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  1. i regret that i have but one rep to give
  2. I think it's more of a lifetime achievement award sort of thing, not something where you could pick just one or two incidents.
  3. I'm prepared for disappointment, too.
  4. Like that would be a bad thing or something Well, not since we kept Herman. i wish... Bobby Jack Wright part II: electric boogaloo
  5. He's updated it since then. Definitely worth checking out the update, if only for the interview with Maddox.
  6. This underlines something I've been trying to express to a certain family member of mine who was arguing with me all season long that Herman should have a chance to "fix" things: He hired these idiots in the first place, and is clearly a fish out of water in this role. People are just now finding out that our on-field issues aren't entirely talent related. Hmph. Optimist. Everyone on this board needs to drop everything and go read "Trust me, I'm lying" by Ryan Holiday. The entire $9.95'er playbook is in there, right down to the uncorrected typos in their reports.
  7. someone should tell that to my son's English teacher
  8. So it's more that losing to tech would've triggered mass hysteria, and failing to lose to Tech thus failed to trigger the necessary rage. I'll buy that for a dollar. Like how the 1996 Big XII title game bought Mackovic one more year...
  9. This is complete and utter bullshit and I won't stand to see this nonsense spread. Get your facts straight. CTJ has been a productive cunt on internet message boards for TWO decades.
  10. This is my thinking. Not just because he should've recognized the need (long ago, honestly), but because how do you hire someone worthwhile for a one-year job?
  11. 1. Why is Giles safe? 2. What's the academic side's beef with Herman? edit: nevermind, already answered
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