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  1. The call is coming from inside the house! Seriously, though, this is where we may actually see heads roll
  2. man, antifa is REALLY good at camouflage.
  3. badass. time for a stiff drink and like ALL the weed
  4. they get to celebrate one more July 4th as lawyers and then on July 6th they get their emancipation too!
  5. which is why Biden needs to stop being a coward and take advantage of this political layup. I mean, let GQP'ers try to campaign around an anti-marijuana platform. that'll go over well
  6. gotta disagree there too. he might stall it for a few years, but he won't prevent it from becoming legal in the this state - especially when every other state that borders us already has. too much lost revenue at that point
  7. So that makes 19 states fully legal with only 8 still fully illegal. Everyone else is some variation of legality. It won't be long before this is no longer a topic for discussion. The momentum is just too great now.
  8. "fun surprises" eh? secret donkey show or stripper stage?
  9. Turning out to be a better semis than I thought it would be. Both series tied at 1-1 and shifting to new barns. Will be interesting to see if anyone starts pulling away.
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