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  1. So what's the spin on more blatant outright corruption? Hillary, Obama, illegals, welfare?
  2. Officials gonna official one sided. They give a 5 point shot on one side and then decided not to call a collision on the other.
  3. I don't see why Nunes even pretends--he's got a pardon waiting for him and his constituents don't give a shit because he lies and is corrupt like one of them.
  4. The Sky's Gone Out is a pretty solid album. Also really like Love and Rockets. Never got into Tones on Tail.
  5. This is just trolling . If there's a mist, it's because the sprinkler system is on because the white house is on fire. And while it is, the flames so far are mostly affecting people of color and middle class rights. If u can't feel the heat, then you're not paying taxes.
  6. aggys would be the Browns equivalent.
  7. Recap--if done right, aggy can pay both in state and out of state prospects during their early official or late visits and have a shot at landing them.
  8. I was looking for that as well--seemed absent from the feel good story about what a great program they've built on playing for beloved coaches and their program.
  9. Yeah, if they can land Javonne Shepherd, things will turn around. Because landing a guy with a low to no gpa and bad habits usually spells success.
  10. Didn't they think OU and Alabama were in it for Collins? They don't know anything then and they don't know anything now.
  11. But you still make DOTARD do it. You make him put his name to everything--he doesn't like to put his name on paper to anything, which is why he tweets and implies. You make him do it every time regardless. What are the odds that all these guys don't go on to more corrupt causes? And they'll have DOTARD to thank and he'll be forever tied to their criminality. It will come out eventually, there's too much money and noteriety involved. I imagine there will be all kinds of tell alls should we survive his presidency. And you let it be known that a large group of Americans supported a criminal.
  12. Newest book of the Bible in the Trumpest version, inserted before Genesis--DOTARD 1:1 "In the beginning, God created Trump." DOTARD 2:2 "He is perfect." Then a whole bunch of Trump smiting his enemies, building walls and cutting healthcare to children, the poor and elderly followed by lots of rallies.
  13. This isn't a real journalist so much as another Fox News Freakshow. It's interesting hearing an airborne pathogen discussing a virus From your lips to Trump's pocket, that medal isn't going to be wasted on a soon to be dead man when it could be sold to the highest bidder.
  14. 60 minutes playing Trump's lies on Crowdstrike--interesting. Owned by American companies yet he claims it's owned by Ukraine. And then came Trump's ultimatum to Ukraine.
  15. Just needs Georgia, Oregon, Tennessee, and maybe Clemson, to come to the table and complete the auction.
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