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  1. Devo's Greatest Misses To complement their Greatest Hits: It's really all about the artwork.
  2. Watching our first-ever Tumble Leaf episode together now. You're right. It's fantastic. My daughter even agrees it's better than Blippi. We're saved! Awww... now I feel bad for making the OP and trashing him. Edit: Except for the millions of dollars thing. Fuck that.
  3. Yeah, those are better than the books, I think.
  4. It's worse. WAY worse. I've survived Caillou. It's worse.
  5. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. It's like you're wandering through the expected preschool-aged inanity, and then BAM.
  6. We're talking about kindergarten level stuff here.
  7. like i said, where is that to catch a predator guy now that we need him
  8. not that pj masks is good, mind you it's just not tv programming created by goddamned illithids.
  9. oh thank God we're switching to PJ Masks instead
  10. by the way, if any of you dumbfucks try to go look this up for yourselves and see just how awful it is, why don't you just go watch goatse.cx or tubgirl or something similar instead and spare your eyes the trouble just say no
  11. This is the dumbest motherfucking godawful children's tv show I've ever had the misfortune of having to suffer through. And I've lived through both Barney and the Teletubbies with my elder child. I mean, at least Barney had songs, and some semblance of dignity preserved by hiding inside a purple dinosaur costume. And Teletubbies had songs, too, and children thankfully outgrew it within moments. This is just episode after episode of this orange and purple wearing asshole dancing like a fucking dipshit in playgrounds intended for kids a fraction of his age, as if he belongs there. Seriously, folks. Where the fuck is Chris Hansens now that we fucking need him the most? Is he "social distancing" his ass away from Blippi? Praise God that there aren't liquor shortages in the stores. But there isn't enough liquor in the entire British Isles to make this dumbfuck shittery tolerable. Fuck. FUUUUUCK. IT'S FREE ON AMAZON PRIME VIDEO. I should cancel my Prime account, just so my daughter can't ask to watch this fucking asshole any more. I can tell her, "Sorry, we had to cut back, can't see him any more. How about Peppa Pig?" I fucking love Peppa Pig. At least Peppa Pig has some fantastic jokes in it just for the parents. Like the episode with the Wolf kid's birthday party, where the Wolves keep making subtle suggestions towards the sheep kid and her parents. Or the Halloween episode, where one of the kids dresses up as a vampire, the teacher says "That reminds me of the old country," and the Narrator helpfully points out that she isn't casting a reflection in the mirror. See, that's not much, but it's something. Like we are now on our second episode of this fuckshitdickless dumbfuck playing around with toy trucks and making squeaky noises. I can feel it, Dave. My mind is going. OK, I've typed enough, time to see how much whiskey I have left. God....
  12. Two random Tool / COVID-19 relevant thoughts. 1. Working from home, like we all are, and of course the advantage of this is using my studio audio setup to listen to music while I work. Everything sounds as good as it was recorded, but hearing "Invincible" off of Fear Inoculum in particular... how amazing the production on it is. 2. I'm making pancakes... like you do on Saturday. Having to do without eggs, because we're out, and the price of eggs has tripled, so we aren't buying any. (For those who are wondering: Yogurt. Vanilla yogurt.) As I flipped the last one, I of course had to growl out: UND KEINE EIERRRRRRRR!!!!
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