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  1. My FIL built and flew one of these in the early to mid 90's. If I remember correctly, it took him about a year to complete. He flew it a number of years before his health and old age caught up with him. CSB... I was too fat to fly with him. https://rotorway.dk/?page_id=11187
  2. I believe that's a 1968, not a 70...
  3. I'll throw this name in the hat... Greg McDermott Fire away!
  4. This! You need an AWD vehicle if you're living in CO.
  5. It might be worth you time to search this Ridgeline forum - https://www.ridgelineownersclub.com/forums/second-generation-ridgeline-2g-2017.138/
  6. I installed my Rachio 3. I replaced a 15 year old Hunter 8 zone unit. Piece of cake to install and to setup. It works great and I received a $150.00 rebate from my utility company.
  7. Pro Reflection501 West Powell Lane Unit 208Austin, Texas 78753
  8. Typical utility fuckshow, one man in the ground with a shovel and 6 others watching... Some of the displaced residents had to give up their Atmos furnished hotel rooms for SXSW as some of those rooms were reserved for the weekend.
  9. I'm not a gamer, but my nephew, 15 yo, is looking at building a machine and asked for some advise. This may be a really dumb question, but is Windows 10 the OS of choice these days for gaming machines?
  10. This is not getting enough love... Make it happen CDC!
  11. Cabelas was purchased by BassPro, their offices in Sidney are shutting down. So, really nothing to do in Nebraska, even their football team sucks.
  12. Poison in a bird feeder, of course there could be some collateral damage.
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