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  1. I'm still not sure, are y'all talking about Ding Dogboner?
  2. unfortunately, this has already happened. so now The Onion is also a has-been? Is there anything that man doesn't ruin?
  3. you're propping up that has-been as some source of knowledge? lol, gtfo of here. your schtick is old and tired, like Dilbert
  4. probably the latter. he clearly hears what he wants to hear
  5. We're beating ourselves again. We gotta stop doing that
  6. So IF we vote his ass out, does he just start dumping all the dirt he has on everyone? I have to think that part of the GOP's 'loyalty' to him is blackmail. Does he burn it all down when he loses? Does Lady G finally get to be free?
  7. Been saying it all season, if this team can put together a 60 minute game, they're nearly unstoppable. Gotta cut out the mental mistakes. Obviously we can't get away with what Tampa is allowed to
  8. just looked at the stat line and 11 different players scored or assisted on our 4 goals. there were no repeats. that's depth. that's how you win. dang
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