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  1. Well, DOTARD could always reopen the Easter Egg Roll to his MAGAtes. Wouldn't be fair to the kids though.
  2. Thought Fox's entire existence was scaring the living hell out of a certain segment of the population 24/7. People need to be scared to stay the hell indoors for a bit of time and they're decrying coverage of a pandemic by experts. WTF is wrong with them?
  3. Jimmy Kimmel roasting DOTARD: “Trump desperately wants to protect his beautiful stock market and he keeps calling himself a wartime president,” Kimmel said. “Maybe if we call the coronavirus ‘Vietnam,’ Trump would be OK with people staying home for it.” https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/jimmy-kimmel-donald-trump-pino-nickname-131936785.html
  4. All the stars have to align for them to go 10-2. That's their great season and maybe even good for a New Year's Day bowl. If the season doesn't happen, they will have had a make your own trophy, put it on the wall championship year.
  5. He'd offer it for free and then over bill the government for their stays--like his security detail. Can't believe he isn't already doing it.
  6. Honestly, I'm waiting for them to cut off internet access.
  7. There were more options but the government refuses to take them. Billions of dollars earmarked for the rich and corporations could go to families that need assistance. Start producing masks, respirators and gloves like it's wartime and deploy the national guard while giving hospitals the equipment they need. But back to the two options that Trump is holding Americans hostage to. .
  8. Everybody else that doesn't work from home--go to work and sacrifice! Says man working from home. Pretty sure Rush supports this opinion since he works from his bunker.
  9. C'mon Trumpkins, your time to man up and drink the juice you're expecting everybody else to swallow. Trump knows best, ingest more chloroquine.
  10. This should play well on Fox with the olds. Die for your country--something Trump was unwilling to do every time he was drafted.
  11. Same place where everyone gets tested as soon as they get off the plane, or maybe aboard one of those ships they're bringing to a port near you. Or just go and get tested at one of the hospitals and centers that are so prevalent and available to every American.
  12. Governments are already saying it--schools are out, universities are out, agencies are teleworking and showing that work can be done remotely. The total infected increasing are going to make them look foolish if they even try and since people still have to be elected, why would politicians create their own self destruct ads? Vote for me--I'll get you to work without healthcare, even when you're potentially terminally ill and a threat to your families.
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