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  1. some medical professionals from the more conspiratorial corners of the internet have questioned the bandage he has been wearing. very unconventional, at best, apparently.
  2. yoladu

    RIP Chuy's

    i ate many "free dinners" there in the day
  3. Mr. Comperatore's death was tragic and senseless, but the need to lionize him by political actors is unfortunate. He wasn't "shielding his family from gunfire" - he was merely standing, watching the rally, and unfortunately was just in the way. it was over in an instant. i could be charitable and say that those claiming he was, is some sort of an genuine attempt to make the loss of his life not seem random and pointless, but that is not what happened.
  4. https://www.vavel.com/en/football/2024/07/17/southampton/1188700-five-potential-signings-for-southampton-this-summer.html Five potential signings for Southampton this summer Aaron Ramsdale (Arsenal) - HELL YES! Matt O'Riley (Celtic) - YES!! Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Beşiktaş) - Nope Jesurun Rak-Sakyi (Crystal Palace) - Sure, why not? Armando Broja (Chelsea) - Naw
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/top-chef-masters-star-naomi-012523486.html “Top Chef Masters” star Naomi Pomeroy dies in inner tube accident at 49
  6. Oh so these were the mother scratchers with the cannons waking me up every morning in Prather Hall?
  7. What time is that old broken down pile of crap's speech tonight? He better be magnanimous and call for both sides to tamp down the rhetoric!
  8. you'd think a news service like reuters would have corrected that article by now.
  9. Luke Perry has a forehead of a guy in his 50s.
  10. i heard 3 loud bangs about a couple minutes apart around 1am last night. Chalked it up to urban noise.
  12. That is a bummer. never met him personally, but saw him in clubs many many times in the late 80s and 90s. He always look hammered or hungover - was just the way it was. His articles in the Chronicle (or maybe it was the Stateman - memories fade) during that time where must reading.
  13. i am with a lot of people, not sure what the magic formula is. i think the key is what Dem can win Penn, Michigan, and Wisconsin... you get those, you can lose GA, Arizona, and Nevada and still get 270. i feel like everything every other state is baked in (GOP or Dem) regardless of the Dem Candidate. (of course if it s 270-268 there is going to be one massive shitshow Trump will throw - bigger than 2020. We have a desperate character whose very freedom hinges on winning the Presidency and dissolving his federal cases against him.
  14. snuck in a 10th Justice right under the Dems' noses!
  15. wow, didnt experience any jellyfish at mile marker 7. the fourth of July was very windy though.
  16. in the 90s she looked curvy and spectacular.. ie: career opportunities, rocketeer, inventing the abbots, waking the dead some where around Beautiful Mind, she started to look emaciated/angular to me. (Vic Mackey alert)
  17. Lorne Green didnt get the cleft chin memo.
  18. what did Burgess Meredith have going on with ABC in 1980? and i am sure ABC wasn't too happy that the Fonz showed up looking like Serpico.
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