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  1. It would seem to me it would be safer for all involved if a helicopter were used. I know its additional expense but its not like the US can't afford it. Also, Austin Exec has a 6300 ft runway. A 747 requires 7500 ft (yeah, I looked it up). They could use the 757 as AF1 and been north of the traffic chaos.
  2. No spoilers but the premise of the last episode was laugh out loud ridiculous
  3. Edit: nope...he was at Memorial Hermann
  4. gecko

    Fire Tom Herman

    Coaches need to step up their game but let’s not forget players have to make plays. Superior coaching didn’t beat Georgia, a monster effort on the field did....
  5. Really? Well...ferk. I’ll take the penalty... But it is funnier the 2nd time around
  6. So a UT system hospital did the operation.....they owe us a coach, any coach, for this
  7. Don't discount the fact that Baylor may be completely mindf**ked after that national audience debacle.
  8. How about, "some of us are really pissed and have lost our minds"
  9. I struggled with E1. E2 went a long way in explaining where this is headed.
  10. Or they’re mentally f**ked after this loss
  11. To comfort my sadness I’m going to put on my jammies and kick back and look at all the kick ass pics of our new south end zone...
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