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  1. Maybe you need to go back to Jr. High English... "The ambiguity here comes from “a lot of” appearing to be a noun phrase when it’s actually not used in the same way. It is used not as a grouping noun but like a quantifying adverb, like “many”. While a singular verb is appropriate with nouns that define the plural into a singular group, “a lot of” refers to a quantity rather than a grouped unit – modifying the verb as “many” would. So the verb agrees with the noun that “a lot of” qualifies, rather than “a lot”. We can therefore have either “are a lot of” or “is a lot of” depending on the noun. Mostly, we will use “There are a lot of” with countable nouns, when we discuss plurals, and “There is a lot of” with uncountable nouns. There are a lot of apples. There is a lot of meat. It’s deceptive, but a good example of how exceptions to some of the simple rules of English can work – because words can be used for functions that are not what they immediately appear to be." https://englishlessonsbrighton.co.uk/there-is-a-lot-of-vs-there-are-a-lot-of/ Also: https://www.grammarly.com/blog/there-is-there-are/
  2. So, I just bought a couple of Glocks (45 and 43x) for the wife and I... I keep hearing how bad the sights are, but as a novice shooter will I really notice much of a difference? I took them to the range the other day and could see how people would have issues but since I haven't tried any nicer sights, I am not sure how important they are. Also, I also bought 1000 rounds of range ammo, 15 round magazines and catch mod for the 43x, and I plan on getting training and holsters and such, so I am mostly just interested in a discussion of the sights...
  3. And if you want to know what it means to be Marxist and, especially if you happen to be a Christian, how it aligns with Christianity see this:
  4. I agree that those are consistent thoughts, which is why I am against both - meaning I think religion is logically targeted next and why giving in to a purge mentality as a society is an idiotic first step towards totalitarianism. But why is slavery wrong?
  5. So much is wrong with this post, but the one thing that does makes sense is that the logical conclusion to the intolerance of speech will lead to intolerance of religion. People of any faith should be very cautious about endorsing the ongoing cancel culture and intolerance that are being used by social justice movements. Its interesting that you speak out both against slavery and religion. Do you believe that slavery is wrong and, if so, why is it wrong?
  6. He has a long way to go to catch up with Cosby.
  7. ... and that's how I got pink eye.
  8. Or just cannonball into the pool and send the squirrel surfing to freedom.
  9. Almost as good as his last painting
  10. Update: Lori takes a plea deal for 2 months in prison while Mossimo gets 5.... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8344189/Lori-Loughlin-Mossimo-Giannulli-plead-GUILTY-college-admissions-scandal.html
  11. Joining the club.... My wife wanted a shotgun all of a sudden, but we ended up buying an AR-15 - a Springfield Saint... https://www.rkguns.com/springfield-saint-desert-fde-5-56mm-ar-15-30rd-16-rifle-w-free-float-handguard-st916556fdeffh.html my ex boss runs a training school so I listened to him. Have a pistol that my FIL gave me, but it was an interesting second gun purchase. Spent a lot on a whim, so I’m sure we overpaid but oh well.
  12. The title applies in a different way this year is all.
  13. Well gentlemen, it’s been an honor and a privilege posting with you over the years. I, for one, am sad to see it end in our mutual demise, but at least we did it our way.
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