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  1. I thought i had weird musical tastes in High School (my classmates sure thought i did), but my teenage son is listening to some pretty interesting stuff lately. He texts me youtube links every now and then for me to peruse. Here are 3 recent ones he sent me. Margin for Error, The Field Sweet Trip (which honestly, i should have been listening to 20 years ago)
  2. i enjoyed the 3 episode doc "Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Has_Won:_The_Cult_of_Mother_God I don't know what it is about cults, but i find them infinitely interesting. People be crazy. That NXIVM documentary a few years back was bonkers.
  3. FSU had been playing terribly, but still winning. You cant know what their team will look like 4 weeks from now. It really should have been easy for the committee. You take the 5 conf champions and look what they have done; not what they might do 4 weeks from now. 3 unbeaten conference champs? Awesome, you are in. the other 2 conference champs have a 1 loss. Hmm, how do we choose who goes between the two? Oh you say they actually played head to head earlier the season? OK. That winner is in. DONE.
  4. the committee watching that abortion last night sealed FSU's fate.
  5. doesnt make sense if metric #1 is : conference champ and undefeated (1 Mich, 2 Wash, 3 FSU) metric#2 being: a 1 loss conference champ (4 Texas, 4 Alabama) metric #3 : head to head (4 Texas)
  6. Jesse Palmer has really been talking Texas up during the game, as the Committee watches this mess. "why schedule games like Alabama if they are not going to matter?"
  7. Southampton 1 - 0 Bristol City It was another ugly ponderous match, but got the 3 points. Defense and Goalkeeping have gotten much better during this stretch On a really good unbeaten run of 10 matches at the moment - 7-0-3 | 24 points out of 30 available. The Table - Nestled comfortably in 4th place right now - 8 points off 2nd, 6 points off 7th
  8. Elko is 46. Sark is 49 for perspective. .
  9. they had 7 wins. New Mexico (4-8) UL Monroe (2-10) Auburn (6-6) Arkansas (4-8) South Carolina (5-7) Miss St (5-7) Abilene Christian (5-7) None had a winning record. 1 eeked into a bowl birth. And the SEC teams they did beat got most their wins from non-conf cream puffs.
  10. the only real question would be if Bama barely beats Georgia and SEC homers (Finebaum) start yelling that Georgia deserves that 4th spot. Actually, he is already started to make that argument on the ESPN afternoon talk shows.
  11. i think most people know who they should be cheering for, but in regards to the Pac12 and SEC, a good portion think Texas will be out no won't matter who wins those. Yes, our odds are better if Bama and Oregon win, but still on the outside looking in, i think.
  12. Not so sure. Alabama and Oregon would have fresh wins against a #1 undefeated team and a #3 undefeated team respectively. I think that is just too strong to overlook. *not to mention, their only regular season losses are going to be to a Top 10 team 1 loss team (Texas and Washington). Texas' loss was to a 2 loss Oklahoma.
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