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  1. Cowboys and raiders would like a word with you...
  2. I don’t know about that but they do realize that Minnesota sucks as a franchise
  3. Dallas has the number 1 ranked overall offense in the nfl last season and the giants were 23rd but the giants have better talent? That must mean dallas had much superior coaching, oh wait their coaching sucks to soooo. something doesn’t add up...
  4. Loved that movie as a little kid. That stop motion effect was better than most CGI for years
  5. No you fucking moron, back when there were a lot of good posters and before little CUNY’s like you ruined the boards
  6. Such irony, I miss original Shaggy and early Hornfans
  7. Beeper mindset 1) if you agree with the majority on an issue that beeper disagrees with then it’s groupthink 2) agree with beeper on a topic that the majority agrees with them it’s “see, everyone thinks I’m right!!!”
  8. I can’t dislike any athlete more than I do those two knuckleheads. Don’t pictures jack and Arnie acting like that. Neither of these guys have any class...
  9. No, fuck you, better yet go suck Corbys dick and quit posting
  10. He sucks ass, that’s a very popular opinion
  11. A new low in ticket stock songs. Could someone please tell George he can’t sing? Are they afraid to hurt his feelings?
  12. That whole Coach O vignette was the least funny thing I’ve ever heard. That show is going is going to crash and burn
  13. Damnit, Jaws 3 was the first thing that came to mind. Still the only movie I’ve ever walked out on. That damn shark looked like a junior high science fair project. Also that scene in Total Recall (which I love). Where Arnold was disguised as a woman and her head separates to reveal him. Also in same movie when they pull that tracking device from his nose, just awful effects in a great movie
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