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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×


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  1. yeah but he'd just leave the party that supported him and allowed his actions and word diarrhea to happen.
  2. unfortunately, that's not what happens, nor seldom happens. Thus the anger. I just wish the dumbshits breaking windows and setting stuff ablaze were jailed. They don't live in the city or they wouldn't be doing this to a place they take pride in or their homes and communities. And if they feel so proud of their actions, they should take off the masks.
  3. What did he say about the police officers that started this?
  4. Mdhorn

    Cut short

    Came to post Marc Bolan. Great artist. Jimi, Janis, maybe Jim Morrison if he had anything left in the tank. Definitely Nick Drake, Elliott Smith and Mark Sandman. And Keith Moon is an animal.
  5. have heard this a million times and yet some part still resonates. Timeless and Brian Wilson is a damn genius.
  6. In an age of debauchery where everything is readily available, there's nothing harder and more idyllic than VU: Run Run Run, Venus in Furs, Heroin. There is still nothing like them. So far ahead of their time. I dare anybody try to sneak a viola into a rock band and make something of it. The only thing I can think of even close would be Roky Erickson with the 13th Floor Elevators and their damn electric jug. VU was the perfect band if such a thing exists.
  7. and that Peter Gabriel soundtrack.
  8. CP3 had the more rounded game and is/was lightning quick, Payton was a great defender and gets props for this even though Nash could probably score at will and was pretty unstoppable offensively, Stockton ran the pick and roll but didn't strike fear in anyone--that was Malone. Stockton wasn't as quick as any of the other guys on this list. Kidd could rebound unlike any on this list and was a great defender and could see the floor well, but offensively, he was never consistent as a scorer. If you left the others on that list open, they'd drain the shot. This is just the list given though.
  9. They only thing I'd add to this would be that hopefully, Herman stays out of Yurcich's way, unless Yurcich is obviously shitting the bed.
  10. So if I ever have a kid, I need to send them to Australia to learn to kick for American football? Is there a particular city or region in Australia where we're outsourcing our kickers? I'll hang up and listen.
  11. Since his game rides on his foot, maybe we should get a shoe size too.
  12. What, no Hudl? Hook'm Isaac.
  13. Some republicans are spending money for voter intimidation and vote by mail sidesteps this and renders it a wasted expense.
  14. Great song but it's a dedication to listen to--a story in acts. The Boss sings his part at 9:02.
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