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  1. I don't think he can duplicate McCoy's success; I think he can exceed it, because the man is made out of cast iron.
  2. Fran Tarkenton waves "hi" from the HOF. Durability counts. He can also throw the ball and is a natural leader.
  3. fuckers just called me... I told 'em I already talked to someone
  4. "Imagine being a starting QB in the NFL and not seeing that guy" Brutal.
  5. You're wasting your time by responding whether it's a gag or not. You should be spending your time making your voting plans and contacting everyone you know to make sure they are ready, too.
  6. The problem is that this thinking leads to a defeatist attitude, where people think "It's busted anyway, so I might as well not even bother." That is their goal. It's not enough for them to try to manipulate the system; they want you thinking that the system is so broken that you don't even make an attempt.
  7. Are you talking about yourself, or someone else? Because if you're talking about yourself, then you're part of the problem. And if you're talking about someone else you know personally, then go grab that someone else and smack them about with a raw haddock until they get off their asses and do something about it. And if you're talking about a hypothetical "someone else" that is no one you know, then the least you can do is post something on social media. Like I'm doing right here and right now. I guess the point I'm trying to make here is this: If you don't get off your tuckus and vote, I will personally do nothing but send you Babylon 5 gifs for the rest of your miserable life. You know I'll do it, too
  8. Probably I should re-phrase that being no longer in office isn't necessarily the plan. The plan is to funnel money to themselves. They can do this either in office or out of office. If he's the president? He can direct tons of things his way. If he's the dictator? He can send everything to his coffers. So there is cause for concern there. But they don't need to be in office to do this. The free publicity he's already gotten will fuel his career for the next two decades even if he never holds office again.
  9. I think a lot of this is overblown. Will there be attempts at hanky-panky? Absolutely -- just like there always were. Are there ways to get around the hanky-panky? Yes. By getting a mail-in ballot and taking it directly to the Registrar's office (instead of relying on USPS); by voting in-person and showing up early; etc. The point is to not wait for the ballot to come to you, but to take personal responsibility for your ballot and get that shit done.
  10. Seriously, step away from the ledge. Look at the facts: Hillary is not his opponent; someone people actually like is. The Woodward tapes are coming out at around the same time Benghazi did. Texas is turning purple. (If that's not a bad sign for Trump, I don't know what is.) Biden is polling at over 50%. Hillary never polled that high. Neither has Trump. Trump's numbers are as low as they've ever been. All the states that swung for Trump are in play and leaning Democrat. In short, if we go vote, Biden wins.
  11. Don't forget Prime Requisite. As in: "Charisma is the Prime Requisite for the Politician class. Low Charisma affects a character's electability."
  12. It's because winning the presidency was never his plan; his plan was to improve his entertainment career by using a presidential run to draw attention to himself [source]. Once the Democrats shot themselves in the ass by nominating someone for whom Charisma was their dump stat, he actually won, and suddenly decided that maybe he did deserve to be president (and of course, being in power is the original way to funnel money to yourself). They're now doing the same thing they'd planned to 4 years ago. Boost their wallets and their post-election careers. They don't care because actually being in charge was never the plan, and now they can get back to the actual plan.
  13. That was my second game. That game sucked.
  14. For me it was WTSU vs. the UNT Mean Green back when I was a cub scout... early 1980s. First Texas game? This one: It was one hell of a great way to start a long tradition.
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