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  1. Joe Walsh and the Measles. Kent State, 1966
  2. Mileslong

    Led Zeppelin

    This is Jimmy Page performing on TV at age 13 in color. This NOT John Bonham playing drums... https://fb.watch/4KcSizCZA1/
  3. They are following the tried and true Gilligan’s Island storyline... Gilead- Gilligan, hmmm
  4. Yep. Kind of like early Jimmy Page, no telecaster ever sold as many les Paul’s. Bunch of young guitarists thinking that’s what they were hearing.
  5. I believe that is backstage at the Secret Policeman’s Ball around 1980. If you’ve never listened to that live album it’s excellent...
  6. My favorite Seger song, always puts me in a good mood and makes me want to hit the highway...
  7. I can only dream of being as big a cunt as you and your butt buddy futureman ...
  8. That was BS kuchar claiming that obstruction was in the way. Goofy bastard
  9. Man kuchar dropped his ball in front of his marker closer to the hole.
  10. Jordan with another stupid decision on 13, hitting driver there when he hasn’t hit a good one all week there and puts himself in trouble again, greller just along for the ride offers no input.
  11. Wow Scottie with the chip in birdie covering up Poulters 40’ bomb, awesome!
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