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  1. 911 Lone Star is getting destroyed on Twitter...
  2. Google is your friend... https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/4501282002
  3. Rob Lowe isn’t even trying. Stumbled on this pile of crap. Holly sh** it’s embarrassing.
  4. I'm tired of losing to OSU in basketball....it's getting old.
  5. Can I steal this for use in my twitter wars....?
  6. Not a humble brag but I flew UA business class from Newark to Lisbon last week and it was by far the worst BC experience ever. I think UA knew it sucked because I haven’t even received the usual annoying survey about the flight On the plus side I’m returning on TAP A330 neo in BC. Should be nice but still have to deal with Newark. God what an embarrassment of an airport
  7. You can take the Browns out of Cleveland but you can’t take the Browns out of Baltimore.
  8. Notice when wife gets off the plane she has this look on her face (as she checks out the Pom girls) like, “oh sh*t”
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