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  1. Well. We're OFFICIALLY fucked. The Republicans and Putin knew there was only one way to prevent Biden from winning a second term: To divide us against ourselves. Congratulations to everyone on helping them accomplish this. And an extra special congrats to the editorial staff of the NY Times; your petty vendetta will likely be among the last decisions Trump's new administration will ever allow you to make.
  2. See, I get that, but this wasn't, say, that horribly underrated Mel Gibson flick Payback where there's bad guys against bad guys, but they're all really charismatic bad guys so you more or less pull for 'em.* There was probably supposed to be someone to root for -- maybe Sol, perhaps? At least, before the script turned him into a stupid shithead -- but the script made them all awful, and the acting (again, outside of Sol) did them few favors. So eventually, I'm just rooting for the meteor strike. * "The movie's publicity makes much of the fact that the hero, named Porter, is a bad guy. It quotes the director, Brian Helgeland: 'I wanted to see a bad guy as the hero, but I didn't want to make excuses for him.' Of course, if the bad guy is played by Mel Gibson, you don't have to make the same kinds of excuses as if he's played by, say, James Woods." --Roger Ebert
  3. https://www.threads.net/@nixcraft/post/C9p70yxgdaj
  4. Eh, Office for Mac is fine, and Office365 is all in the cloud now, anyhow. I don't make my accounting staff run Linux. But this guy's talking about Airflow. Which means somewhere, out there, he's running Windows as a database server. I can't think of a time in my life, much less my career, when that was a good idea. Far less now that I own a hybrid, but I still understand the basics. I know to check fluid levels every time I fill up, check the tires, etc.
  5. dafuq? See, all the things you need to learn everything about Linux are free. You just go read the fucking manual. And in my career for the past 15 years or so, every dev is working on a Mac, which is ALSO a variant of UNIX, so they already know almost all the shit they needed to. The only reason any engineer, data scientist or what have you under the age of 40 even bothered with Windows is so they can play games on Steam.
  6. In other news, I'm in charge of deciding what "endpoint security" my company uses, and guess who's glad he doesn't use Crowdstrike today? THIS guy!
  7. The TCO myth was horseshit when Microsoft first peddled it in the 90s, and it's even more horseshit now. People still believing this in 2024 is like finding people who still believe the Earth is flat in 2024...
  8. I swear. This thread is the only place I see on the entire internet where Biden is suddenly this feeble Lame Duck candidate that just HAS to be removed or else Trump will become dictator. Everywhere else, they're circling the wagons. Bizarro world is here. Reality is not reflected in this thread. Get a clue.
  9. I was going to say something snippy like, "Well, who else would pimp for Peavey" but 1. the guy can rock, 2. Ed eventually worked with Peavey on the 5150, and 3. after watching a video this week on "how to get the right bass tone" I've regained respect for my bass amp and its 8-band EQ.
  10. Me and your wife are on the same page, except I'm ranting. I've only been this angry at a piece of fiction one other time: After reading Heinlein's alleged novel, Number of the Beast. I tossed the paperback across my wife's living room when I finished. Like I said above, the critics only saw the first 4 episodes. I saw promise and potential at that point, too. It was only when the 7th episode dropped that I realized it wasn't "mystery," it was a writer who had no idea how to write a story of any kind. After episode 6, I thought it could be improved by making it a single feature-length film. Now I know better. There's no saving writing THIS bad. Last night, my son and I watched the direct-to-Netflix J-Lo thing Atlas. It's flawed and predictable; it has some really good things (great references to Titanfall, which was the only reason he was interested; J-Lo in yoga pants, who impressed my boy even though she's older than his mother; and the bit in Act 2 when Atlas and Smith are getting to know each other is some great, not good, dialogue). And every time we came across something trite or predictable, I'd mutter, "Still better than the Acolyte." Because it fucking IS: At least something trite and predictable is COHERENT! You get no money for betting on what happens at the end, but at least it makes SENSE. I'm so mad at this show because in the hands of someone with even BASIC competence in writing it would have been GOOD.
  11. Seeing a HUGE disparity between the audience and critics on e.g. Metacritic, and reading through a few, it's clear why: They only screened the first 4 episodes to reviewers. Sneaky fucking trick: Don't show the critics what a goddamn mess the show became in the second half. At least through the first four episodes, there was hope the story might actually become coherent.
  12. Yep. Lee Jung-jae's acting and some well-made fight scenes rounded out the handful of good things about the show. But man... it's impressive that someone actually got paid to write that, when writers with basic competence are starving.
  13. Still a better live-action Star Wars than The Acolyte.
  14. Oh, yeah, that was certainly idiotic. If the writing had done ANYTHING to establish that she was powerful... or being seduced by the dark side... Fuck it, include that. It's still the worst. Include the animated series, too.
  15. That shit is actually well established canon, though. Red lightsabers turn red by torturing other-colored khyber crystals into "bleeding" red. Ahsoka got her white ones by healing an Inquisitor's red saber crystals. As dumb things go, that doesn't even register.
  16. The whole series is like a buffet of bad writing techniques. None of the characters' behavior makes sense at all. Which might have been somewhat forgivable if the story were any good! What even was that plot? It wasn't a rise, it wasn't a fall, it wasn't "man in a hole," it wasn't Cinderella, it wasn't a mystery. It was like one of those stories your kid writes (or you write as a kid): I mean. God. As bad as Episode 9 was, at least it had a mostly coherent story; "Somehow, Palpatine returned" is iconically bad, but at least the movie has a beginning, middle, and an end, you know why people are doing things mostly even if they're sometimes stupid or the reasons for them aren't ever properly explained. You can enjoy the movie, if you try not to think about some of the plot holes, ignore how stupid the twists are (She's a PALPATINE!), it more or less makes sense within itself and has some really cool SFX like that lightning blast from Palps at the end. This is just... UGH! Incoherent and ... I am literally angry at the time I spent watching it.
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