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  1. the search 'feature' is virtually useless
  2. surely before this thread sinks to the depths of forgotten surly detritus, someone will be brave enough to check the last option
  3. I have always hated stats like that. Sure, that's raw number cases, but when you compare to the relative populations, some states stand out WAY more than others. MI: 1:1100 citizens MN: 1:2100 NJ: 1:2100 NY: 1:2100 PA: 1:2500 FL: 1:3000 IL: 1:3200 NC: 1:4200 TX: 1:9600 CA: 1:11,000
  4. But i thought that was actually trump made to look like Biden. Woudn't they be arresting the wrong guy? Or the right guy? I'm confused
  5. wait, you're telling me that Trump was not the cunning genius he was made out to be?
  6. I usually use the broccoli emoji, but now I just do private transactions. I ain't no snitch
  7. eh, I was hedging my bets for those posters living abroad
  8. felt that way yesterday. feel more normal, but not 100%. again, hoping this doesn't bode poorly for the 2nd shot
  9. ^it's pretty much the whole team now. sucks and the trade blitz is on! APRIL 7: New York Islanders acquire forwards Kyle Palmieri and Travis Zajac from the New Jersey Devils in exchange for forwards A.J. Greer and Mason Jobst, a first-round pick in the 2021 NHL Draft and a fourth-round pick in the 2022 NHL Draft. | Palmieri, Zajac traded to Islanders by Devils
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