like that in real life.
  9. You sound like the asshole to me, but hey what do you expect on surly...
  10. 1978horn

    Shit My Kid Says

    Watching Spaceballs with my 14 yr old 14yr old: I miss John Candy Me: He was dead before you were born?!? 14yr old: Yeah I know, but he was part of my childhood...
  11. I don't live in that area anymore and haven't for quite some time, but looking at google maps I would say yes. It was at the intersection of Medical Arts, 40th and Marathon.
  12. Yep, i played Pony ball there a couple years before filming. Part of the deal with the Pony field was to add that gate in right field. It didn't exist prior to the movie. Most of the car chase at the beginning of the film was in the neighborhood right around that area too. It was Ballards grocery on Medical parkway where they got shot at.
  13. Friend of my in laws had this happen to him a few months ago. He was changing an outside light on a 2 story house. When the ladder fell he landing breaking his neck. He is now dead leaving behind a wife and 2 kids. It was after dark and his wife and kids were asleep in the house. A neighbor found him on the ground already dead. Told my wife I am no longer putting up the Xmas lights.
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