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  1. Rimbo

    Justin Tucker

    That is a really fun fact! Tucker and game-winning FGs against traditional losers. NAME A MORE ICONIC DUO. And the longest FG in NFL history. Just send him straight to the HOF now. He's just padding his resume at this point.
  2. Coaches seem to be using it that way. "Yeah it feels great to beat tech by 5 TDs, but remember how you got all nonchalant after Louisiana, thinkin y'all's assholes didn't stink, and got absolutely obliterated by a mediocre Arkansas team? How 'bout we go fix these issues we saw in that blowout loss before you start thinking y'all are good?" If I'm readin' between the lines of Sark's comments in the PCs the last few weeks...
  3. just came here to share this absolutely brutal takedown
  4. though now that i think of it the original outfit was kinda absurd ... the sort of outfit that can really only exist as a drawing
  5. wtf is up with faye's outfit? way too modest for her no ed in the credits? where mah nerd at?
  6. You're goddamned right.gif On the one hand, what the fuck On the other hand, fuck tOSU
  7. Or, perhaps, OU just isn't very good. Rattler is not a good QB.
  8. It's worth repeating. ou sucks
  9. oh, shut the fuck up. you didn't know that and neither did anyone else
  10. YES. Please, let's not forget Greg Davis' bullshittery with this.
  11. I may have to stop watching this. I'm having PTSD flashbacons. I mean flashbacks.
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