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  1. The only problem I have with warmoth is that they aren’t constructed from wood grown by the owner, cut down and hewn by the owners own hands...thus not from scratch...
  2. I agree, I’ve never understood the fascination with white trash people and them way they live their lives. I guess next will be one about a family that raises fighting roosters and people will eat it up...
  3. Just binge watched the new series Freud. Man it gets so witchy, totally dug it. Cults, nudity, sex, deviltry, violence, science, what’s not to like?
  4. He’s pretty good but no where near being the best which he is now paid like. Also, turnovers area huge thing. I have tons of stats which back that up. You can’t be negative in turnover margin and make the playoffs. Not one team did last year. Also if you take the top 20 defenses, 16 of them had positive turnover ratio. So if you have a player or a defense that doesn’t create turnovers they aren’t nearly as valuable as you think. Jones disciples say that he was only burned deep four times last year, well they only threw deep on him like 20 times last year. They didn’t throw much to his side not because he some deon lockdown corner but rather the other side was so weak that side was always open. He’s a good corner but not great and he is now laid like he’s the best, no thank you.
  5. The Law Boat sing is greatness. Big strong Jer is funnier than Donnie and a 10 times better singer than George
  6. Got damnit, where does it stop?
  7. George is secretly crying because jubjam got canceled, the rest of us are jumping for joy...
  8. Hate losing Quinn, Byron doesn’t bother me but Quinn was a difference maker.
  9. You’re such a faget hiding behind your keyboard
  10. Let me guess who you would want, Donny and Sirois right? Once again 100% wrong. I’ll stack up my humorous posts over the years against yours anytime moron. I’m also not little, again wrong. You’re like the branding iron of shaggy Texas.
  11. Yeah you posted again and of course it’s completely wrong. You have a batting average of .995 of being wrong, amazing.
  12. They haven’t been the same since their founder Nicholas Harris was killed and Howard Gee left. They were my favorite pedal company. Will be interesting to see where they go now... Catalinbread Effects Announces New Ownership Portland, OR, March 16, 2020—Catalinbread is announcing a change in company ownership with Northwest natives Kyle Sears and Brandon Rush purchasing the company this month. In addition to being touring musicians and recording studio owners, Kyle and Brandon have been making music together on a professional level for over 15 years and are progressively-minded gear aficionados. Given their local roots, passion for gear, and well-established presence in the music industry, Kyle and Brandon are excited to take Catalinbread to the next level. Under this new ownership, the Catalinbread crew will be able to take its collective passion for sound further than ever before. It is important to Kyle and Brandon that Catalinbread remains an innovative, hand-made, and locally-run pedal company. Their vision for Catalinbread's creative future will work hand-in-hand with the mission of the company and its core values, including the search for vintage and esoteric pieces of gear, and outfitting them with modern engineering for ease of accessibility. Catalinbread has much in store for 2020 and beyond. The Giygas fuzz will be released this spring and the Epoch Boost will be released this summer. While Catalinbread will still be offering its full catalog, the next chapter's development is already in full swing.
  13. I think it had a lot to do with who he was paired with. You could tell the difference when he was paired with guest hosts, much more engaged and engaged mike was greatness.
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