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  1. dude. shut the fuck up. in this reality, now, your bullshit doesn't matter. we're all trying to cope. we don't need you piling on with your one-ups and gotchas. I would prefer not to put you on ignore. thanks.
  2. oh man, spankytoes showed up? good to see him leaving a shart in the middle of the thread and leaving again. that seems to be his m.o.
  3. https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/1812248/?fbclid=IwAR1BZKD7lV3EbkJfm1s5T2KfEKJGpz0fU7voAyDyg2GjCh_UbYckHwRvYW4
  4. I remember reporting not too long ago that the death total in the US was higher than 9/11. Today NYC passed that total alone: https://apnews.com/6e506c4f105670b8fa8eb5531aadf2c1 Edit: they passed it yesterday. whatever.
  5. it's madness that ANYONE would defend trump's pushing of HCQ, but especially so from a "doctor." what fucking reality is this???
  6. remember, there are C-student doctors out there. not all of them get A's
  7. question: if a doctor were at the podium saying what dotus has been about HCQ, would they lose their license?
  8. is that a record reversal? usually it's the next day, at least. holy shit he has literally no idea what he's doing
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