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  1. This is exactly it. The reason he isn’t playing isn’t because of race obviously since the NFL is 68% black and he is half white anyway. It isn’t just because he likes to protest because others do it and are still playing. Others have been involved in felonies and are still playing. The reason he isn’t playing is a confluence of reasons. He may or not be good enough to be a backup but when you add salary, clown show he brings with him, age, rust, attitude etc etc it just isn’t worth it to potentially blow up your locker room over a guy with marginal talent. It’s the same reason Dez Bryant isn’t playing anywhere and why TO couldn’t get a job after his antics wore thin. They were both better than some other WRs playing in the league. At some point on a graph the headache and salary isn’t worth what talent is left...
  2. Give and go boom!!! Show me a fucking loss!
  3. Dude you are forged from a hotter fire...
  4. Yeah somehow I think his defense will find a way to be competitive against the cowboys, such poor mouthing
  5. Quit announcing the goal five minutes later
  6. This has been a fun ride, let’s keep it going!
  7. Every bit of this was CK. If he wanted to really play everyone was there just like the combine. He doesn’t want to play football he just wants to pretend he’s a martyr of some sorts. Can’t believe you are defending this douche
  8. How can anyone watch this Fox pregame ? They are a bunch of clowns yelling at you trying to be funny with no real insight.
  9. All I’ve ever said along those lines is that with all the DB injuries this defense won’t be as good and I stand by that. We have no pass rush which also makes it impossible for DBs to cover well the whole time. If want to say Herman has made some boneheaded decisions then I agree with that
  10. You think strong is a better coach than Herman?
  11. Don’t be an idiot, no coach would ever say that about another coach much less in the same conference. I guess you believe that hitler came to earth in a UFO because it was in the National Enquirer
  12. Any team Charlie Strong coaches is the worst coaches team in football.
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