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  1. America ... Fuck yeah! Bring A J Foyt back. Hell, he's only 85 years old. When he loses, he can punch one of the whippersnappers in Victory Path. (small track, small Lane)
  2. And this really fucks with an old saying I used with my kids in their younger years. They would whine about something not being "fair." My response: "This is Texas. And the only fair is the State Fair. And, the State Fair takes place in October and it ain't October." Now.. .well crap. Gotta wait until 2021. Thanks a lot Obama.
  3. You can be my friend any day and twice on Sundays.
  4. Living on an island would drive me batty. I'm a very young 62 years old. Have appeared in federal courts throughout the US. Fought many battles in the mental health field. Had a daughter who died. Lived in Dallas most of my life. Don't need so much of what I thought was important. Snorkeling. Occasionally tending bar in an ex-pat bar. Writing. Fishing. Running on the beach. My idea of heaven on earth
  5. I am an "old," (Graduated UT in 1981), so I and the SO are seriously looking at the island of Roatan in 3 years. Can get dual citizenship pretty easily. Get a pretty nice shack right on the beach. Cost of living not bad. What's not to like?
  6. Ok, what the hell with Ferrari? I read previously that before Covid, they had some issues and did not expect to compete until the latter half of the season. But ... ? Is Vettel just mailing it in? Or do their cars just suck so much this year?
  7. Oh, I know the rules. For your viewing pleasure, Jace Fletcher Christensen:
  8. The pretty hot niece of the Fletcher family opened a brick and mortar in Dallas. It's not bad. https://www.corndogwithnoname.com/
  9. Maybe because in part, if you have a pulse and have 3 opportunities to spell CAT after being spotted the C and the A, you are admitted at those "fine institutions of greater learning." UT is one of the most liberal, public universities in the US. We currently have statues of MLK, Jr., Barbara Jordan, Cesar Chavez. We previously removed statues of Robert E. Lee, Albert Sidney Johnston, John Reagan, James Stephen Hogg and moved them Briscoe Center for American History. Good Lord, we aren't aggy which has a bunch of old, former yell leaders doing their chants during BLM protests. Like all institutions of higher learning, we must remain open to intelligent viewpoints. If players attending the University of Texas wish to not participate in athletics until certain demands are met, that is their right. That is an adult decision. However, with adult decisions come adult consequences. A decision like that at 21 years old has the potential to impact them for decades and could jeopardize a far greater platform in the future. Now, I do not believe we should yank their scholarships. If they wish not to play, they can attend class and use the time they would otherwise spend in practice or at games to hone their views on life and the world. If they choose not to continue their athletic careers, we can still enhance their lives through academic opportunities.
  10. Gentlemen (and ladies, if any), we all know that so many more businesses are going to cease operations and/or declare bankruptcy. Even those entities which received EIDL loans. Let us assume that Commercial Landlord obtains a judgment for defaulted amounts under a lease with a corporate tenant. Before the lawsuit is filed, the commercial tenant receives EIDL funds but the funds do not come in time to save the business. Also assume the majority of the funds are being held in a separate bank account. The SBA has a UCC1 over all assets of the corporate tenant (including presumably the funds in the bank account). Thoughts and opinions on whether the EIDL funds in the corporate tenant EIDL account should be subject to garnishment. The immediate answer is probably yes, but, there has to be more to the equation than that. Let's also assume that the Commercial Landlord refused to work with any of the tenants for rent abatement or deferral. Balls to the wall, fuck you pay me. Thoughts on whether an implied duty was created for commercial landlords as a result of Covid-19 to devise and implement a rent deferment or abatement plan for tenants assuming it can be shown that the vast majority of landlords created this plan.
  11. Nowithstanding the fact that he couldn't spell CAT even if you spotted him the C and the A ... The worst coach in the history of Texas football by all measurables.
  12. I would only buy on French side of St Martin. Dutch side is way too crowded. Agree with that. I am not the "cruise ship, hanging with tourists from Nebraska type dude." Roatan is looking mighty intriguing.
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