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  1. Raheel and Barry Laminack let go. Joel Blank will now co-host with Charlie.
  2. They will have the two fastest players to the medical tent in the NFL.
  3. Wow. I've generally been supportive of their/his moves but this is completely idiotic.
  4. CBI Tournament cancelled. Who’s going to get to claim we’re No. 97 now
  5. Rudy Gobert has tested positive
  6. Rudy Gobert has tested positive and the league has been suspended
  7. Italy cancelled us this month. We decided to go to London and Paris in October. If we can't go in October then Europe will have plagued itself to death by then.
  8. I'm not generalizing, I'm just stating how the policy works for us.
  9. Depends on the company and the policy. Our insurance allows us to cancel for any reason whatsoever at least 72 hours before the trip and we can rebook anytime within a year of purchasing the policy at no cost to us, other than the cost of the insurance. I bought for the medical coverage but this is an added bonus. Our agency has told me twice just let them know when we want to go again and we’re going to rebook for September/October. You don’t get your money back but you get another trip at no additional cost.
  10. Incredible deals exist through them online. That’s Travelzoo’s business model of self-guided tours. It partners with certain agencies. We went to Ireland in November for $1800 total for one week, which included airfare from IAH, nice hotels and a rental car. The deals are there in non-peak times and you stay on the fringe of a major city. We drove around the country and had a great time.
  11. Nope. Already checked. Can re-book the entire trip at no cost anytime through October. Went through a travel agency and it covers our airfare, rental car and hotels.
  12. Wife just told me under no circumstance is she going to Italy at the end of March. Have the travel insurance, I'll just re-book for October.
  13. Let's just get the three back together and have them coach as a trio.
  14. My travel insurance allows for cancellation for any reason up to 72 hours before the trip.
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