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  1. Sounds great--when Dems do this it will be the first time. Obama had the chance to try and push a justice through during recess but because of decorum, did not. Republicans favor decorum for the other guys but it sure as hell doesn't apply to them.
  2. Was really hoping she could hang on and we'd get a good Justice and then perhaps extend the SCOTUS seats. All that's probably not going to happen now. All those people who couldn't be bothered to vote and both sides just cost Democracy a hell of a lot.
  3. I'm hoping this year is an anomaly and some recruits are seeking a placeholder. Offensive linemen don't often flip and commit early. This is the problem with Hand. 5-5 would definitely help but best scenario would be that Texas has a great season and gets some offensive linemen drafted early.
  4. But the Horns shouldn't have to rely on aggy going 5-5 to land offensive linemen from Texas. That makes it sound like Hand is sitting on his ass waiting for recruits to come to him based on the records of other state universities.
  5. On their quest to enroll 80k Once there, why stop? Just go ahead and admit up to 100k and go all Oprah you get a degree, and you get a degree...
  6. She's just over the top disgusting. Congrats, aggy, this is all yours. Baghag is actually too good of a term for this sphincter pirate.
  7. In the past and now but he knows it's his ass if the election goes the other way. Self preservation was the first thing that came to my mind as well.
  8. Pedo State should hire them since they're disrupting their recruiting.
  9. Always good to read about recruits. I just about have a coronary when I see a recruit somewhere else and wonder if they reopened their verbal. My inner satay is mostly empty these days.
  10. Shouldn't Coffey go into the Texas Recruiting 21 thread?
  11. I don't know about his hesitation and change of direction but he has long arms and makes the catch.
  12. Donald Trump admitted on Monday that making it easier to vote in America would hurt the Republican party. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/30/trump-republican-party-voting-reform-coronavirus
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