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  1. Alex is probably my favorite instructor. Dennis Morton & Ben Alldis are great as well. Emma ain't bad and keeps the cheer leading to a minimum most of the time. Been trying to get my monthly mileage up so I'm throwing on podcasts and knocking out hour long scenic rides which is a nice change of pace. Makes me want to get a road bike...
  2. Bought ours for the wife two years ago - she never uses the damn thing... Didn't think I'd use it much myself but I gave it a shot. I wouldn't say I was overweight but after some consistent work I ended up quickly dropping ~30 pounds and obviously improved my overall health immeasurably. It's certainly a luxury item and the subscription cost can sting a bit but I've wasted far more over the years on memberships and other bullshit. Almost two years to the day and I just clocked my 600th ride. I can't recommend it enough to anyone who asks. Definitely get some Bluetooth earbuds - a good HR monitor is nice as well. Good/fitted shoes make a huge difference but can wait. Good luck!
  3. Fuck em. The location near Dripping Springs always smelled like bleach and wet carpet. Terrible service and shit food apart from a few items that they couldn't serve half the time Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
  4. GET IN!!!!! Ozil with the beautiful knock
  5. Recommend Shattered Sword for anyone into Midway in the slightest. Outstanding read that goes into every little detail and corrects a lot of misconceptions I had.
  6. Missed the game but saw the goals - I don't know that anyone in the league has better youth than us. You love to fucking see it
  7. What a run by Guen! Get in Pepe! COYG
  8. If I had a fucking dollar for every defender Kola's found in the box with a cross...
  9. A few days too late but finally here...
  10. Torriera also doesn't understand the team selection. Second choice fullbacks were always going to be abused today but we were fucked from the gun setting up with that midfield. Laca brings so much to the side - he has to start.
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