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  1. gonna let @VirginiaLonghorn make the official announcement, but Ovi gets another today. Still time for more
  2. watched that again last night. it's comforting to know we're not quite there... yet
  3. it'll be really funny if it's the murderer Rittenhouse that brings the GQP down all the way
  4. yeah, i saw that too. must be the lighting in the arena
  5. Finally. We've been sniffing of the pp all game. Just needed them to stack them up Hope otter is OK
  6. um, bitch, you brought on this distraction. no fucking accountability
  7. Is "Let Freedom Reign" the bad chinese translation of "Let Freedom Ring"?
  8. Speaker Pelosi and others have called it that directly. it's not a talking point. It's exactly what it is. A big fucking lie. And it shouldn't be called anything else.
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