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  1. I’ve been neutral to slightly positive re: Tom but I can now see the “clean up on aisle Herman” is going to be a messy
  2. F**k you if you don't like blue jello
  3. gecko

    Drew Brees

    He's allowed to have an opinion....he's only allowed to have an allowable opinion
  4. Kansas notwithstanding we manage to go on and slap Utah around the Alamodome. I'm not excusing or pumping...it's more of a WTF thing for me.... After stomping on highly ranked opponents 2 years running in bowl games you have to wonder what we're capable of under Herman if we ever get into the playoff.
  5. Clay Travis' twitter account is entertaining, SEC or no SEC
  6. Edit Wrong board...probably too political
  7. I think OU has a bias for players/recruits that have a serious chip on their shoulder for Texas. For OU, beat Texas and everything else in the B12 will likely take care of itself. This is why they get skullf**ked at the next level.
  8. I booked hotel reservations over Memorial Day for the July 4 weekend in Jackson Hole. Being able to score something this late in JH is pretty remarkable. Granted, lots of things may not be open and I don't expect July 4 parade or fireworks but if that translates into smaller crowd size in Grand Teton it will be a win-win for me.
  9. Don't know the company but have you heard the ad from the brake repair company that sanitizes their tools after each service? (hehe...."tools).
  10. If this is still a thing in the Fall and there is no therapeutic...Play the games with student attendance only in a separated seating arrangement of some kind.
  11. How about this..... There are 100 m&ms in the bowl. Two of them are poison and might make you sick (might not) and could even kill you. Would you eat one M&M from the bowl if it meant living a normal life and going back to what you enjoy most? I think this is the more legitimate question.
  12. So your internet skills don't extend beyond Surly? You really should stay in your basement.
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