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  1. You aren't far from escape Wulaw. I've been a couple of hours north of where you stayed last night for a week and I have another week to go. It was "hot" one day here. It got up to 86. The house we are staying in doesn't have AC and doesn't need it. If you really need to cool off, just jump in the ocean, the water out there will make your dick shrivel so much only Mrs Wulaw can help. Keep the updates coming.
  2. If it informs your decision making any, one of my employees had Corona. Her only symptom when tested was diahrrea. I'm not saying you have it or need tested, I'm saying you need to be cautious. I hope he's ok.
  3. This has made my day. Sounds like there is another Trixie speaking wife in here.
  4. If this is true, all of the beaches should be open.
  5. Was this big a deal made when stores started putting up signs that said, "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service?" How is a mask any different? Someone should kick his ass.
  6. You should have known to check the stirring and measuring drawer. Your fault.
  7. This probably belongs in the dumb question thread, but if you have a Home Equity Loan, can you leave that alone and refinance the lower amount or do you have to pay that off when closing? This question affects me because of the limit on the program.
  8. You should check in with Angry Gorilla. His wife could offer some fantastic suggestions.
  9. The attitude in Texas must be really different regarding masks. I live in DC and if you go in a grocery store, or Home Depot, or anywhere indoors, you wear a mask and it's no big deal. It's 100% compliance. I don't wear one outside but I'd say a good 30% of the people do. The NextDoor Karen's are demanding the runners wear them (and there is no way in hell I would do that on a run) but I see probably about 10% of the runners on my runs actually wearing them. I've seen one person get upset about being required to wear a mask, but that was weeks ago and he was only upset because he didn't have one and he didn't know the rule. I have yet to see anyone get belligerent about it other than on Twitter or on the news. Meanwhile, I talked to my parents who live in backwoods rural northeast Texas. They went to church against my wishes but I can't stop them from here. Mom said only about 10 people were wearing masks and I'm guessing there were probably 70 or less in attendance at her church. She said they had seating every other pew, but on those pews, people were shoulder to shoulder. I told her I wished she would wait a few more weeks until she goes again but I'm pretty sure she fears burning in hell for missing so many services. Hell, even my Dad went (he conveniently forgot his mask in the truck). They are also restarting Sunday after service lunches which seems really stupid but northeast TX gonna northeast TX. She said she does curbside delivery at the grocery store but she sees most people going in without a mask, but the employees are wearing them (probably a corporate policy). I really, really don't understand the big fuss about wearing a mask. It's beyond silly and I don't know what to tell people who think this is a hoax. I will say the people I know who have contracted it had either mild or asymptomatic cases, but 2 people who work with my wife were killed by it and I wouldn't even say those were people with health issues but I don't know them well and can't speak for their health history. Anyway, that's my anecdotal note for the evening. I see far more people taking it seriously than not taking it seriously, but all of my family in Texas seem to be a lot more antsy, doubtful, and haven't been "touched" by as many cases as I have.
  10. This simple approach fails to account for the 8 year old daughter whose Mom works at a nursing home. How do we still take care of the olds without interacting with them?
  11. I'm aware of a case in DC where they were doing major roof repairs on a building. The contractor discovered a nest of some endangered bird and they had to wait until the eggs hatched and the birds safely left before they could resume work. The project was also weather dependent so it caused all sorts of issues for the building. I have a feeling the birdhouse stays until the chicks are gone. That one could be interesting the board were to ask her to pay a fine for each day of the violation.
  12. This is a little CR. I think that there are a few people who are upset that this didn't bring about the "liberal enlightening" that they were hoping for. I hate CR. This virus is not political and I hate the fuckers who try to make it that way. There is a way forward and if the partisans would (or could) set their views aside, we might find our way through and out of a destroyed economy and a health crisis. I have little hope of that because the 15% on both sides can't seem to do that. They would rather point and make fun of the other side.
  13. it seemed humble-braggish. I think we need clarity
  14. You still don't say where it is so it's just pointless blathering in addition to self admitted over sensitivity. Tell me where to look if you want to bitch about it.
  15. The solution to that, if your management company will do it, is for the board to adopt a policy that those costs are passed through to the homeowner who left the trash out. The management companies do make money on postage and printing, but that's not where the bread and butter is.
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