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  1. Edinson Vólquez is not a pitching genius...
  2. Played round one of my club championship today. Ended up with a five over 77. That’s with a got damn triple on a par five I usually birdie. Hit one OB. I this missed an 8” inch putt on another. Throw in two more three putts and a 77. Probably the worst score I could have shot as well as I hit the ball. Round two tomorrow. They have me as as 5.6 so I won’t be winning anything anyway
  3. No, one example is more in the gamesmanship category and the other is about as far right in the cheating linear graph as you can get. One is illegal and one isn’t, guess which? There is a difference between using technology which removes all doubt and some guy in the middle of action trying to catch a glimpse and attempting to relay some he thing he think he may have seen. A message that may or may not be conveyed accurately. It’s like when I was trying to explain right and wrong to my then three year old daughter.
  4. My example was a perfect analogy not a straw man argument. You still haven’t answered the question posed in my analogy. Would you be cool if Lincoln Riley was using technology to listen to Tim Herman call plays? Is that just part of the game and cheating is cheating?
  5. Thanks and it’s a question these two rubes won’t answer
  6. Wow just wow. So one football team should be able to hack into the other teams coaches headsets? Yes or no
  7. Again, I played in various leagues until I was 40, how about you Yogi? Read my post below, if you can’t see the difference between the age old practice of players trying to steal signs and using technology to remove all doubt then you’re a moron.
  8. I played until I was 40. Don’t throw out a got damn straw man now. Everyone knows players try to steal signals, coaches try to as well. The obvious difference is when you use technology to blatantly steal every sign then relay it electronically and with use of audible cues as well to your players it’s 1000x times worse. It’s like one football team hacking into the headsets of the other teams coaches and relay the exact play that’s about to be run to your defense. Is that cheating? Nah man, just gamesmanship. Everyone is doing it!!1!! If coaches can pick up signs that’s fine, but using technology is completely different. If you can’t see that I don’t what to tell you
  9. Weird that nothing has come out about them. No, not very team is doing it and none to the extent that the Astros did.. Look, instead of going round and round in this just admit it, savor your championship and get a “don’t care, won a championship” t-shirt and be happy. Just don’t be the guy who defends it or denies it, or says every other team does it!!! Then you become a liar or hypocrite...
  10. Well five guys on the white sox threw games for money. I would call that cheating.
  11. And that was done by every team so no team has a clear advantage over another. Try again
  12. Please, Astro’s level of cheating is the worst in baseball since 1919 black Sox
  13. And your astros are the little cheating bitches of baseball, which is worse?
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