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  1. [emoji533][emoji533][emoji533]
  2. Since the horrible 10 game start the Stars have the best record in the NHL. [emoji15]
  3. Too 3 hockey moments in my life 1) USA beating USSR 2) Hulls goal to win the Cup 3) Hatcher breaking Roenicks jaw after all his shit taking
  4. I guess Hatcher breaking your jaw wasn’t enough to shut you up after all you fucking moron...
  5. He’s an Uber douchebag who yesterday was almost laughing reading his ore written semi apology
  6. Wow, now we are quickly reaching the bottom of the barrel of BJ locales. If she was also fat then we have the holy trinity
  7. This Astros organization is a collection of some of the sorriest people I’ve ever seen. From Bregman (mayfield 2.0) to hunch to crane, just sorry individuals
  8. This is awful. Bob will take the first serious sports gig that comes his way now. I really hate this. Fucking Corby remains
  9. Well I am served then, if the ticket does segments on it then it must be great.
  10. Yes and half those guys are making fun of it. Who did you dress up as?
  11. Junior should never make fun if tony for loving dancing with the stars so much. He’s just as ghey for his love affair with the fucking oscars and all award shows. He probably has Oscar watching parties and dresses up like his favorite character
  12. Trying to get back into the music threads this year. Forgive me if already posted but has anyone ever tried one of these for practice?
  13. It was like crawling through barbed wire wearing a sweater. Razor is such greatness
  14. They need to put Gurianov on the top line with Benn and Rads
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