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  1. My 11 yr old daughter did that last night with her Cheeseburger at the dinner table when her 14 yr old brother pissed her off. Her mom(no pics) and I were shocked since it is not like her at all to do something like that. We all kind of laughed afterwards, but for a few seconds I thought she was about to take her brother out 2020 style.
  2. Someone in the Mueller area said that they were having an safety meeting onsite with an OSHA rep near the cranes.
  3. "Meanwhile, one crane operator remains on the crane, with his foot on a brake to prevent the cranes from collapsing. But AFD says this is unlikely."
  4. I have noticed a ton of them out towards Dripping Springs as well. Way more this year than in years past. I see the other ones too, but these guys are everywhere.
  5. 1978horn


    Learned it from a Louisiana girl 15 yrs ago and haven’t gone back. Can’t remember who said it on TOS after people bitched and complained about seafood v chicken and andouille and okra v no okra. Rule #1 make a good roux Rule #2 put whatever the fuck you want in it. Make it taste good as hell and you have nothing else to worry about.
  6. 1978horn


    How dark I got it this time. It took longer than usual and I got tired of stirring. I usually get a little darker. Trinity in
  7. 1978horn


    I usually get it pretty dark. Will post a pic when I get done.
  8. Making gumbo Browning the andouille All the ingredients Just started the roux and have a long way to go
  9. 1978horn


    I have always added them at the same time. Usually it cools the roux down pretty quickly with all the moisture. Haven’t had that problem before though. Would be interested to know if others have had that issue.
  10. 1978horn


    Starting to brown andouille for the gumbo I’m making for the game tonight!
  11. How many people lost money on the chiefs not scoring in the first quarter?
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