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  1. 1996 vs. New Mexico State at 4 years old with my grandpa and mom. Good one to take a kid to. Went to a few others in the years following according to pictures I've seen , but unfortunately the next one I remember was 1999 vs. NC State. I remember my mom told me to stop crying and sing The Eyes after we had lost. Good times.
  2. Went out to the lease early Saturday morning to check cameras and ran into this guy as I was walking down to my feeder. Left my bow at camp (like a dumbass), so I hoofed it back to grab it and then put a stalk on him. As much as I enjoy hunting whitetails, it’s a shame we don’t get to stalk as much down here for fear of bumping deer around. Need to take advantage of doing that more with hogs. Freezer is low on meats, getting bratwurst made for some summer grilling. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yeah, that one feels a little pie in the sky-esque. I understand why it was put on there, but I can't imagine a fight over the song if more important issues are resolved.
  4. 0.5% to BLM isn't shit when it comes to the athletics budget, and if UT athletics wants to spend their money that way they can, but what's the legality of it? Asking the lawyer folk seeing as I'm not well versed in the subject, isn't UT athletics still under the state, and can the state donate money to a political cause?
  5. They can go fuck themselves for the state of their football field in 2011 for one. The overinflated sense of self in both athletics and academics is the other reason, but I guess we've been the same way for the past ten years, at least in terms of athletics. It is funny that their best season in 40 years (2007) resulted in Kansas winning a BCS game.
  6. Great rack for a euro mount. Any funky looking ones like that look better on a skull than a set of shoulders, imo.
  7. Perfect place to spend self isolation: at the lease hog hunting in this kind of weather. Going with dad tomorrow night. We tried about a month ago with no luck, but we've been running the feeder late from that point until now, and we have a game camera set up to see what's been coming to it. They should be out and about in broad daylight with the wet and the cold, or so we hope.
  8. This is, uh, bad shit. The minute that there's a confirmed case of a human contracting CWD, the game is over. Until that point (if it ever happens), I wonder if baiting becomes illegal in the near future since that's one of the easiest ways for a local herd to spread it. The public backlash from that would be severe, though.
  9. Busted this guy with my bow on Saturday evening. Hit him in the liver/lungs, he ran 50 yards and crumpled underneath some mesquite. Deer are moving pretty well up in Llano/Mason right now. Small bucks are all chasing and the big guys are just cruising. Had a really nice 9 come through with this guy on Saturday morning, neither gave me a shot. He came through by himself in the evening, had to grunt to get him to stop. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Good looking deer, love the curly antlers. Story behind the buck? I've only gone out for a couple hunts, been busy with other life things. Hoping to go out on Sunday morning and do a long sit. Going to take a doe if the opportunity presents itself.
  11. The Eyes is still too damn fast, but since it’s been happening for two years, it seems like everyone has caught on. Still annoying. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Have a couple. The first occurred when Dad and I were dove hunting near China Grove one morning before I had to drive back to Austin for class. We were standing about 50 yards from one another, and this single dove flies in above him. He shoots and misses, and it circles back around towards me. I shoot and miss as well, and it circles back towards him. We repeat this exercise, with the dove circling back and forth and with us missing the dove, until we've both shot our three shells. The dove flies off unscathed, and we both bust out laughing, yelling to each other about how Gramps (his dad) is laughing at our sorry asses from up above. Lord knows he probably sent that dove to knock us down a peg. The second is also with Dad, this time in 2015. We were at our deer lease down in Oakville, and we were planning on taking a doe out of the group we had seen the previous evening. We're sitting there bullshitting in the stand (talking about World War II of all things) and waiting for those does to pop out. Out of my window, I see this nice buck starting running down the sendero away from the stand about 15 yards away, and I grab my gun and put it through the window, trying to get a bead on the buck. Dad can't see the deer yet when I pull my gun up, and he's wondering what the hell I'm doing, as he doesn't see anything at the feeder that's 150 yards down the sendero. A second or two later, in his words, he "saw antlers come into view in the window". Well, the deer wasn't stopping, and he was whisper yelling "he's not gonna stop, he's not gonna stop" in my ear. He lets out the loudest grunt he can muster, and the buck turns perfectly broadside, looking back to see where the grunt came from. I squeezed off the round and dropped him right there, and the next thing my dad says is "Great fucking shot, son. Great fucking shot". From first seeing the buck to him being on the ground, it couldn't have been more than 8-10 seconds, and we had never seen that deer before. Funny how hunting works sometimes. Now I get to see him hanging in my office every day.
  13. Dove season comin’, only 26 more days. 53 days until whitetail archery opener. Had a lot of fun this spring/summer dialing this guy in for deer and hogs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Brad Nessler for sure. It's a shame he's on a team with the asshat Gary Danielson, but Brad has the voice and the tempo for it and I'll listen to the CBS broadcasts if only for his calls. Love Craig Way for anything, but one thing I really enjoy is when he's flabbergasted by a call the officials made. When he's openly shocked at a call, you know it's a bad one.
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