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  1. It turns out that play #8 is addressed to the fanbase and is a straight up the middle run that typically goes for no gain.
  2. Hey man, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.
  3. Baylor is so much better coached than Texas
  4. Watch our defense or ST immediately go back to being horrible.
  5. Watch.. in a bit the offense will show signs of life and the defense will suddenly not be able to stop anything...
  6. Our defense has been horrible all season but seems to have It’s best moments when the offense doesn’t show up.
  7. Glad he didn’t sprain his ankle the way the defender rolled on him
  8. Well, you could be right about most of that. They do, however, sometimes go back and mark old documents though. I wouldn’t say they do it “every time an agency is subject to reorganization”. I wouldn’t have said anything if you had said USFA to begin with... I was just nit picking...
  9. I’m just saying that it’s impossible for DHS to have published a report in 1999, when it didn’t exist until 2002. USFA was rolled into DHS and apparently their archives now incorporate current DHS cover sheets. In either case, it’s a technicality because USFA published the report and they are now in DHS.
  10. Nope. DHS was founded in 2002.
  11. I’m on an emotional roller coaster
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