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  1. This is me. I wanted to do the drop and try to get a Genesis Filly of my own, breed with Reasonable and split the offspring. My work is keeping me too busy to watch races live, much less keep up with the rest of the fake horserace world . I can only participate as an investor. I wish I had the time for it.
  2. lulz. Reasonable came in second and and more than doubled the entry fee.
  3. You must hate Reasonable. That horse has 7th place locked down
  4. The reflection off the lump is blinding me
  5. This is the first time I've ever seen anyone on this site apologize for calling someone an asshole. It's more of an acknowledgement of reality as opposed to something that requires an apology.
  6. PhillyD

    2021 Drunk Thread

    Checking in. A nice buzz while hoping Fred updates that credit card fraud thread.
  7. So did you get the racing equipment?
  8. I support this. It was mentioned at some point about trying to get a Genesis mare to breed with Reasonable. I'd like to do that and see what we come up with. I'd be willing to put $200 towards the mare and then whatever breeding fees are. We may make a champion, we will probably make a donkey, but I think with patience, we'll come out no worse than even after races or an auction.
  9. Also, noticed the odds on Red Bull were pretty unfavorable in that race so I feel fortunate she was in the money. Looks like a few folks had the same idea.
  10. I'll take it. Watching it live, I thought she was middle of the pack again but apparently she was third.
  11. I've noticed every once in a while that there will be a class 3 horse in a class 4 race. There is one in this race with Reasonable. How do they do that? Is it because they were already entered in the race before they got promoted?
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