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  1. what's included in basics plan?
  2. how was the trip? We did this recently. Guadalupe Mountains NP is underrated IMO. Enjoyed it, but the weather was perfect. Wouldn't want to do it in the summer. The scope of Carlsbad Cavern was unreal. Carlsbad, NM : Restaurant options pretty uninspiring. Hotels options: basic, generic.
  3. Uruguay, Mexico, and Tunisia are the only teams without a goal so far after 2 matches played by all 32.
  4. Hope Despair oh. Wow. Hope! ugh..hello, Despair Hope Again!
  5. Both Leeds and Southampton (who also supposedly had agreed to PSV's price as well this summer) will live with the "what if" - but Gakpo didn't want to leave for PSV for either club. that ship has sailed.. his price is now no longer something Leeds (or Southampton) can afford.
  6. for those of us old enough to remember this one
  7. Not out of the pocket AND did not make it to the line of scrimmage. 2 missed infractions on one play. Good job Big 12.
  8. My main man Salisu got jobbed there. As a defender you wonder what can you do. Just not defend? intersstingly there are 8 CBs in the World Cup that have played for little ole Southampton. Salisu, Bella-Kotcha, Yoshida, Caceres, Van Dijk, Lovren, Alderwiereld, Bednarek.
  9. Do we do that anymore? Have an expectation that we will walk out? was travelling this holiday and my family and I walked into a restaurant in New Mexico and instead of anticipating a great meal, my first thought after looking at the layout, lack of windows, and only one apparent exit was : “this is a shooting gallery” this is our country. This is who we are. We expect something awful could happen.
  10. It never ends. This is who we are. A hateful, violent, armed country.
  11. wouldn't an election that is decided by a mere 550 votes (where 327,000 people voted) trigger a recount? I am not saying one should be a dick about it. If you lose, you lose. But curious.
  12. always curious.. sincere question.. do you think your criticism would be different if you consumed the show for an hour a week for 10 weeks - once a year over a 3 year period?
  13. She is still eating shit sandwiches for Team GOP. If not, why stump for this moron?
  14. i think Dallas' and Houston's collective minds will explode knowing the two tallest buildings in Texas will be in Austin 4 years from now.
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