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  1. For the record, I vote for image #4 for the National Portrait Gallery. As-is.
  2. Here's a different image, in case you were thinking she was hot Pretty sure they modeled the Predator's mask after that smile
  3. all outta rep but this deserves a lot of love all over it. Hot, gooey, rep love
  4. I've already seen this movie. Glenn Close played Kendra Scott, Michael Douglas played Tom Herman. That poor rabbit.
  5. - Head Football Coach Adam Gase - OC: Shawn Watson - DC: Bobby Jack Wright - Special Teams: Charlie Strong - Bill O'Brien, recruiting coordinator
  6. What folks miss in the eleven years we've sucked is that we haven't had a real AD doing the hiring until now. Dodds, for all the great money things he did, lucked into the Mack hiring and hired shitty before him, and was ready to retire. Patterson... bitch please. Then we had an interim AD while the inmates ran the asylum, making a hire without any real knowledge or search. CDC is the first time we've had a real AD in a long time. Let's see what he can do.
  7. 25 oz canned pumpkin... so probably like 4 cups of the puree. Nice! I don't have the pineapple though... I'll have to get that.
  8. The real reason analytics work on baseball is that there is much more data. The typical batter goes to plate 3-4 times in a game (3 at a minimum). The typical pitcher pitches about 20 pitches per game. There's 162 games in a season. All this for scores that are typically in single digits. One pitch cannot make more than a 4-run difference in a game. So there's a mountain of data that, half a season in, can be analyzed and actual statistical meaning can come from it. In football, you only get 16 games, and at most 120 plays total. Of those, one play... one blown assignment out of 22 players on the field... can totally reverse the score. So where baseball is played within the realm of statistical probability, football games are won and lost on individual plays that exist outside the realm of statistics, and there are so few statistics that they don't become meaningful before the season ends.
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