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  1. Oh that must be for chad, at first I thought it was for me but then I thought, “how would tbone know my college nickname?”
  2. If everyone would just listen to Marty, like he is always telling everyone, everything would run much smoother. He is playing 3D chess and everyone else there is playing checkers on a barrel in a feed store...
  3. If you guys have some time please listen to this interview with Gary Player, what a great man. Really puts life in perspective and his story is so inspirational. You have to listen on TuneIn Radio which is a free app you should have anyway. It well worth the effort, gave me goosebumps and some tears. I'm listening to GolfWRX Radio on @TuneIn. #NowPlaying http://tun.in/tjLWLu
  4. Played 18 today at the club even though it’s officially closed. Got the Callaway Mavrick in as a demo today and freaking love it! If it performs the same tomorrow looks like another purchase for me
  5. Noticed a lot of artists that are getting shows canceled have started doing live broadcasts from their homes, studios etc. I’m jamming to my favorite DJ Kaskade right now from his backyard in LA but I thought I if you see someone interesting just post it here:
  6. Yes, just tank the season and take Lawrence, draft a great wr, great pass rusher and you are in business! What exactly do you think the odds are that dallas could lose enough games to make sure they draft Lawrence and that he is a star? What are the odds you land an elite wr with the 17th pick and he is good immediately? Your scenarios are ridiculous and sophomoric. You over rate Byron Jones to a ridiculous degree, there are plenty of stats showing why he didn’t give up x number of yards, because they rarely threw there because the other side was open all day. He will he exposed to be an average cb and. It be worth being the highest paid cb in the league
  7. Yeah just draft a star wr and star qb as well. It’s so easy, you should totally run an nfl team. And by “run an NFL team” I mean you’re a moron and couldn’t run a Taco Bell
  8. One of U2's most overtly political songs, its lyrics describe the horror felt by an observer of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, mainly focusing on the 1972 Bloody Sunday incident in Derry where British troops shot and killed unarmed civil rights protesters. Along with "New Year's Day," the song helped U2 reach a wider listening audience. It was generally well received by critics on the album's release.
  9. Mileslong

    RIP Bill Withers

    Great talent RIP Exchange today between me and girl I know.
  10. Top five favorite shows all time
  11. I didn’t see if Operation Odessa has been mentioned but what an unbelievable true story of drug cartels, Russian mobsters, the DEA and three guys who worked all three of those groups. It’s hilarious and outrageous, such a fun watch...
  12. Only corby could ruin a Joel Klatt segment. Now Corby is the self proclaimed college football expert and then calls Klatt brother when Klatt doesn’t even know who he is...
  13. His grandfather was lost at sea on a three hour tour...
  14. Wake up and the first GD thing I hear is more tiger people talk. What is the fascination with white trash reality shows?
  15. Great that means I’ve probably got it as well... Seriously, my best friends daughter graduated from Seton Hall last year where she played softball. She went back a few weeks ago to visit former teammates and came back, got sick and tested positive. Now my friend and his wife are both quarantined at home. This is her breakdown verbatim of her experience.
  16. The only problem I have with warmoth is that they aren’t constructed from wood grown by the owner, cut down and hewn by the owners own hands...thus not from scratch...
  17. I agree, I’ve never understood the fascination with white trash people and them way they live their lives. I guess next will be one about a family that raises fighting roosters and people will eat it up...
  18. Just binge watched the new series Freud. Man it gets so witchy, totally dug it. Cults, nudity, sex, deviltry, violence, science, what’s not to like?
  19. He’s pretty good but no where near being the best which he is now paid like. Also, turnovers area huge thing. I have tons of stats which back that up. You can’t be negative in turnover margin and make the playoffs. Not one team did last year. Also if you take the top 20 defenses, 16 of them had positive turnover ratio. So if you have a player or a defense that doesn’t create turnovers they aren’t nearly as valuable as you think. Jones disciples say that he was only burned deep four times last year, well they only threw deep on him like 20 times last year. They didn’t throw much to his side not because he some deon lockdown corner but rather the other side was so weak that side was always open. He’s a good corner but not great and he is now laid like he’s the best, no thank you.
  20. The Law Boat sing is greatness. Big strong Jer is funnier than Donnie and a 10 times better singer than George
  21. Got damnit, where does it stop?
  22. George is secretly crying because jubjam got canceled, the rest of us are jumping for joy...
  23. Hate losing Quinn, Byron doesn’t bother me but Quinn was a difference maker.
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