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  1. Shut up packers, Dez caught it so fuck you
  2. Hope he gets better... Disclaimer: I’m an independent and I don’t vote anymore or follow politics. Please fill me in on this, how could a pandemic be a political issue? Through observation only, why are people who like trump, against getting vaccinated? I’ve heard they think it’s fake or something. I wonder if trump followers still feel the same of their loved ones die from Covid or if they get it themselves.
  3. I literally LOL’d. I said that once to an ex girlfriend who was on a long rant on how bad a boyfriend I was. There isn’t a more succinct and powerful sentence in the human language. You might throw the word “Geez” in front for good measure...
  4. Baylor coed running from one of their football players...
  5. The perfect butthole...oh wait, that’s dinosaur
  6. One of my favorite shows ever...sad to see it go but it’s time
  7. Does an alien with a giant dong count as anime?
  8. My favorite is the struggling caricature artist. Nathan got him to do insult caricatures on the beach in Cali and I literally cry LOL’d. You must watch this partial episode...five minutes http://www.cc.com/video-clips/fcbbot/nathan-for-you-caricature-artist---uncensored
  9. The Cliff notes of Bull Reese’s podcast are this: take your shitty, slow, white MLB and mug the nose tackle...
  10. Is it wrong for me wanting all of the characters to die?
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