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  1. Nope, that was the rock thrower and pedophile. This one seems to just be a creeper - so far. Hard to keep up with which degenerate is which on here.
  2. I would be in no way surprised, but the above was a poster here?
  3. Years later and I still want the backstory behind this reaction by someone who was in the room.
  4. C-man, I did this a couple of years ago for my son using things I learned from this board on TOS, the partspicker site, and a couple of articles online from PC Mag. I built for less than $900 something that would have cost on the order of $3000 if I had purchased it retail. It was much easier than I thought it would be and the stressful thing was never really knowing if it would work until I turned it on and finished up. I was like you and had never done anything close to something like this project. If I can do it, almost anyone can. My only advice (and someone already said it) is that if you have the space, just get the biggest tower you can so you have lots of room to work with. I got one that has a lot of see through and it lights up blue so my kid thought that was really cool. Even with all of that space, it was still sometimes challenging to get everything to fit right.
  5. Thanks for doing these both.
  6. I wonder if they floated Briles to make Petrino more palatable?
  7. PhillyD

    Bidet Meta Threas

    I have no use for the heating feature. I find myself looking forward to winter when the water is colder and more refreshing.
  8. I always think a WPA or CCC would be awesome but then I think about it and I feel badly for everyone involved. A modern day version would probably be involve an environmental project like cleaning up a river. So you have your crew of 10 somewhat unmotivated people. Some of them manage to show up on time and you get started, but then you have to manage all of their bullshit. I think managing a make work project in the 30's was a lot easier, if you don't work then the boss sends your ass home and you don't get paid. In this day and age, you would have to have a bunch of hearings, determine if there is harassment, determine if there were enough modifications made to the job, etc, etc. I can't imagine the administrative/HR nightmare of trying to manage all of that just to clean up a riverbank. We probably ought to figure all of that out, otherwise, we're just going to leave them being poor in Ada. And, just telling them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps hasn't worked out so well either.
  9. Why even do this? Just to lose Iowa State and West Virginia? I'm sure Washington State is on board with this plan too. At least try to make some damn sense. This thread goes off the fuckin rails every year but this year in particular it's infested with idiocy.
  10. Someone should buy him a couple of Michelob Ultras to jumpstart things
  11. I'm pretty sure I lost this last night when Indiana choked but at least I sniffed having a chance this year.
  12. We may need a ruling on the plate transfer, otherwise, solid submission.
  13. A lot more points than I would have thought on the Alamo Bowl.
  14. A few weeks ago, I got in my wife's car to take it to get a new tire. AC was on but I didn't feel any cool air blowing so I check to see what gives. Look down and discover that all of the vents are closed. I guess that is easier than adjusting the thermostat.
  15. Did you mix this up with a wish list?
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