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  1. Do you have to comment every fucking time I post anything? Jesus
  2. More: Medieval bully, Chris McKinley Much Less: Fake Tiger Never again: Larry Carey, Touchdown Brothers
  3. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love Fred Willard...RIP
  4. As I’ve said many times, any color BUT white looks terrible when you have same the same color for jerseys and pants. They look like pajamas or this...
  5. I say this over and over, the unitard look is high school and I hate it also.
  6. Video of Ben DiNucci training for his pro day. Don’t know if he is nfl material but he can sure as hell spin it. Hope we can see some of him in the preseason before he goes to practice squad https://youtu.be/qqWvPtqtLRk
  7. Just binged both of those and they are both excellent. Fauda has been great each season where I think Medici actually improved this last season from last
  8. In college I killed it betting on holy cross that year. Lockbaum was the VY of the Patriot League in that he refused to lose. I used to laugh and rake in the easy money while my buddy used to “chase the sun” while he kept betting up to catch up and would always end up with the final bet of the day being on Hawaii lulz.../csb Whither Ramonce Taylor?
  9. The Great British Baking Show has food camera work...
  10. The mossad do not fuck around...
  11. I think it’s cute when websites try and rank the best helmets. They often fail miserably so I thought I could put an end to the speculation and go ahead and out the definitive list here so we don’t have to talk about it anymore. The best helmets must have looks, tradition and be iconic. Added two alternate helmets for good measure.
  12. I would also put Peaky Blinders and Last Kingdom as my favorite two Netflix shows. The production value of these shows today is so good compared to the past...
  13. I realize the world is gray but I always hear how Bama wins because they are paying players etc yet there isn’t any proof of large scale payoffs anymore. Only flippant “they bought their championship” etc. I’m not taking about some booster giving some recruit tickets or meals but rather institutionalized payoffs. The last time I heard of anything close was Reggie bush 15 years ago. I just don’t it happens on that scale anymore
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