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  1. Finally some wetness in 78745. Also, it's raining!
  2. I kinda figured his character in Zoolander wasn't much of a stretch for him
  3. TRANSLATION: AJ has a micropeen and he's looking to blame someone/something
  4. so we got it covered then? cool cool
  5. lol I see a lot of the same posters who say shit like "just follow the law and you have nothing to worry" are the ones bitching the most in this thread. just follow the rules and you have nothing worry about!
  6. well, they're still using tapatalk AND they can't figure out how to remove the phone signature AND they're using an iphone. yeah, that's rhetorical.
  7. boy it sure is easier to catch up on these threads when you have the trolls on ignore. you look dumb arguing with those dumb guys
  8. yeah well the nazis were just doing their jobs! is probably something they would say
  9. Another mild holy shit, but TIL that the kid from The Toy is also Flick in A Christmas Story, who is now 54. Lulz.
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